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The Lost Paradise: Andalusi Music in Urban North Africa by Jonathan Glasser PDF screenshot
2016 | University of Chicago Press | ISBN: 9780226327372 | 2.92 MB | 352 Pages | PDF
For more than a century, urban North Africans have sought to protect and revive Andalusi music, a prestigious Arabic-language performance tradition said to originate in the “lost paradise” of medieval Islamic Spain. Yet despite the Andalusi repertoire’s enshrinement as the national classical music of postcolonial North Africa, its devotees continue to describe it as being in danger of disappearance. In The Lost Paradise, Jonathan Glasser explores the close connection between the paradox of patrimony and the questions of embodiment, genealogy, secrecy, and social class that have long been central to Andalusi musical practice.

Through a historical and ethnographic account of the Andalusi music of Algiers, Tlemcen, and their Algerian and Moroccan borderlands since the end of the nineteenth century, Glasser shows how anxiety about Andalusi music’s disappearance has emerged from within the practice itself and come to be central to its ethos. The result is a sophisticated examination of musical survival and transformation that is also a meditation on temporality, labor, colonialism and nationalism, and the relationship of the living to the dead.

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  Resident 5.12.2012 822 21472
  Banned 21.02.2021 294
just south area of spain was dominated by arabs..so please dont say spain islamic because spain was never islamic...in fact...spain kick the arabs out of spain....
  Member 18.10.2021 133 44
*It was dominated specifically by Mediterranean Muslims (North African Berbers) known as Moors and by some Middle Eastern peoples who are not ethnographically Arab, but who were Arabized after the arrival of Islam.*
Plus, this is an academic book about "ANDALUSIAN MUSIC IN URBAN NORTH AFRICA", written by respected anthropologist, so keep your fucking discordant polemics and your sensless agressivity to yourself ... and don't forget that you're a member of a community nammed AudioZ not on a francoist-fascist sub-reddit.
It's all about music, there's no place for the fucking boundaries or venomous ideologies here.
In the Darkest Alleys of the Underground We Found Beauty and Truth.
  Member 27.01.2019 2
Interesting, you don't find much about Moorish Iberia. Hope it will be education and just not historical.

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