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Substitution and Passing Chords screenshot
P2P | PDF | 11MB
This volume contains passing chords and chord substitutions for Diatonic Tones I through Major VII
The voicings in this reference are used in the patent pending system and technique created by Creative Music. Creative Music has developed a revolutionary method enabling keyboard musicians to quickly harmonize a line of notes with infinite chord changes. Imagine being able to play a different chord on every melody note! The system is such that no two musicians will come up with the same resulting harmonization.
This is the first time that this information has appeared in print allowing anybody to create that soulful sound in their music.
With this course you will be creating harmonies and progressions to go with music of your choice.
There are no songs or progressions to memorize in this course. This is because you are going to be creating your own progressions and harmonies to go with the songs that you choose. This is a step-by-step that you can apply to any piece of music
Gregory Moody Creative Music's founder is an accomplished musician and software engineer, who comes from a family lineage of musicians, i.e., his world famous cousin NEA jazz master and recording artist, James Moody.
Music education has not changed in the last century, and Creative Music is on the forefront of turning that around. We are re-inventing how music has been taught for the last century. Our instructional method goes against the grain of all past music education teaching methodologies.

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  Resident 24.09.2014 4 153
i hope the software also coming soon :) i have the app on my iPad but crashes all the time :(
be Grateful for all these warez !!
  Contributor 2.11.2014 1754 9594
Support me:
  Resident 5.12.2012 760 16990
  Member 1.09.2015 438 1542
  Resident 21.04.2014 1455
I was afraid of this book, even more afraid to know how much time you can lose with such silly ideas, ok I understand, he tried, if there is a software for Djs to build harmonies, they don't even use these chords, and your music will compete with work of great musicians of the past who thought every note, although using the pragmatism and tradition end up winning in harmony.
Schoenberg tried to find something in music and achieved, but not to the let's say normal ear, because it seems that the biology of the ear is pure tonal, jazz is absolutely tonal and seeks to deceive rather than escape it. 'Erik Satie' fled the tonality in the full sense and abandoned all academic education, saying, make the sound that your mind wishes without worrying about academism, Ravel, did everything different from the Paris Conservatory and was almost expelled, Debussy, traveled on the sound without using any drugs and his music was never banalised, Hugo Riemann in Germany repented and recanted for having published his poor book "Functional Harmony".

About the demo video, how irritating it is to hear a voice recorded in a giant room, or a voice done in the toilet, whose reverberation arrives in packets to our ears, so you can never hear his voice clearly, too much talk for the same issue.
  Resident 26.07.2014 21 336
Hey man, great post! You seem to know an awful lot about harmony, I enjoy reading your comments. I'd love to hear your music, but I know anonymity is a thing here, so I won't ask. But I'm curious, what kind of music you write? Do you make a decent living with it?
  Resident 21.04.2014 1455
Thank you, 'vladdrac', you must be Romanian or loves bloody movies, my best is Roman Polanski's "The Fearless Vampire Killers".
I also write for a keyboards magazine. As far as music is concerned, it was the ones I did as an academician until dodecaphonism and serialism. I make arrangements for other artists and change theis ideas or I modify the banal structures, because there are people who only think the top of the iceberg, and don't like to read books, long comments, then their music become pragmatic. I am inspired by the fifth Beatle 'George Martin', who with his ideas and creativity from classical music, incorporated Bach solo trumpet in 'Penny Lane' and included Indian Zither in Rock.
  Member 23.02.2014 64
He's F.O.S.
  Member 14.04.2015 106
  Member 1.11.2008 365
Voice from the toilet?..
  Member 19.11.2013 14
I have seen , heard , studied , and read many books .
I have been playing music for decades (started with my father professional musician) .Been studying at Berklee college of music ,
and chords and harmony have always been a subject that fascinates me .
BUT ...
This book and this guy is ... Absolutely the worst stupid and disgusting thing i have ever been reading on the subject .
This gregory moody is the worst bullshiter i have ever been reading .
So many great books are available on this great site so please , those of you that are beginners wishing to learn on this wonderful subject
, just treat this book and this guy as one should treat him :
a stupid bullshiter that does not know anything AT ALL !
This is so ridiculous i can not believe it .
On this site was uploaded Mark levine Jazz theory book :
Clear information by Mark Levine , respected player and teacher .
So folks do not waste one second with this damn stupid ignorant
gregory moody , this book is disgusting .
Not ONE valuable info . The video presentation shows how unserious this is , and a quick look at this book shows that it is just absolute bullshit .
Not one word about everything basic harmony :
-Tonal system and degrees
-Chord construction and voicings
-Relation to the melody when dealing with substitutions !!!
-Basic functions of chords in a tonal context (Tonic , subdominant and dominant functions )
-Basic diatonic substitutions
-Modal interchange
- etc etc
Thanks to the uploader ilfsn to show what to never purchase .
Unfortunately beginners can get fooled by gregory moody's absolute
crappy bullshit .
  Resident 3.06.2015 624 86
WOW, I didn't know it's poison that much.
Support me at:
  Member 19.11.2013 14
OK , some serious stuff VS this absolute Poison from gregory moody
Also the excellent "The Jazz Harmony Book "by David Berkman :
Ron Miller books have some serious stuff in them (advanced level)
Just to name a few ...
But trust me folks , this gregory moody stuff is insane .
Really insane .Confusing , inaccurate , stupid garbage .
The dude even writes in is book :
"Diminished add 6" Serious !
Why not a "minor 7th sharp 9" dude ?
This dude deserve a serious kick in the ass , this is such a shame !
  Resident 21.04.2014 1455
Thanks zorgbop for the book tips. Your comment about "Diminished add 6" Serious ! " was amazing.
  Member 5.07.2017 1
thanks. please upload others soon
  Member 30.01.2015 8
The book is not bad if you know how to use it. Even musicians that are very skilful can get stuck when building a reharm. This helps give suggestions. the book focuses on giving you good 2 handed harmonic voicing over simply suggesting a harmony.

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