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Here are some presets I made for the Abbey Road drum series within Kontakt.
One type are empty 'kits' (which enables faster loading times) - the other type are the full kits.
They are also routed to individual mixer channels which, and I use presonus Studio One, makes it a hell of a lot easier to process each 'element' individually within the Studio One mixer.
It took quite a bit of hunting to find the way to route things seperately within Kontakt(!!!) but I found the way to do it and I load each of my kits in this way.
Most are split into channels relevant to their names (Kick direct, snare bleed, Mono OH, etc,) but a couple of the more recent MODERN kits may have different routing but Im sure you will see what is going on.

Best thing to do is to put these presets into your respective ABBEY ROAD DRUMS folders (60s into 60s folder, 70s into 70s folder, etc) and you will see them there to load the next time you are in Kontakt.
I cant see why they wouldnt work on all systems...though I could be wrong.
As for the empty kits - the samples will load up once you begin playing your MIDI through it...though another way to do it is to go into your piano roll and make about 30 'hits' of the same pitch (from soft to heavy velocity) - set your tempo to about 150bpm - and play it through a few times and the samples will load up ( on the snare for example ) then transpose those notes to another pitch (kick for example) and do it all again...when you think you have loaded all the necessary samples then you can save the kit with a new name....and it will only load up the pieces you made earlier...following me???

So what you could do is make 30 different dynamic 'hits' of the 'snare 1' - play it through a few times - let the samples load...then SAVE THE KIT AS 'SNARE 1' (or whatever) it??? lol
Then in the future when you only want to load SNARE 1...well...I think you get it......

When you are in Studio One and youve loaded an abbey kit - go down to the bottom left of the mixer part and click on the abbey road kontakt thingy and it will 'open up ' to reveal the possible mixer routings...and choose the names that seem relveant and those tracks will now be evident in your mixer - and when you play the kick (for example) it will be output as a direct kick on one channel....bleed on another...overheads and room also on their respective ones...then you can process each of these seperately.

I hope this has all made perfect sense - and I hope that these will of great interest to people.
It is a severe limitation within the abbey road kits that they dont allready have presets with seperate routing...but've got them now!!!

Oh, one last thing....set each of the the abbey road mixer channels to their default values (control click on the knobs) and that way you can just use the studio one mixer channels to set levels.
I primarily only stuff around with one drum element at a time (kick for example) and fine tune that in the ways Im suggesting - and when Im satisfied, I render each channel to a wav file (one for direct, one for bleed, etc) so I can then load them into Samplitude....what?? YES SAMPLITUDE - easily the best DAW like the other kiddy toys out there....sorry, Im getting off track.....each to their own in whatever way they want to get the job done...but rendering each element as a seperate wav file means you have better control in the DAW to fine tune things within the context of the entire mix....
Ambience/room/reverb should always only be applied in real time within your DAW cause if you render it as one whole drum piece with all the ambience...well...good luck to you...chances are it will be either way too much - or you wont hear it at all once the guits and vox and whatever are all happening in your mix.

I think Ive said more than enough...if there are any troubles or questions, please let me know....and if you want me to share more audio presets and info in the future just say the word.
Have fun...create something I might enjoy....(rare thing these days!!)

preset link -
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  Resident 17.10.2009 6 32
SAiNT, no no no, mate no

as a dj with a very specific and non standard selection (which makes things even harder), I can't agree with you!
in my book there's a simple rule;

todays market is just overwhelmed with production (install a DAW, get a few good tutorials and you're ready to go...everyone's releasing the music) so, you have to spend a considerable amount of your time to get a good record.


not gonna use 'em, but this share is quite cool! bow
  Resident 17.10.2008 528
that's interesting.; i will try your presets. thanks

how you can use those libs effectively as much as TT Superior Drummer 2.x, Easy Drummer and/or BFD2 ?

i own all of those libs from NI, none of them sounded as deep and effective as the way you can shape up some SU2 drumkits libs or even EZdr... the mapping is different, the mixer possibilities are weak and they suck and there are no midi grooves at all... for some people that doesn't have midifile grooves from Easy Drummer and/or Superior Drummer , the whole set of recently released NI Abbey Road drum kits is nearly useless.. you can always try to crate/record your own drum beats and patterns using your midi keyboard, pads or just edit / sequence your drums manually on the editor using your mouse, if you are doing some lousy style of music that only needs a binary drum beat without any dynamic nuances then its maybe "ok", but if you are trying to do some live drummer like playing stuff, you are in trouble ...

ps: i always hated NI yes
  guest -- 0
In a way - I understand where you are coming from GTRASH...but if you put a bit of time into the abbey road drums - they are actually the best recorded drums out there (imo). Its sort of true that, off the bat, though they sound good as they are, they have difficulty sitting in the mix - but once you start fiddling around you can get great sounds out of them. As for midi grooves?? well....I actually put in the time to create my own dont understand using pre-made loops, nor do I understand using midi grooves other than to quickly lay something down to muck around with...each to their own...but surely we are all supposed to be CREATING / COMPOSING our OWN material...not borrowing from someone least I wouldnt anyway...but there are key mapping features in these drums the last time I looked to transpose the notes from other drum apps...but then again...if you have a drum groove from BFD or whatever -how hard is it to open your piano roll and move the notes to match up to the abbey road drums? A great song isnt supposed to be started and finished in two hours...put the time into it proud - and be original while youre at it. request
  Resident 11.01.2011 133
Anyone got this setup to work in Pro Tools? I'm totally stuck.

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