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[dead] UPDATE for converting old NI Abbey Road Modern Drums library - KONTAKT screenshot
I have found a way to convert the "Abbey Road Drums" series into the new "Abbey Road Drummer" series, without having to download dozens of GB again, and wanted to share it.

Important: This is NOT a scene release, nor an official update from Native Instruments!
It is a workaround based on my personal experience.


1.) Remove the old library from Kontakt, by clicking on the small symbol on the right bottom of the library wallpaper, and choose "Remove library".
Delete the old nkc and nkx info-files in the library folder. Namely: "Abbey Road Modern Drums_info.nkc" and "Abbey Road Modern Drums_info.nkx".

2.) Put the folder "MIDI files" into the "Abbey Road Modern Drums Library" folder, next to all other folders; replace the folder "Instruments" with the one you find in the download.

3.) Place the file "Abbey Road Modern Drummer.nicnt" into the same location (inside library folder, next to all other folders).

4.) Put the file "ARD_Modern.nkr" into the "Samples" folder.

5.) Import the library with "add library" into Kontakt (you need the latest Kontakt 5!). You should see the updated wallpaper already.

6.) If you load a patch, Kontakt won't find the samples, so you have to do a "batch re-save" first.
Select a patch, then click on "Files -> Batch re-save". The "missing samples" window will appear. Click on "browse for folder", and select the folder of the library, to show Kontakt where the samples are. It will scan the samples, and then do a batch re-save (this can take a while!).

7.) Voila, enjoy!
You should be able to load the patches now, and use all the new features, like the grooves and effects.

It worked perfectly for me, but of course I can't guarantee that it will work the same way for everybody.

Many thanks to member valwello for providing the files

material is no longer available. PiRAT

download from any file hoster with just one Zevera account
download from more than 100 file hosters at once with Zevera.


  guest -- 0
Wow! Thanx Guliver! You too, Valwello...
  Member 12.08.2011 34
Yeah It works!
except for one thing, reopening kontakt, modern Drums is no longer present,
every time you open kontakt I have to redo 'add-library', huffaaa!
  Resident 26.05.2010 3 325
Hm, I guess that has some other reasons...

Is it in the standalone version of Kontakt, or inside the DAW?
Try running your DAW as an Administrator.
  Member 12.08.2011 34
solved! need updated, do the self-update!
  Resident 1.11.2010 3 342
FILESERVE is back, when Filesonic will return?
  guest -- 0
Does anybody has the same problem, the snare center l/r hit wont work in any of the abbey drummers (no sound), full install or update, everything else works perfectly

  guest -- 0
anybody help, thats images of abbey road drummer error, i can't seeing pic of drum completed :(( please help
  Member 22.11.2013 22
I need it , please send a valid link. Thanks
  Cleaner 22.01.2012 4259 2845
UPDATE for converting old NI Abbey Road Modern Drums library [KONTAKT] | 48.59 MB
  Member 11.03.2014 1
Hi there! would there be any chance you still have the files to convert to modern drummer? none of the links seem to work. thanks!
  Member 29.04.2014 1
Please post working links

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