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Software » Mac OSX
Toontrack EZbass v1.0.0 MacOSX Incl Patched and Keygen-RET screenshot
Team RET | May 22 2020 | 1.94 GB
We are proud to introduce the market’s first bass software of its kind. One that goes above and beyond a traditional sample library to deliver not only pristine sound but also fundamental features that effortlessly let you to add bass to your songs.

Two carefully sampled bass guitars– one vintage and one modern.

Arrange, compose, change and rearrange – without leaving the software.

Comes with bass MIDI for a broad range of styles.

Use drum or keyboard MIDI and have EZbass automatically create matching basslines.

Alter the performance or the subtler details of the MIDI using the built-in ‘Grid Editor.’

Audio to MIDI conversion based on the same technology found in Superior Drummer 3.

Thanks R2R for the keygen!

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http:// Peeplink password: bFeJy3%


  Member 18.12.2016 62
YES OMG this is the one I was hoping for
  Member 8.07.2014 41
Lucky day for mac users.So happy to have this one
  Resident 28.06.2013 1 370
what took so long?

  Member 23.04.2015 5 398
I'm happy for you mac users
Come here just to try the software and buy it afterwards.
If I don't like the software I will just DELETE it.
  Member 21.05.2020 9
Seems that I will have to go back to Logic Pro X
  Member 15.04.2017 16
I waited and check back everyday for this!!!
  Resident 16.11.2013 2 843
I would assume that, as this uses the R2R Keygen, that R2R will be releasing it soon for the masses :)
  Member 29.09.2017 105
of course
  Member 8.11.2019 133
Wow. So many--- PC please--- here. It's wild! I wonder why such nice mac user's don't make problems like PC user's
  Member 28.04.2019 225
I know right?
  Member 29.05.2015 38
Oh my god. Thanks, thanks, thanks. You are incredible team RET and also R2R. God Bless you.
  Member 11.01.2016 211
Great Stuff

Been Hoping for the one

  Resident 7.02.2009 1 393
Very nice. Looking forward to test it.
[2009] Sorry for my English. I'm working on it
[2017] I'm beginning to improve. Hell yeah, I'm a fast learner :D
  Resident 12.03.2014 554
Do you know if, when we import our own midi files, the program analyzes them, and now those midi files can also be searched with the 'tap search' function ?
Many among us have thousands of sample libraries, with 10'000s of (bass)midi files. It would be amazing, to be able to search AND preview those files, instead of importing them one by one, into our daw.

Regarding ezdrummer (if you happen to use it) is there an 'midi file import' feature ?

  Member 18.10.2019 1 110
Not only can you use your own midi, you can also import audio files and it will scan them and create midi files from them. Loops for example. I'm not sure about tap to find on your own files though, but I'm sure this feature will improve over time. They have a video up about this function on youtube.
  Resident 12.03.2014 554
That sounds incredible. If there is some batch function (like analyzing and importing a folder with 1000+ loops), it would be amazing.

I think about a huge, weird sample library I once downloaded, that i almost deleted 4 or 5 times, as, once decompressed, there is over 150 gigs of files, and hundreds and hundreds of thousand of files, with drum loops played by real drummers, all kinds of fills, endings, etc, in many different time signatures, bpm, bar lengths ...
I never really cared about it, as it is impossible to preview and find something useful... but with such wav2midi feature, if would become super fun.
  Member 18.10.2019 1 110
After messing around with ez bass a bit more, the only features I found useful are the ones with midi management and audio to midi conversion. As far as the actual sounds, MODO Bass totally obliterates this. It's still a useful tool for midi and songwriting, but I would not use these samples in a mix.
  Member 13.12.2012 49
the Comment has been Removed
  Member 15.05.2020 2 14
the Comment has been Removed
  Member 13.12.2012 49
the Comment has been Removed
  Member 15.05.2020 2 14
the Comment has been Removed
  Moderator 21.01.2012 1250 11757
frankie2020 this is Mac section, please....

mertnil Use request section.
  Member 29.12.2018 29
the Comment has been Removed
Thyme wounds all heals
  Member 16.01.2014 240
I'm a windows user but I'm so happy for Mac users
Great job
Every Moment Of Life Is A Miracle
  Resident 3.01.2011 1 3616
Pretty Nice Thank You For a Mac Release
  Member 8.08.2017 71
RET blessing us with some Mac goodies, thank you RET and R2R
  Member 13.12.2012 49
the Comment has been Removed
  Resident 2.12.2019 163
If you‘re on Catalina and can‘t open it, Dequarantine and Codesign it first
Catalina users use:
sudo xattr -r -d
to dequarantine plugins to open them.
  Member 23.11.2018 41
Could you write those commands here please

The component is ok on my mac but Standalone asks me to re-install the plug-in
I'm stuck

sudo codesign --force --deep --sign -
worked for me

ps: I'm on Mojave 10.4.6 though
  Member 3.03.2016 9
are you deep signing the standalone app? I can´t get it to work on Catalina could you share your experience in Mojave please? Cheers

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