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Toontrack Superior Drummer 3 v3.0.3 WiN incl.Patch screenshot
Toontrack Superior Drummer 3 v3.0.3 WiN incl.Patch | 286 MB
Building on the legacy of its predecessor, Superior Drummer 3 was redesigned from the ground up to introduce a completely new and improved workflow, countless added features and an unequalled amount of raw sound material. With Superior Drummer 3, you are in total control. Welcome to the future of drum production.

What new 3.0.3 ?


MIDI In/Out indicators have been added.
A mono setting for Cubase has been added (32 mono out instead of 16 stereo).
You can now choose how many CPU cores Superior Drummer 3 should use (in Settings > Performance).
A setting has been added for opening Macro Controls every time a preset with active controls is loaded.
The "Add Instrument" menu now also contains user instruments.
The "Show" menu now also contains "MIDI Mapping Keys.".
MIDI Mapping Keys visibility is now saved in Properties View presets.
Dropping an external MIDI file on the track now gives the option to apply the e-drum transform to it.
Recording aftertouch is now supported.
CC-controlled hi-hats and snares can now activate stacks of individual articulations.
The number of macro controls shown at the same time can now be more than 5, depending on the window width.
The mouse pointer now shows a plus sign during copy-drag in the grid editor and the mixer.
Tracker: 1/1, 1/2 and 1/2 Triplet have been added to the Select menu.
The grid editor now shows flashing dots when notes are played.
A "not loaded" indicator has been added to MIDI Mapping Keys.
While dragging, you can now open the Song Creator or switch to the Grooves tab by hovering over the button or the tab, respectively.
The active library preset is now shown with an asterisk if changes have been made.
The active e-drum preset (in Settings) is now shown with an asterisk if changes have been made.
The mixer can now autoscroll when effects or sends are dragged.
The Grooves browser can now autoscroll when files are dragged to User MIDI.
A new e-drum hi-hat pedal preset which closes at 90 has been added - good for some Roland modules.
The velocity curve editor now shows incoming MIDI notes and how they are affected.


E-drum settings are now saved in projects, but menu options have been added to load the default settings (from the default project, or global e-drum settings in 3.0.2 or earlier).
Moving the playhead in the DAW without playing now moves the song track playhead if Follow Host is on.
MIDI file division on external drags is now 9600 instead of 960.
An "all bleed" bounce through the mixer no longer adds bleed to silent room mics.
Tooltip improvements.
Many undo events have got better names.
Tight and closed settings in e-drums are now better kept when you switch between different number of opennesses (by loading a different hi-hat).
Whenever another instance locks us out from accessing the database, a dialog that says "Waiting for another instance of Superior 3 to finish" is shown.
Dragging out a single song block from the song track now gives it the name of the block type.
Loading a part of a preset no longer changes which preset is shown as the currently loaded one.
Track zoom level is now saved in projects.
"Search with Tags" can now be used on MIDI files that don't exist in the database.
MIDI files dragged from the Grooves browser out from Superior now contain the browser path of the file - can be seen in DAWs.
Articulations that contain no sound on their own are now greyed out and disabled in the drum articulations list.
An outline is now shown for the send box that is being dragged.
Multiple selected user-added mixer channels can now be removed at once with "Remove Channels" in their menus.
In percussion pads, remapping of other articulations than the first is no longer allowed.
"Superior Drummer 3 Percussion" and "Superior Drummer 3 Electronic Sounds" can no longer be added in Settings > Libraries.
Tracker: When adding hits, snap to transients snaps to all transients over the default velocity threshold instead of using the current value.
Tracker: Preview of transient now starts earlier and captures more of the note.
Tracker: Pressing the stop button in the Tracker now moves the playhead in the same way as in the song track in the other tabs.
A custom loop area can now be set even when 'Always loop selected' is on.
When recording notes (on the song track or Tap2Find) and clicking an unmapped articulation, the next MIDI-mapped articulation will be recorded instead.
Resetting a peak level in the mixer no longer selects the channel.


Favorites in Grooves were not properly remembered when the database was rebuilt.
Starting multiple instances at the same time when the instrument database was being created for the first time caused a crash.
MIDI playback is now sample accurate even when tempo changes occur within buffers.
Loading a project with more visible filter columns than the current project could cause a crash.
Various tempo editor fixes.
Browser history fixes.
Running multiple instances of Superior Drummer 3 could cause one or more of them to incorrectly show "database loading" in Grooves.
In web shop MIDI, searching for only online libraries was broken.
The quantize knob was not updated when a new row was selected in the grid editor.
The track length dialog could end up outside the main window.
A fix for song track copy drag on Mac (when dragging out from the window and back in).
Having loaded a broken library and pressing a keyboard shortcut caused a crash.
Fix for a crash when changing between EZX presets in Pro Tools.
Exported/dragged MIDI files did not always contain correct tempo (s) and time signature (s).
Pressing Cmd/Ctrl+C when no block was selected on the song track could cause a crash.
Tracker: The Split Region tool ignored the Snap settings.
It no longer crashes in Search for Instruments if instrument graphics cannot be loaded.
Selecting a library that needs to be updated (yielding no graphics) no longer brings back the graphics if scaling is changed.
External windows in full screen should no longer overlap the taskbar in Windows.
"Show in Browser" on files not in the database but existing on disk now shows the files in Finder/Explorer.
Having a user preset selected with the same name as a factory preset no longer selects the factory preset when reloading the project.
Tracker now gets the hi-hat note from the current mapping instead of hardcoded.
Total memory (displayed) no longer resets at 16 GB.
Channel effect presets are now saved as mixer undo.
Tracker: Fixed a graphical update issue when the ruler format was changed.
Fixed a graphical issue when undoing turning articulations on/off.
Some potential crashes when scanning corrupt sound libraries have been fixed.
MIDI Learn now ignores jitter from MIDI controls.
CC-controlled articulations can now be MIDI learned.
Aftertouch messages should no longer in some cases end up reaching the wrong drum.
Replacing a drum where all articulations are unloaded no longer shows a "library is broken" dialog.
Tracker: Shift click on the track but outside any region could cause a crash.
When dragging a new loop to the track and importing tempo, the tempos before and after are better kept.
When playing the song track in Fruity Loops, notes should no longer sometimes be missed.
The tempo is now updated correctly when changing, adding and removing song tracks.
If you cleared the loop inside Tap2Find and then cancelled, the loop could not be played outside of Tap2Find.
The position of song structure preset playback can now be set.
Tracker: Real time speed change is processed faster now.
Tracker: Looping should no longer cause triggered sound and original sound to become unsynched.
Mixer send box no longer gets stuck in mouse-over state if nothing is selected from the send menu.
Fixes for Tap2Find loop when changing mapping - lost quantization and could get wrong length.
Autoscroll did not work in the MIDI Mapping Keys view when dragging keys.
Superior Drummer 3 no longer scans for VSTs at startup and no longer crashes on Mac if you have UAD plug-ins installed.
Various text search field fixes.
Clicking on a hi-hat slider handle no longer moves it if the click is not exactly in the center.
Adding an offset in Tracker could retrigger detriggered transients.
Macro knobs with box properties are now saved and restored properly and continue to work after targeted drums have been changed.
Bounce now honors automation of mixer and its effects through MIDI CC-control, when present in the song track. (But parameter automation by the host cannot be recorded by the song track so that doesn't work when bouncing.).
Song track play start now resets sampler state for the benefit of cache mode.
Using a 1/32 time signature should no longer cause the grid editor to crash.
Tap2Find can search for sidestick again. Remapped drums and double kick MIDI also works.
Quantize in the grid editor now works again when you deselect the affected notes.
Fix for opening libraries from Mac-formatted disks using MacDrive software.
Looping in the browser could result in the first note flamming/phasing.
Fix for bleed edit in User Mics.
Fix for mixer meters when using very large buffer sizes (>2400).
Tracker: Failed attempts to allocate memory for loading large audio files should no longer cause a crash.
Tracker: Adding user transients should no longer make Snap to transients not work.
Tracker: Adding an event/transient could crash if a Tap2Find or Song Creator search was going on at the same time.
Possible crash fix when filtering incoming MIDI when running standalone.
Dragging a send over an output channel should no longer cause a crash.
Having old resource files (from a previous installation) could cause a crash at startup.
Crash fix for corrupt drum graphics.
Crash fix for switching between certain presets.
Removing a user mic from the mixer that is used as a side chain would cause a crash.
Having an e-drum transform active should no longer mess up the 'Learn' function in the MIDI Mapping box.
Tracker scrollbar graphics fix.
Fixes to transport controls when changing between Tracker and any other tab.
Choosing Reset in "Envelope and Offset" did not reset the offset.
Clicking Recall Solo/Mute in the mixer did not generate an undo event.
Recording parameters in a DAW in "touch" and "latch" modes should now work better.

Install the original SD3 software
Replaced original VST file with Patched VST file

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You knew it, so why did you wrote it ???
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Thank you Sunny! I cannot believe how good SD3 is.
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Many thanks for this great update!!
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  Resident 25.09.2010 141
That's a pretty huge change log to 3.0.3
  Member 10.08.2013 73
Before I plunge into this, does the AAX work with this version?
  Member 15.11.2014 1 99
No. AAX need authorize
  Member 10.08.2013 73
Thank you for the heads up!~
  Member 17.11.2014 77
There are countless NO INSTALL/SYMLINK cracked .AAX versions here guys, c'mon.
  Member 18.02.2014 1 12
But symlink version AAX 3.0.2 will not work with this update, I'm guessing? There's no 3.0.3 in NO INSTALL/SYMLINK version yet, if I'm correct?
  Member 10.02.2015 255
If instructions say install SD3 original thingy, why not just upload the patch?
  Member 12.11.2017 15
quote by ScarlettIf instructions say install SD3 original thingy, why not just upload the patch?

Erm - Because its an update and a patch.
Patch is no good without the UPDATE that you need to install. Unless you mean you will download the update from Toontrack, but I would rather not risk getting the orignal from Toontrack, when I can get it from here :)
  Member 10.02.2015 255
Suddenly it hit me and I had to come back if I saw a reply. YOU ARE RIGHT. I had a moronic period for a sec.. haha. Cheers.
  Member 12.07.2017 5
use the 3.0.3 installer that comes with this patch.
  Member 18.04.2013 849
Thanks a lot
  Resident 11.12.2010 163
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quote by Army of NinjasDon't beg in release threads. If you need it that badly, go buy it. You can afford a mac. ;)

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