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Arturia Presets - Daft Tribute UNLOCKED screenshot
Arturia presets | 1MB
For over 25 years, the French electronic duo have been remixing, reworking, and reinventing the music world around them, revamping house music, dance, pop, and funk along the way.

While carefully chosen and masterfully manipulated samples have become their signature, their expert use of synths and keyboards really helped put them on the musical map. Using CZ V, CMI V, Prophet V, Synclavier V, as well as Arturia’s powerful dual-engine synth Pigments, sound designer Simon Gallifet has recreated many of the classic Daft Punk sounds for you to enjoy and make your own. Alive, Oh Yeah, Around The World, Short Circuit, Burnin, and many more classic tracks have been deconstructed, isolated, and recreated with expert precision. Just load up Analog Lab, grab Daft Tribute, and you can start playing, tweaking, and personalizing 32 iconic sounds to use in your own tracks.

32 presets for Analog Lab / Prophet V / Pigments / CMI V / CZ V

extract the archive into
Win - C:\ProgramData\Arturia\
Mac - Library\Arturia\

Big Thanks to MusicMan2013 for providing this pack!

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  Resident 28.04.2012 16 1499
DAMN....I'm waiting for a Depeche Mode tribute Preset pack!

EDIT...I just visited the site...Time to make some requests!
"Die Fahrbahn ist ein graues Band, weiße Streifen, grüner Rand"
  Resident 16.11.2013 3 969
quote by lukehhDAMN....I'm waiting for a Depeche Mode tribute Preset pack!

EDIT...I just visited the site...Time to make some requests!

Heard your request, theres 2 on the way :)

Requests will be taken, but cant be guarenteed :)
  Resident 21.06.2011 3 748
I assume these are for v7 (CZ V and Pigments presets are involved)? No go for the Mac, then!
  Resident 11.04.2016 124 195
yep, only mac legit can use all presets
  Resident 16.11.2013 3 969
quote by IggyI assume these are for v7 (CZ V and Pigments presets are involved)? No go for the Mac, then!

Preset packs are in order of release on Arturia Website,
So ones at bottom will work and ones on top wont work on cracked Mac if it has old crack.
  Resident 21.06.2011 3 748
Won't work with any k'd Mac version (Mac never got v7). Legit Mac users can use it, though. Didn't know about the release order!

However, the Toto Tribute you just posted has two presets (and a sample) for Synclavier V that won't load in v6 -- it tells you that you have to upgrade Analog Lab and Synclavier V. The other presets load and work just fine. Floyd Tribute installs and works just fine, but while Floyd Tribute II installs fine, Analog Lab 3 doesn't even recognize that the presets exist. 24 out of the 32 presets are for the Synthi V and B3 V2 (neither of which were released in Arturia Collection v6), but the others, for Mini V and the Solina V, don't show up in their browsers, either. It's definitely strange.
  Member 29.03.2017 28
The presets for the CMI V are incomplete. We also need the folder with the samples for them to work.
Can someone share the installer or the folder with the samples from:
"/Library/Aruria/Samples/CMI V/Factory/Daft Tribute"
  Resident 11.04.2016 124 195
use the original link (zippy or uploaded) the other one is incomplete
  Member 29.03.2017 28
safe, thank you!
  Member 27.02.2014 108
For those who have Analog Lab 3, you can put all presets directly into the folder:
/Library/Arturia/Presets/AnalogLab3/Factory/[Folder containing all preset files for all Synths]

This manipulation is valid for all Arturia presets!
Zevera is a real shit debrider !
  Member 24.02.2016 4 21
the Comment has been Removed

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