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fresh releases

Samples » Kontakt
Cinesamples CineStrings Solo v1.3 KONTAKT screenshot
KONTAKT | Update ONLY - 114 MB | FULL - 46,45 GB
Orchestral String Soloists recorded at the MGM Stage
CineStrings SOLO is a deeply sampled solo strings virtual instrument recorded at the world famous MGM Scoring Stage at Sony Pictures Studios in Los Angeles. The patches contain some of the most realistic True Legato ever created for soloistic string writing.
Samples » Kontakt
Spitfire Audio eDNA 01 Earth v1.1 KONTAKT screenshot
P2P | 25.12 GB
COLOSSAL HYBRID SYNTH. A once in a lifetime collection of electronic sounds derived, warped and re-birthed from Spitfire's enormous and highly valued collection of orchestral sample recordings... the first phase in our e.D.N.A. (ELECTRONIC DNA) project, creating the next generation of sound-ware for the next generation of electronic sound-smiths.
Samples » Kontakt
PulseSetter Sounds Detonator:Rage KONTAKT-DECiBEL screenshot
Team DECiBEL | 03 Apr 2021 | 8.08GB
Hundreds of aggressive one shots, impacts and multisamples for Trailer composers to "perform" sound design style of trailer music. Best of the modern analog, wavetable, fm synths and guitar samples have been processed to create modern sounds for your next trailer music placement.
Samples » Kontakt
Soundiron The Ruler KONTAKT screenshot
Soundiron is known for our willingness to take sampling ever farther, to go to any lengths and explore every inch of the sonic world. Our never-ending quest is sampling literally every measurable sound in the universe that has musical potential. Perhaps we're compensating for a long-hidden fear that we won't measure up, or maybe it's just that we're willing to go miles beyond the rest to set a new metric for excellence. Time and time again, we've set new benchmarks in sampling and elevated the art to a whole new scale. We're willing to break all the rules in our quest. Our goal is always to reach imperial quality, no matter how tall the order. When we find that our catalog has fallen short, rather than inch along, we put our foot down and fill in those gaps, because we'll never sell you short.
Samples » Kontakt
Rigid Audio - Angus for Kontakt screenshot
AudioZ Exclusive | Kontakt | 62.2 MB
ANGUS is a full-featured wavetable-based Synthesizer with 800 instruments across 15 categories.It features 2x 128 wavetables split into two Oscillators, a comprehensive effects section as well as an Arpeggiator, Chordplayer, two Stepmodulators and an intelligent musical patch randomization.
Samples » Kontakt
Cinesamples CineWinds Pro v1.4 KONTAKT screenshot
KONTAKT | Update ONLY - 81 MB | FULL - 16,54 GB
Orchestral Winds Expansion recorded at the MGM Stage
CineWinds PRO is the expansion to the next-generation orchestral CineWinds CORE library. Recorded at the legendary MGM Scoring Scoring Stage at Sony Pictures Studios in Los Angeles, CineWinds PRO expansion fills out the remainder of the orchestral woodwind section, and also offers an eclectic choice of ethnic, Renaissance, and period wind instruments most often used in film scoring.
Samples » Kontakt
Karanyi Sounds Wavesynth Anr1 Modz version KONTAKT screenshot
KONTAKT | 61.90 MB
Surfing on Waves
Big, bold basslines to super peaky sequences and arps, cinematic soundscapes, drones.
Meet our most advanced instrument so far: Wavesynth, a powerful waveshaper instrument for Kontakt 6.
Fully packed with synth legends and brave new sounds waiting for you to create something unique.

This version is Modz to be NKS Ready & Add Mono/Poly option
Samples » Kontakt
Man Makes Noise - Wildebeat + Loops updates screenshot
AudioZ Exclusive | Kontakt | 1.99 GB

Ever walked into the forest with a sledge hammer on your shoulder? Bashed rocks to bits and pieces? Or been banging on that one rusty gate for way too long that onlookers are this close to calling for professional help? Well, Wildebeat is the result of all that and more.
It’s a modern percussive foray that has it’s heartbeat beaten in wood, metal and stone. It was recorded in the forests and abandoned buildings around here. So if you see any trolls running around looking scared, they’re probably running away from the recording sessions.


Samples, Kontakt
Spectrasonics Heart of Africa Vol. 2 KONTAKT WAV screenshot
Heart of Africa Volume Two features rare performances recorded live at a two week tribal competition in Kenya. Authentic choir and vocal shouts, chants and polyrhythmic percussion ensemble grooves from the Maasai, Kikuyu, Meru, Pokot, and Nandi peoples. A collection of powerfully primal and untamed tribal ensemble phrases and SFX that perfectly compliment the instruments and loops from Volume one. Presented in song construction format.
Samples » Kontakt
Flintpope MOLEKULES For KONTAKT 6 [FREE] screenshot
FREE | 28 October 2020 | 105 MB
Is a free re-release (with a new interface) of a heritage instrument I made by playing a piano sample through various Reaktor Molekular presets with a view to creating haunting, evolving sounds, resulting in ten presets using ten unique samples. The preset entitled “Old” features on the soundtrack of this video below.
Samples » Kontakt
Sonixinema Piano Textures KONTAKT [FREE] screenshot
FREE | 21 October 2020 | 938 MB
Piano Textures is a free virtual instrument for Kontakt featuring an intimately recorded Upright Piano which has been twisted, mangled and warped in to a wide array in cinematic sounds. Featuring 8 custom presets ranging from a warm and delicate upright piano sound, to dark, dirty, detuned, distorted, pulsing and everything in between - download now for free and start making music!

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