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Samples, Kontakt

KONTAKT - 3,61 GB | WAV - 4,43 GB
AizerX Hybrid Cyberpunk Toolkit is the latest addition to the Keepforest's successful AizerX series. Inspired by the atmosphere of the cyberpunk world, this new library offers a lot of character and personality with a cinematic futuristic vibe that perfectly captures the philosophy of the genre. As a powered-by-AizerX-engine tool for composers and sound designers, this library is able to simplify the sound design process, and also opens up new possibilities for incredible creative ideas.

AizerX Hybrid Cyberpunk Toolkit offers the signature sound randomizing feature, delivers a deep library of samples from classic braams, trailer hits, signals, alarms to screaming resonators and distortions.

The centerpiece of the AizerX Hybrid Cyberpunk Toolkit is a selection of tempo-synced drum loops, hybrid pulses, and stems of different categories. You can create variations of energetic, dynamic drum and pulse patterns at different tempos, varying among themselves and combining individual sound layers.

A collection of multi-sampled playable basses, leads, plucks, pulses and signals is also a main feature of the new library.

And by tradition, in collaboration with various artists established in the movie trailer industry, we have prepared a special Artist Stems category, which contains stems and cues made by the artists, where you can borrow elements, structures, and tricks from experienced composers and will help you get inspired, learn from experience and save your time.

AizerX Hybrid Cyberpunk Toolkit contains:

Requires FULL Kontakt 5.8.0 or higher!

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  Member 22.10.2016 160
You have done it again Talula and made my day.... so appreciative of your gifts.
  Resident 26.10.2018 28 243
  Resident 27.06.2012 1 131
Wouuu Huge thanks just Yesterday i told to my wife cyberpunk starts to be famous trailer style ande today i found this! Your are gold thank your so much today i will play with this baby :)
  Resident 7.10.2011 564
The trailer at the top would make me avoid that film.
We can't dance, we don't talk much, we just ball and play, then we move like tigers on vaseline
  Resident 18.01.2014 359
PiRAT or Talula (whoever you are):
Many thanks to you!
  Member 6.09.2016 13
Thank you very much
Kiss my Analog
  Member 29.07.2018 6
Oh mediocrity approached, I wonder who uses this? the same shitty studio like big fish audio, apart from self-lamers and loops, they can't do anything sensible, with the help of such shit libraries, you can write songs in general, and you can play music? Who would consider himself a composer using this one? :))) this is how cheats are used .... against them, even repers will be cool sound designers.
If a person is so hard to write music that he has to use this ... well, then I don't know what to say ... can this person then do something else and not music? :))
  Member 22.10.2016 160
That's a bit harsh, some people like me are not very talented when it comes to creating and building music from scratch but still love to play around with new sounds, mixing them together and see what comes out. Libraries like this one are great to play around with to get inspiration, and it has playable instruments as well included.
  Member 29.07.2018 6
Sorry if I offended you, in this case, you need more practice to write everything from scratch
  Member 22.10.2016 160
That's ok, no offence taken, just saying that these type of libraries are quite useful to some...... and this one sounds great.
  Resident 2.06.2016 127
It's really a bit sad that you think all music has to be created that way honestly. I don't think you have been around much or paid enough attention if you truly think that is the case. Tools and inspiration in life are helpful and if people want to use them, that's great, who the hell are you to sit there and knock them down for using them? I mean, hey, it's cool that you can do it without, but it doesn't make you a better person.
  Resident 2.06.2016 127
or you could always just not take the time to come and post anything at all, since your opinion is completely unnecessary, and invalid. Nobody asked you.
  Member 29.06.2019 1 77
Muuuuch Kudo's for the Premium Only link!
Wish more people would do that.
I aint signing shit!

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