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Galbanum Abstraction Vol.1-5 (Wav&Rex&Aiff) screenshot
Wav&Rex&Aiff | 2.53 GB
Galbanum produces future-forward, industry-leading soundware products and sound-design tools for some of the best companies and artists in the industry. Galbanum's twin passions are "sonic science" and "aural allusion" and its products strive always to balance industry leading technical excellence with a connection to, and expansion of, the human condition.

Galbanum's Architecture Line of advanced sound-design resources are used by some of the best and most knowledgeable sound-designers in the world. Architecture resources are created with proprietary DSP processes, unreleased low level mathematical tools, esoteric computer music scripting languages, and other miscellaneous top-secret rocket science

Galbanum Abstraction Vol 1 Wav&Aiff | 390 MB

Galbanum Abstraction Vol. 2 | WAV&REX | 308 MB

Galbanum Abstraction Vol 3 Wav&Aiff | 579 MB

Galbanum Abstraction 4 Wav | 651,24 MB

Galbanum - Abstraction Vol 5 Wav | 622 MB

Reuploaded. PiRAT

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usenet.nl/download/Galbanum Abstraction Vol.1-5 (Wav&Rex&Aiff)
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Galbanum Abstraction 01-05 MULTiFORMAT DVDR-DYNAMiCS (Separate links): http://http://peeplink.in/b0f1f113ad90


  Resident 24.01.2012 5 318
any chance for more galbanum stuff? :D thanks for the upload man!
The Matrix is a documentary...

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