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Poll: - 126 (48.28%)
DepositFiles - 75 (28.74%)
Extabit - 18 (6.9%)
Turbobit - 9 (3.45%)
Letitbit - 8 (3.07%)
Fiberupload (Bulletupload) - 7 (2.68%)
Shareflare - 8 (3.07%)
3.07% - 10 (3.83%)
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members frequently ask me "where should I buy premium account?";
So I decided to start a poll with the most popular file sharing services.

Let's choose one we like the most and make it part of our rules to always post a mirror on that file storage.

P.S. Please don't forget that i cannot force uploaders to upload stuff on services where they won't make their penny (RS).
I neither support it, nor condemn; but I do understand that this is how things work for some people.

P.S.2. I need to know what's the situation in the states? which of these file sharing services don't work there?


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Oron is also good.
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Me again :)

Is it possible for members to leave some basic info to help Saint as in:

Hosts you like
General location (US, Central Europe, Can, Aus, Central Asia etc)
Connection type (ADSL, VPN etc)

Thx :)
  Administrator 1.01.2004 290 1074
diskonnected, the poll says for itself... i just need some time to process all this. sad
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Hi Saint - sorry I misunderstood. I thought you were just asking for who likes what and what works in the US. I can't vote since none work and so therefore folks like me are excluded from consideration. So the filehost that gets the most votes from your poll list will win and a number of members will stop being members. Right, I get it now.

Again, apologies as I've read every members post on this thread and the majority just refer to "what's good for me" without any mention of location etc. I took the slant of what's good for the site - my mistake. I just thought that if members mentioned US/Euro/Africa/S.America ..... u know, continent or country wise, it may help you employ a methodology to meet the needs of all 4 corners of the globe. No harm done and thanks for pointing this out :)
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