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Poll: - 126 (48.28%)
DepositFiles - 75 (28.74%)
Extabit - 18 (6.9%)
Turbobit - 9 (3.45%)
Letitbit - 8 (3.07%)
Fiberupload (Bulletupload) - 7 (2.68%)
Shareflare - 8 (3.07%)
3.07% - 10 (3.83%)
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members frequently ask me "where should I buy premium account?";
So I decided to start a poll with the most popular file sharing services.

Let's choose one we like the most and make it part of our rules to always post a mirror on that file storage.

P.S. Please don't forget that i cannot force uploaders to upload stuff on services where they won't make their penny (RS).
I neither support it, nor condemn; but I do understand that this is how things work for some people.

P.S.2. I need to know what's the situation in the states? which of these file sharing services don't work there?


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Hi all..

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This may have been said more than is needed but really.. I would hope that you guys would stop voting for and other such sites as by now you must know it discludes certain countries from access.

This is a community- or as George Kostanza would say "WERE LIVIN IN A SOCIETY HEERE!" haha. but please choose a main upload site that is beneficial to both uploaders and and ALL members


@ Auckland

no one should be expecting to make any commission from uploading If that is why you do it then you need to find a different line of business man

Read The groups Disclaimers man no group does this for you or anyone else to turn a commission or profit

I give you my word as a man sir that i am not an aforementioned uploader trying to make a commission off of giving people their gear. I just happen to be savvy enough to the scene world to know that there are many uploaders who would not use such non-commission based systems and i do not want the community to suffer for it.

For the record, I wholeheartedly agree with you that the practice of commission based 'commerce of links' is deplorable but unfortunately that is a very common incentive for people (especially the bigger posters) who make this site as great as it is.

I'm essentially saying i want everyone to be happy here, not just the people expecting something for nothing with an attitude about it. don't hate the messenger damn .
  Resident 6.06.2011 5 243
I forgot to write:

For me, ORON is the best filesharing service. It provides mostly the fastest speeds of all!
  Resident 4.11.2010 1 1074
How many times do we have to repeat it:

The speed you may get is not the speed someone else in a different part of the world may get.

There's also a big difference between premium and free use.

There's also a big difference using a service for some zipped 100kb preset or a "Komplete of Complete"-30GB-Release.

A statement like "Provider "XYZ" provides the fastest speeds" is quite useless. It's not about speed, it's about reliability on a longer term (e.g. you still can find three year old working Rapidshare files, but you won't find any working Filesonic files).

Of course most of the people here vote for the service they've got premium accounts, nothing wrong about that.

I guess it will be like with the "clean slate" discussion - after ten pages of discussion finally nothing changes.
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I still have an account with fileserve. They are back online for a while now. Old links still work. So, +1 for FILESERVE!
  Resident 12.08.2011 80
You guys pick one and tell me which service to buy.. I'm down ... if at all possible please pick one that works in the USA as well as the rest of the world.

Thanks for everything that you do Saint!
  Resident 2.07.2010 108
Okay, its quite clear which is the MOST POPULAR file sharing site, based on Kookaboo's last 5 shares here at AUDIOZ.

Rapidshare beats all the others by a rather large percentile -- don't believe me? Have a look at Kookaboo's last 5 shares... He uses uploadmirrors . com and often it displays the results of about 9 different mirrors, of which rapidshare is clearly the mirror of choice, even over mediafire, etc....

See for yourselves.
  Resident 22.03.2012 416
I honestly can't say which service is preferable, but I can tell you my priorities:

1 PLEASE no captcha
2 No or reasonable traffic limitations
3 Secure from government crusaders, and from exposing out IP addresses
4 Are posters actually supporting it?
5 Did I mention no captcha?
  Resident 12.08.2011 80
I bought a Binverse 6 month account and it's been nice / fast ... I am a total noob with all of that so I don't know if that's viable option here.

Either way, whatever you decide I'm sure I'll get the premium account for quick and multiple downloads.
  Member 12.07.2011 1
Fileserve is on severe watch right now. Which of these work in the US? Most of them don't want to touch here....
  Resident 13.09.2011 72
I just tried (free version) and it's fantastic. phones
No captcha, amazing speed (downloaded 180 mb in 1 minute, multiple links with jdownloader - the RS free version would take 1 hour and no multiple link downloads). I don't know if it works for people in the US but if it does it could be the new FS - just my 2 c.
Everything you hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything you see is a perspective, not the truth (Marcus Aurelius).
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0 let's you download with all of them :)
  Resident 12.12.2011 560
+131 and mediafire are best to me ...unlimited downloads ...dont know how they endup with but ok then ;)
  Resident 24.03.2009 3 276
uploadedto now is extra money on zevera

  Resident 29.09.2008 121
_sorry to say, but none of these:
_for my part of the world mediafire and jumbofiles:)


_p.s. i had friends premium or turbo access if you will for turbobit. from my location the amazing speed was 11kb/s. yes there were nano seconds with amazing 15kb/s out of 8mbit/s. it's fascinating really:(
I hate everything and everyone, not:)
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I've been using for awhile, great alternative to buying one (or a couple) of premium accounts.
  Resident 13.08.2010 4 436
i think uploading is best. there are many files on extrabit but speed is not good in australia.
Loves AudioZ. 10/10
  Member 19.01.2011 1 94
I agree, was good till they changed their payment option, no paypal?
easybytez .com is good, unlimited download but don't know in how many countries it works. works for Greece!
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I have been premium with Rapidshare, Hotfile, Fileserve, Filesonic, Wupload & Turbobit.
Rapidshare was good but it had (still has?) aggressive removal policy.
Hotfile was good for a short while, then suddenly became unpopular, so useless.
Fileserve was horrible, in 90% of the downloads, it was very slow (like 5 to 20kb/s slow!)
Filesonic was the best ever, along with its brother Wupload, always full speed, everything could be found on it, until they shut down.

Now im on Turbobit, but already regretted that, is feels like be lucky to catch a fullspeed pipeline, mostly its a horrid 20-30kb/s.

I have no clue and reluctant to try a new premium as i dont know anymore if they have the right combination of always full speed, low removal, popularity, always online.
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I've no preference as I've been using Zevera for a while and it's been smooth as silk with a great variety of hosters. AFAIK Zevera is in Cyprus so good luck to US government and corporations shutting it down tongue
  Contributor 3.05.2011 470 3118
ok thank you for adding the forum feed again - now its perfect :)
im happy with the hosters.
i really like btw :)
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so whats up now, which Filehoster will be the Future Standart Here?
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depositfles.. still depositfiles. it's awesome.
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Dont take anything with limits, limits are shit is limited for example angry
  Resident 29.02.2012 84
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For what it is worth, I have had an RS acct for years - the premium acct now is a good deal. Out of most people here, I have the hardest time connecting to any of the hosts (spelt C-H-I-N-A). So I can't recommend a file host to and for the majority as you can't get where I can and vice versa.
The problem with dead links is all in the uploading process IMHO. The need today more than anytime before in splitting and encrypting rars that are then held within another (outside) shell rar, also encrypted with a file name bearing no meaning or reference to the contents, is essential and as far as I have read stops any filehosts snooping into the upload contents and so passes their sniffers/filters. A double rar'd file name of a321000a1 on a sequenced basis should do the trick. But far be it for me to advise uploaders on what they should do.
I'd also like to point out how much time can be involved in uploading something, especially when it's in the 10's of gigs size. Preparing the files, getting info that's relevant, helpful and useful to dloaders, screenshots etc and then should any link go down, reupping it - and do it on multiple hosts!!!! One's that the site states must be used and halfway through, the connection is dropped which corrupts the upload so start again!!!
All dloaders should, before getting their dloader license, go through an uploaders pre-course on uploading to appreciate what's involved - lol.
I liked that there's a poll on developing a dc++ hub. Surprised it's so tight (almost 50/50 - can't think why so many are against the idea) and also that no one's bringing it into this post as a good alternative that negates the use for filehosts and premium accounts completely. I understand that the post is asking which filehost, but with a hub operational, end of discussion. Everyone wins because we strengthen the community of sharing between us without relying on individual uploaders to hopefully upload onto a filehost that suits each of us - which just thru this thread we know can't happen.
Another point that seems to go amiss is the fact that filehosts are just that - filehosts. It's only the scene that has changed their basic purpose and coined the phrase of file "sharing" host (yes I know they also jumped on the bandwagon so you'd pay them). I believe the way things are going, this is what they will become again - purely filehosts acting as a backup alternative and a secure mobile access point to dload "your" files rather than carry them around with you.
So, unable to cast a strong argument which is fair for all for which filehost should be used (enough members seem to realise that one size does not fit all) to benefit both sides (up & down), I'd like to ask members to please consider the merits of something like a hub.

Meanwhile, should the need for filehosts continue, could I suggest that you split the world up with regards member locations and ask members to suggest a filehost based on location. That way, you would certainly get a clearer picture on how to organise a list. Based purely on a vote for it system, the site will surely lose members who can no longer access the uploads when the hosts selected were based purely on the most votes. Separating the hosts based on location performance should give you 3 or 4 that would have to be required as mirrors. I'd further suggest sending out an admin email to all members as some may miss this post until after a decision that negatively affects them - too late of course.
On the point of multi-filehost premium service providers - they seem a good idea right now, but the choice should reflect the location of the company and it's infrastructure; as to will it be able to adequately cope with increased bandwidth or cap premium acct b/w due to lousy infrastructure or funds to increase it's service?
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My vote for a filehost would be Rapidshare as I can get up to 4mb dload speeds and average between 1-2mb's. Guess some would say I'm lucky. My 1st vote though would be for a hub. And if all votes fail, then VPN. Thanks for listening :)
  Banned 24.03.2012 2 29
+39 and pretty much everything on this list is hella slow,im with you guys rapidshare all the way!
  Resident 6.06.2009 1 85
+35 was my new favorite until they changed their payment policy. Why did they do that, they must be mad! No Paypal is a deal-breaker for me.

I would vote against - only problem is I don't know which one to vote for instead.... So I won't vote, but note a minus 1 for, please ;-)

Upsetting times indeed. lol
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ALL these work well for me!

Rapidshare , Fileserve , Wupload , Depositfiles and Filepost!

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