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Suno AI Music Creation Platform FS: Pro tools,Softube,Sonnox,Antares,Relab,Xln Audio and more Waves Complete for Windows 11, stable version? 2023-2024 Best Plugins? Logic Pro issue, no tracks playing Which Acustica Audio plugins have you deleted and kept and why? Good vocalrecording in an untreated room? What lubricant do ou use on your strings? Maschine to MPC conversion project nearly completed The Galactic Groovecast (updated new Ep 002)


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fresh releases

Software, Windows, Mac OSX, Mobile, iOS
Klevgrand Pink Textures Tomofon Sound Pack WIN macOS iOS-GTA screenshot
GTA | 02 June 2024 | 15.3 MB/15.9 MB/15.3 MB
Experimental soundscapes by Marie Rose. Add some pink noises to your sound palette
Pink Textures is a unique Audio Model Pack for Tomofon, created with sound designers and musicians in mind. This pack is designed around the process of sound sculpture, where the ambience and what remains afterwards are just as important as the sound itself.
Software, Windows, Mac OSX, iOS
Klevgrand Lost And Found Tomofon Sound Pack WIN macOS iOS-GTA screenshot
GTA | 02 June 2024 | 10.1 MB/10.3 MB/9.7 MB
Unconventional Inspiration. We found magic in the trash
This Tomofon Audio Model pack is an eclectic collection of sound material from unorthodox sources like toys, garbage and kitchen utensils. In search for models to this pack the material of the sampled objects was prioritized over musical connection. The resulting sound collection offers a free and creative soundscapes, often with a maintained character of the original source.
Samples » presets, patches, impulses
pailiaq Vocoder Sound Design Racks-FANTASTiC screenshot
FANTASTiC | 01 June 2024 | 69 KB
Here are some racks for my latest ableton tutorial on vocoders - The first two are the nested vocoder racks that let you automate through different band amounts.

The 'pq VOCOTT' is just a 40band vocoder followed by an OTT, with important macros mapped. I reccomend using this one on general bass and glitch sounds that you want to sound clean, because it uses way less cpu than the other racks.
Magix Juicy Drops WAV-Jeggar screenshot
Jeggar | WAV | 351.58 MB
MAGIX presents "Juicy Drops" - the retro keys in this soundpack give it an extra special touch. Classic drum & bass meets danceable electronic music with an impressive bass and minimalistic breakbeats.

Soundpacks from MAGIX contain full orchestral and/or song compositions, broken down into stems or individual samples, with each instrumental stem and sample available in 7 different tonal Variations (for example, one bass loop will be available in A, Bb, C, D, E, F and G).
Software, Windows
Ghost Note Audio Cloud Seed Algorithmic Reverb v2.2.1-BUBBiX screenshot
BUBBiX | 2 June 2024 | 29 MB
Cloud Seed is an algorithmic reverb plugin, designed for emulating huge, endless spaces and modulated echoes. The algorithms are based on the same principles as many classic studio reverb units from the 1980's. CloudSeed does not attempt to model any specific device, or even to be a general-purpose reverb plugin at all. It is best employed as a special effect, for creating thick, lush pads out of simple input sounds.
Software, Mac OSX
Pulsar Modular P422 Fairuz v0.3.0 U2B Mac [MORiA] screenshot
MORiA | AU | VST3 | | 56.5 MB
P422 Fairuz will bring out the natural resonance and richness of the instrument you are EQ-ing. Even at extreme boosts or cuts, the integrity of the sound is maintained.

P422 Fairuz is a versatile channel proportional EQ. Each point of the stepped frequencies is tuned by ear for that sweet spot. Still, the option to switch the band to continuous operation is provided for power users. Bands can be either peak or a punch (push/pull) curve. Fairuz does not emulate any hardware design. It is an original design free from the limitations and sonics of existing hardware equalizers.
Software » Windows
Brainworx-Plugin Alliance Ampeg Bundle 2024.5-TCD screenshot
TCD | 06.2024 | 31 MB
The Ampeg B-15N has practically defined the sound of electric bass. You’ve heard it on countless hit records for generations, from Motown cuts with James Jamerson to classic Stax records with Donald “Duck” Dunn and beyond. This 30-watt, 15” all-tube bass amp is filled with character. It delivers the thick fundamental tone that’s been responsible for huge bass sounds on records from the '60s up until today.


Windows, Mac OSX, Linux
Arthur Benilov Aeolus (Pipe Organ Synthesizer) v0.2.0 Win Mac Linux [FREE] screenshot
FREE | Win Mac Linux| 99 MB
Pipe organ emulator using additive synthesis as a VST or AU plugin (or a stand-alone executable).Aeolus was originally developed by Fons Adriaensen and presented in 2004. The original implementation is Linux only and can be found here (or across Linux distribution packages). At present it looks like Aeolus development has been mostly abandoned (but Organnery picked up the original Aeolus project to make it run on a Raspberry Pi).
Samples » Kontakt
Carlos Bricio C75 Drums Kontakt [FREE] screenshot
Free | Kontakt Library | 36 MB
C75 Drums is a virtual instrument that captures the sound from Abbey Road Institute's drum set. The perfect companion for songwriters and producers.
These drums were recorded while I was studying at Abbey Road Institute. The studio had a lovely Natal birch drum kit with Zildjian cymbals that were part of all my projects while I was there. I thought it would be nice to capture some samples before I finished to use them for future projects, and a few years later I turned them into my first virtual instrument.
Windows, Mac OSX
Analog Obsession CiTE (High Frequency Processor) v1.0 VST3 AU AAX WIN MAC [FREE] screenshot
01/06/2024 | VST3 AU AAX WIN MAC | 17 MB
Easy to use High Frequency Processor! It's fully custom design. Based on NOTHING! High-Mids & Highs will love it!

- AMT: It's AMOUNT control. Will shape your highs. (Gain compensated)
- AREA: It will let you select the area of high end to process from mids to highs or directly highs.
- MIX: It will blend DRY and PROCESSED signal.
- OUTPUT: Master volume of plugin.
Software » Windows
Variety Of Sound NastyVCS mkII (Virtual Console Strip) v2.0 x64 x86 VST VST3 WiN [FREE] screenshot
01/06/2024 | x64 x86 VST VST3 WiN | 29 MB
This major update adds VST3 support, extensively modernises DSP processing and introduces the latest in audio signal colouration. The performance of all EQs and filters has been improved in terms of resolution, quantisation noise and Nyquist behaviour. NastyVCS now features authentic audio transformer circuitry in both the input and output stages and the signal saturation effects can now be adjusted not only continuously, but also fully volume-compensated. Also, the compressor has been optimised to reduce unwanted distortion. The update also includes bug fixes and a revised manual is now available online.

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