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Software, Windows, Mac OSX, iOS
Klevgrand Lost And Found Tomofon Sound Pack WIN macOS iOS-GTA screenshot
GTA | 02 June 2024 | 10.1 MB/10.3 MB/9.7 MB
Unconventional Inspiration. We found magic in the trash
This Tomofon Audio Model pack is an eclectic collection of sound material from unorthodox sources like toys, garbage and kitchen utensils. In search for models to this pack the material of the sampled objects was prioritized over musical connection. The resulting sound collection offers a free and creative soundscapes, often with a maintained character of the original source.

Whether you need to find a whole new kind of sound for a unique lead melody or add atmospheric ambiences to moving image, this pack will give you the creative boost you need to breathe new life into your music!


26 Audio Models
32 Patches
Size after install: 10.9 MB

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  Banned 12.11.2022 1043 2128
how do you like this synth?
Here to provide, enjoy the shares, contribute where you can! PM me to provide supplies and do your part.
  Member 6.04.2021 20
The actual sound is great, especially with external fx processing and the synth itself has great potential, however, the lack of proper detailed tutorials on making your own audio models ( like the best length of input files, minimum number of notes and pitches required, and manual manipulation techniques, etc. ) makes getting expected or desired results a bit challenging.
IMHO it is great for sound designers, but less so of a "go to" synth for beatmakers or producers.
The underlying tech involved is good, it's presentation though, not so much.
Hopefully it gets UI improvements and better tutorials in future updates.
  Member 31.01.2024 15
I agree lack of tutorials makes this synth a bit of a challenge. Every time I pull it up I kind of get a bit lost and it leads to me turning to something else sometimes. I like that these sound packs are up so I can look at the patches, but I'm kind of low key worried because of them being installers, and hence I am worried about them triggering a timebomb or something?
  Member 6.04.2021 20
I would not be worried about them being installers, these are full retail packs, not demos.
I am a bit underwhelmed though, I thought that the latest version (v1.20) would have at least improved the clunky envelope editing but it still remains terrible.
It is also a bit of a CPU hog with all four voices running on many of the presets and it really needs external fx to sound like something usable in a song.
I think I will have to curb my enthusiasm for this one at this time.
  Banned 12.11.2022 1043 2128
those were my thoughts, default presets at least were underwhelming, for MPE usability Plasmonic was a lot more usable out of the box.
Here to provide, enjoy the shares, contribute where you can! PM me to provide supplies and do your part.

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