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Celemony Melodyne 5 Studio v5.4.1.004 U2B Mac [MORiA]Plugin Alliance TBTECH Kirchhoff-EQ v1.7.0 READ NFO REPACK-R2ROverloud Gem Bundle Complete 2024.7-TeamCubeadoobyStrezov Sampling Velvet Grand KONTAKTPSPaudioware PSP Flare v1.0.3-R2RHOFA Everything Bundle 2024.7 macOS-iamdumbPlugin Alliance TBTECH Kirchhoff-EQ v1.7.0 READ NFO-R2R



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Waves Studioverse R2R doesnt see Waves plugins anymore Seeking feedback on teaser video for new product (All Presets Have Modulation/Finalized) is there a "Capitol Chambers" reverb available for pirates? Best Free Software for Making Music Keeping Flow State with EQ autotune pro x Toontrack Hitmaker SDX v1.0.2 (SOUNDBANK) Install? Moving from Intel to M1, need advice about compatibility. Crane Song Phoenix 2 now VST3 How do I crack Reaper scripts by bypassing the encryption?


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fresh releases

Samples » loops
Gio Israel Brazilian Essentials - Samba! WAV-FANTASTiC screenshot
FANTASTiC | 13 June 2024 | 519.87 MB
Samba stands as more than just a musical genre. Rooted in Afro-Brazilian traditions, Samba represents resilience, community, and celebration.At its core, Samba is characterized by its infectious beats and syncopated rhythms, often driven by percussion instruments such as the surdo (a large bass drum), tamborim (a small hand drum), pandeiro (a type of tambourine), and agogô (a double bell).
Samples, loops, MIDI, SF, Akai
SMEMO Sounds BABY TURN Vol 10 WAV MiDi-FANTASTiC screenshot
FANTASTiC | 13 June 2024 | 216.11 MB
'BABY TURN Vol. 10' by Smemo Sounds contains 69 Loops and 65 MIDI Files to help you start new outstanding projects. This high-quality product includes essential melodies to elevate your tracks. This pack will provide must-have samples to help you produce your next hit track, including Synths, Keys, Guitars, Flutes, Bells, and more.
Samples, loops, MIDI, SF, Akai
SMEMO Sounds Baby Turn Vol 9 WAV MiDi-FANTASTiC screenshot
FANTASTiC | 13 June 2024 | 195.23 MB
'Baby Turn Vol. 9' by Smemo Sounds contains 66 WAV Loops and 59 MIDI Files to help you start new projects. This high-quality product includes essential melodies to elevate your tracks. This pack will provide must-have samples to help you produce your next hit track, including Synths, Keys, Guitars, Flutes, Bells, and more.
Software » Windows
Arturia FX Collection 5 v5.0.0-R2R screenshot
Team R2R | 13 Jun 2024 | 3.87GB
Reference effects for music makers
A selection of 34 studio mixing tools and creative production effects, from authentic analog emulations to innovative modern plugins - engineered to help you discover your unique sound and make it impactful.
Software » Windows
Serato DJ Pro V3.1.4.890 WiN screenshot
P2P | 13 June 2024 | 1.28 GB
Professional DJ software - from the unknown to the greatest, Serato DJ Pro is the most popular DJ software globally. When you’re talking about Hip-Hop, Dance, and everything in between, you’re looking at the standard.
Software, Mac OSX
Martinic ELKA PANTHER v1.6.1 ARM Mac [MORiA] screenshot
MORiA | December, 26 | AUi | CLAPi | VSTi | VST3i | 88.3 MB
The Elka Panther 300, also known as the Capri, is a classic Italian combo organ of the 60s. The instrument produces bold, rich organ sounds and has a wide range of tonal variations (13). The Panthers 16', 8', 4' Stops and Mixture voice levels are adjustable. Each note spans over three octaves, there is bass extension into grey keys and separate volume control for bass octave(s). Tone Decay adds percussive effect to Mixture voices. The Panther has powerful vibrato with speed and intensity control.
Software » Windows
Kuassa Amplifikation 360 v1.2.5-TeamCubeadooby screenshot
TeamCubeadooby | 06.2024 | 190.3 MB
Amplifikation 360 is a modular “playground” for stacking pedals, amps, and cabs to create the perfect sound you want. Immediately combine every Kuassa guitar plug-ins you own inside Amplifikation 360. Try routing Matchlock‘s Amp with Caliburn‘s Cabinet, add a series (and parallel routings) of Efektor pedals to get that spacey shoegazing wall of sound, bigger than live djent riffs, or even a trippy psychedelic leads.
Software » Windows
XRecode 3 v1.151 (x64) screenshot
P2P | 13 June 2024 | 32 MB
XRECODE3 is audio converter, which supports most of the common audio formats, such as mp3, wav, flac, dsd, etc. It also supports extracting audio file from most video files as well as Audio-CD grabbing. Command Line parameters are supported. Please visit Forum and Wiki for more information on how to use the program.


Windows, Mac OSX
Kilohearts kHs ONE v2.0.12 VSTi WiN MAC [FREE] screenshot
Free | Date: 2024.06.12 | Size: 109 MB
kHs ONE is a subtractive synthesizer with a focus on high audio quality and ease of use. kHs ONE boasts three oscillators, two filters and one waveshaper per voice, engineered to keep aliasing and other artifacts to a minimum. All aspects of kHs ONE can be modulated in multiple ways.
Cubasis 3 Beginners Guide Mobile Music Pro [FREE] screenshot
FREE | 17.1 MB
Inside of this FREE guide you'll learn the basics of how to get started recording and mixing inside of Steinberg's flagship Mobile DAW, Cubasis 3.

We've designed this guide to be super simple to use and easy to understand by providing numbered diagrams, step by step instructions and links to our youtube videos for further discovery and context.

Pair this up with our 50 QuickTips For Cubasis 3 guide and learn how to get the most out of Cubasis in the shortest amount of time possible so you can get started making professional sounding music on your iOS device today.
Mobile, Samples, sound effects, loops, presets, patches, impulses, MIDI, SF, Akai
Mobile Music Pro Essentials Sample Pack 04 Lofi [FREE] screenshot
FREE | 1,39 GB
This is the 4th essentials sample pack released by Mobile Music Pro given completely free to the community to help new producers get started making professional sounding music as soon as possible. This pack was designed to create vibes for days and whisk you away to a better place with dreamy pianos, lush pads and soothing saxophones. All the sounds were run through a multitude of high-end virtual tape machines with custom, lovingly crafted presets to create a very unique yet familiar lofi sound. The pack comes filled to the brim with a whopping 550mb worth of WAV files containing over 200 Royalty Free sounds!

*Bonus* We've added a Cubasis 3 template with 16 bars of sound including drums, bass and melody with a full song arrangement mapped out in MIDI and Audio events on the timeline.
Windows, Mac OSX
Soundly (The Complete Sound Effects Platform) v2024.05.132 STANDALONE WIN MAC [FREE] screenshot
12/06/2024 | STANDALONE WIN MAC | 229 MB
The Complete Sound Effects Platform - Find your perfect sound in the massive Soundly cloud library, use our powerful search engine on your local files, and Drag&Drop sounds to your favorite tools! Your Local Files Organized - Effectively index and organize your entire local sound library, with best-in-class metadata support. Rediscover your audio libraries with Soundly! Eerily Intelligent Search - Utilizing artificial intelligence, related searches, auto-complete, thesauruses, and curated collections, Soundly helps you search, index and manage your local and cloud based libraries.
Windows, Mac OSX, Linux
Elephant DSP Room Reverb v1.1.0 Win Mac Linux [FREE] screenshot
FREE | Win Mac Linux | 17.4 MB
Room Reverb is a mono/stereo to stereo algorithmic reverb audio plugin with many presets that lets you add reverberation to your recordings in your DAW.
Nowadays, people often record in very "dry" places, which is good for editing the recording, but leads to an unnatural sound because the human ear is so used to reverberation. Room Reverb brings your recording back to life by adding the desired reverberation.
Software, Windows, Mac OSX, Linux
Musescore v4.3.2 LiNUX WiN macOS [FREE] screenshot
FREE | 12 June 20244 | 400 MB
MuseScore is a company devoted to helping aspiring musicians in their journey to master the music they love. MuseScore offers free, powerful, and easy-to-use music notation software to create high-quality sheet music, with audio score playback for results that look and sound beautiful.

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