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Harvard Dictionary of Music: 2nd Edition, Revised and Enlarged by Willi Apel screenshot
English | Publisher: Harvard University Press, 1974 | 951 Pages | PDF+djvu | 165+17 MB
A classic and invaluable reference work for over thirty years. Soon after its initial publication, the Harvard Dictionary of Music by Willi Apel was firmly established as a standard and essential resource for everyone concerned with music. The product of exceptional scholarship, it was praised as being comprehensive, concise, authoritative, scholarly, and enjoyable.

Leopold Stokowski wrote, “I so often consult your dictionary of music, and with such never failing enlightenment, that I must offer you my thanks for your unique book, so profound and so broad in scope… The vast scholarship…is of immeasurable value to the whole world of music.” The Christian Science Monitor called it “a highly satisfying book of musical knowledge, in which basic definitions are given with fine intellectual integrity, and musical facts are carefully separated from plausible deductions or theories.”

For this second edition the dictionary has been thoroughly revised, updated, and substantially enlarged. Mr. Apel and 88 other eminent music scholars have contributed new articles and revised old ones completely. The already comprehensive list of accurate definitions has grown measurably and it now even includes nothus, pyiba, and meringue.

In the greatly expanded coverage of ethnomusicology, cumbia—an Afro-Panamanian dance form—and Vietnam are only two of the new entries. Additionally, all the general information about individual countries has been revised and the discussion of both theory and history has been amply increased.

Developments of the last two decades are given special attention with particular emphasis on compositional techniques, including electronic music and serial music. Individual compositions, representative of every type from every era, are described.

The bibliography following each article, a unique feature of the first edition, has been updated and expanded. There are fifty percent more illustrations than in the first edition, including explicit drawings of instruments, clear music examples, diagrams, charts, and a full-page outline of the history of music.

An extensive list of the most important music libraries and collections throughout the world with summaries of their significant musical holdings is a valuable part of the dictionary. The section on historical editions now lists 53 collections of music and briefly describes each volume within each collection.

The Harvard Dictionary of Music, Second Edition, Revised and Enlarged is the result of imaginative, specialized, modern, and reliable music scholarship. Containing nearly 1000 pages of precise and accessible information on all musical subjects, it offers over fifty percent more material than the first edition.

It is essential not only to the scholar of music, the professional performer, and the practicing amateur, but to everyone who has ever anticipated the pleasure of a weekly musical broadcast, purchased a favorite recording, or truly enjoyed a concert.

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  Resident 5.12.2012 778 6472
  Resident 21.04.2014 1344
Ok, there are two files to choose. I never click inside the damn peeplink, so I didn't see the djvu links, sorry.
The only problem is that the PDF it's the same old badly scanned book from years ago! Imagine how crucial is the search feature for any big dictionary.
The PDF is not searchable and maybe can not be 100% recovered by OCR.

I have one better, readable and searchable, not the 2nd Ed. by Rotten Dude, but quite good. 53 MB
  Resident 11.07.2014 849 84
Hans, please look better before commenting
I have shared 2 separate files which are both clearly visible - first is pdf (165 mb when unrar) and right below there is djvu (only 17 mb and it is searchable).
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  Resident 21.04.2014 1344
It was great to change cards, 'Rotten', this is very positive for everyone.
I can not understand how a PDF with a size as large as 126 MB, can be as inferior in quality as the Djvu of 16 MB.
The problem is that many of these pds are very old, even those scrolling parchment of ancient Rome are easier to read.
People 'who read' a lot will ruin their views by reading Degrade PDFs.
The PDF has white lines right in the middle of a few sentences, it hurts the vision a lot and the letters vary from gray to black, which forces us to force our eyesight and ruin our eyes for life.
Your 16 MB Djvu is excellent, searchable and readable, does not spoil the view, having only black letters.
I invite you all to no longer use Adobe Reader, but, yes Sumatra which is lighter and read any format Djvu, pdf, has the same CTRL+L to full screen as adobe and does not ask for annoying weekly updates.
  Resident 11.07.2014 849 84
I use Sumatra and since I started using it I didn't find any reason to go back to adobe reader. Thanks for mentioning that for other folks
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  Member 16.12.2015 37
Thank's to both of you :)
  Resident 11.07.2014 849 84
I've just look the stats and pdf is chosen before djvu even if the second format is perfectly functional, readable and searchable and the first one is ten times larger.
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