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Education, Songbooks, Sheets, Methods
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So there you are, walking along, when suddenly you come to a big wall, and written all over it are ideas - ideas for songwriters.

Along the way, most songwriters have some questions. Many of the questions have easy answers, but sometimes you meet one that looks like a mountain in your path.

One of the biggest mountains can be described this way. Let's say we're writing a song. First we choose a key. Now here comes the mountain. Which chords are available in this key, and how do they flow from one to another in ways that sound good?

These questions are easy to ask, but it took me years to understand what I wanted to know. Now, some of what seemed mysterious to me then has grown clearer. If you are asking questions like these, this web site may help you to understand more quickly. Have fun!
Table of Contents

Part One - Scales, Note Numbers, Roman Numerals
Part Two - I, IV, and V Chords, Keys, Chords in D
Part Three - ii, iii, and vi Chords, The Simple Map
Part Four - Chord Variations, Complex Chords
Part Five - Secondary Chords and the Big Map
Chord Charts and Maps - Chord Maps for the Major Keys
Plus 24 Pages of Keyboard Chord Diagrams
Part Six - Major Scales - I
Part Seven - Major Scales - II
Part Eight - Major Scales - III
Part Nine - The Circle of Fifths
Part Ten - Understanding Modes
Part Eleven - Minor Keys - I
Part Twelve - Minor Keys - II

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