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Native Instruments Massive v1.4.0 Update-R2R screenshot Native Instruments Massive v1.4.0 Update | 130.77 MB Team R2R 2013.11.12
MASSIVE is a sonic monster – the ultimate synth for basses and leads. The analog concept belies the contemporary, cutting-edge sound it generates. The high-end engine delivers pure quality, lending an undeniable virtue and character to even the most saturated of sounds. The interface is clearly laid out and easy to use, ensuring you will have MASSIVE generating earth-shuddering sounds from the very first note.


This unique synthesizer has its own uncompromising character that produces the most distinctive of sounds. From the deepest low end, MASSIVE is capable of the creamiest, punchiest basses to give your tracks a solid foundation. Razor-sharp leads that cut through the mix, even with grit and dirt piled high, set MASSIVE apart among analog style soft synths. And just beneath the surface, MASSIVE’s overwhelming array of wavetable oscillators, versatile modulation options and bountiful filter and effects sections offer a sonic spectrum as broad as it is inspiring.


On top of its 600 production-ready factory presets and multi-sounds, MASSIVE now contains the full libraries from former products 'Massive Expansion' 1 and 2, 'Urban Arsenal' 1 and 2, and 'Massive Threat', giving you a total of over 1300 sounds, all crafted by leading artists and sound designers.

Finding the right sound is easy. The efficient search and intuitive filter functions let you find presets according to specific characteristics and attributes - a particularly musical and intuitive approach.


On stage, MASSIVE is sure to grab the limelight. An array of special features makes it ideal for live performances. The integrated step sequencers and effects section as well as a highly flexible modulation concept deliver the necessary versatility. All these features have been implemented with a focus on usability, with the result that MASSIVE is just as easy to use on a hectic stage as it is in the creative environment of a studio.

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Native Instruments Massive v1.4.0 Update-R2R screenshot
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  Member 28.08.2013 43
Thanks :D
  Resident 11.05.2013 5 202
Thanks sunny yes
  Resident 16.04.2013 26 277
BOOM! my mind asploded!

yeah yeah I.B. Happy, time for me to graduate finally to using nmsv, they fucking forced me to do it bastards, luckily i can convert my ksds

massive was my first true love... still use it now and then but there are so many cool new synths out there its hard to stay faithful, just for experimentation's sake, yeah?

Only for this crappy windows shit!

kindly stfu
anti-music for a lost generation
  Resident 25.04.2012 73 7272
Frito have you ever tried Waldorf Largo, it's also a wavetable synthesizer. Really great synth. I always say Waldorf know how to make them filters. yes
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  Resident 24.03.2009 3 276
what's the change log?
  Resident 12.09.2013 178

only MAC users doesn't know that they are "Walking deads" ... not the rest of the World ;)
thx Sunny !!
Baguette, camembert and red wine ... this is life man !!
  Resident 25.04.2012 73 7272
Only for this crappy windows shit!

Woah buddy slow your roll, we never misled you in anything so why so serious? It's clearly labelled in the Win section so if you mistakenly walked in here then it's your fault not ours.
Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the board rules.
  Member 21.02.2013 4
dont cry bro : )
[ T E C H N O ]
  Member 14.11.2013 3
change log?
  Member 21.03.2013 36
Crashes immediately for me, as usual... Massive hasn't worked for me, in a VERY long time... any suggestions?
  Resident 25.04.2012 73 7272
Crashes immediately for me, as usual... Massive hasn't worked for me, in a VERY long time... any suggestions?

Have you ever got it working since they changed formats? I suggest you open a thread on AudioSex. Make sure to include your OS and other pertinent information.
Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the board rules.
  Releaser 25.05.2013 12 664
For me it doesn't work cause I get the Demo-Nag-Screen everytime
I run it (like I've installed the Demo). The strange thing: When I run it as Demo and open the about screen, it runs like the registered version.

Goin' back to v1.3.1...
  Resident 10.02.2013 8 592
Just works wiht R2R releases !!!
  Member 4.03.2011 107 101
Native Instruments Massive v1.4.0 Update-R2R

  Resident 6.01.2011 564 2642


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  Resident 6.10.2012 241
Hello, anyone has problems with RTAS version in PT10 ???
Plugin is opened but it has strange behaviours, first GUI not loaded correctly then when close and open again, GUI refreshes... after that, when you change to browse all GUI is messed ?!????
Battery work ok. The same thing is with FM8.
  Member 27.12.2012 2 179
Hey everyone. I never got involved in any of the mac vs windows crap. Quick question: Is it possible for me to dl the mac demo from NI and use this keygen or is this pre cracked and, therefore, not possible? Thanks for any help!
  Member 15.02.2014 12
tnx sunny, you are always our hero!
  Resident 28.07.2009 13
With the NI_InstReg_Reaktor5 tool, how can I change hard disk install destination letter?
  Member 17.01.2015 166
Hi guys, do I need to install this version before installing version 1.4.2?. It looks like the links aren't working. Would you please re-upload? Thanks in advance :D
  Member 15.09.2015 2
can someone please re-up this.

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