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Native Instruments Monark v1.0 screenshot
R2R | 6.4.2013 | 10.82 MB
MONARK captures the pure organic sound of the undisputed king of monophonic analog synthesizers. Years of meticulous research capture every nuance of the synth at the center of four decades of popular music. The first choice for bass and lead sounds from electronic and hip hop to indie rock and beyond, no other synth comes close to this combination of power, richness, and musical tone. Delivering the true sound of a synth as famous as the artists who used it, MONARK is the holy grail of analog modeling.

MONARK runs in REAKTOR PLAYER or the full REAKTOR 5 version, and is also optimized for easy browsing from the MASCHINE hardware.

Requires unlocked Reaktor to use. You know what it is :)

Reuploaded. PiRAT

download from Usenet - 14 days free access +300GB Instruments Monark v1.0
download from any file hoster with just one LinkSnappy account
download from more than 100 file hosters at once with LinkSnappy.
audioz mirror
http:// Peeplink password: hVt|?a


  Resident 25.02.2011 146
Aaaahhhh Yeah! headbang
  Resident 16.12.2010 12 1158
It seems that there's no 'Kookaboo' in the corner this time...
we can then certainly download this 'Monark' without fear !!! rofl

BIG THANKS to 'Funtime' and 'Team R2R' for this more than pleasant
early weekend gift ! wink mates
  Resident 1.08.2011 1 118
April's Fool Day anyone ?? rofl
  Member 17.03.2013 1 15
Mac Pleeeeease!
  Resident 23.01.2012 175
schockschwerenot wow
impressive! wink
Give me a break!
  Resident 19.10.2012 42
now lets check this thing .Thanks guys
  Banned 31.12.2012 1006 2958
you're fucking welcome
  guest -- 0
I LOVE YOU R2R......i want to hug everyone one of you
  Banned 22.08.2012 173
I <3 you R2R !!
  Resident 29.09.2012 3 471
Wow, thanks wink
Dream Trance
  Resident 11.12.2011 4 947

We want also the Mac version ... NOW!!! headbang

rofl rofl rofl
The future of mankind depends on love and not on new technologies
  guest -- 0
I was sad, but today i've seen the light, thanx rofl
  guest -- 0
Can't someone fix unlocked Reaktor with all content included, just like the current guitar rig.
  Resident 16.07.2012 66
Respect 2 R2R and funtime:)
  Member 15.09.2012 218
wink love R2R
  Member 24.03.2013 302
could do with making this polyphonic, tried it through settings still mono. I guess it might not be possible.
  Member 25.03.2013 84
could do with making this polyphonic, tried it through settings still mono. I guess it might not be possible.

Check utube link:
About from 04:15 (just lil delay + reverb = sound more polyphonic)
There is a nice trick to put MONARK in "ala polyphonic" zone :)

  Member 19.09.2012 201
Mac Please :)
  Member 28.02.2013 11
Links for Mac

Needs Reaktor 5.8.0 to run.
  Resident 3.01.2011 1 3687
dam why don't they just do both pc and mac at the same time like they do some other plugins well hope to see it for Mac thanks
  Banned 14.05.2011 810 3879
@ Lyric 8

Links for Mac @

Needs Reaktor 5.8.0 to run

  Resident 15.09.2011 1 2733
Well, it's a well known fact that those Mac robots don't read even when the post that explains stuff is in front of their eyes... I mean really... get a grip guys.

Thank you for the upload!
"The real hopeless victims of mental illness are to be found among those who appear to be most normal." - Aldous Huxley, Brave New World Revisited
  Member 7.04.2012 72
Thanks for MAC LINKS but No Reaktor 5.8 unlocked for mac damn
Mybe with the free reaktor Player?
  Resident 12.09.2012 290
  Resident 3.01.2011 1 3687
Requires unlocked Reaktor 5.8 to use crap''there is no 5.8 for Mac WoW rofl
  Member 10.02.2012 11

-player/free-download/ to read only ; in OSX , MONARK !
  Resident 22.07.2011 1439
It finally came! Long awaited - Thyesnks R2R + Funtime.
I got peace not of this world!
  Resident 26.05.2010 3 325
Can somebody explain me what is so great about the 1.000.000th monophonic (!) synth plug-in?

That's a serious question, don't mean to be sarcastic.

Alone the fact that a plug-in is monophonic, seems like some very retarted thing to me.
  Member 15.09.2012 218
total awasome!! real synth!! enough to me!! BEST R2R
  Contributor 3.05.2011 471 3118
boring synth imo - expected more ...
thx R2R and everybody.

you get a CPU-hog additionally.

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