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TDR Feedback Compressor v1.0.0 x64 x86 VST WiN [FREE] screenshot
09.01.2020 | x64 x86 VST WiN | 3 MB
A carefully designed dynamic range compressor. The processor is dedicated to sum/bus compression and is the result of an intensive study about the musical behavior of the feed-back compressor topology. Most modern compressors analyze the input signal to control gain reduction. The feed-back compressor design however “listens” to its output. This non-intuitive approach delivers an unobtrusive and highly musical compression characteristic that is able to handle complex signals with ease.

These unique characteristics were combined with a minimalistic audio-path and state of the art digital signal processing techniques. The compressor is carefully tuned for intuitive and musical operation. We want to emphasize the fact that the processor neither tries to emulate any previously available device, nor does it follow popular trends like “virtual analogue”, “vintage” or similar buzz terms. This is a proud digital processor, made with an immense amount of love and care. Just listen for yourself! :)

Notable features
Beautiful “Feed-Back Compression” sound and behavior
64bit floating point precision for all relevant calculations
Differential oversampling structure
Internal re-sampling via high quality linear phase filters
Advanced stereo-linking (reduces audible cross-modulation)
Adaptive integration time RMS detector. Optional PEAK and tunable RMS detection
Freely adjustable compression knee
Upward compression mode
Optional side-chain 6dB/Oct high-pass and 3dB/Oct energy equalization filters
Optional “color” functions
Independent release controls for fast and slow program material
Delta preview mode. Allows to preview the difference between compressed and original signal
Latency compensated parallel bypass (i.e. processing not interrupted)

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  Releaser 8.01.2011 6493 1847
| Rapidgator | Uploaded |
  Resident 5.12.2012 751 15163
Uploaded | Rapidgator | Nitroflare | Rockfile
  Resident 26.02.2013 28 1118
The original / initial version.
Is there a single plugin from TDR that is not excellent ?

Thanks Strike .

It strikes me from where
you find all those tools .
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  Releaser 8.01.2011 6493 1847
It's a huge internet search. Cheers!
  Resident 4.02.2012 534
Oh, I thought it was a new feedback compressor. It's from 2012, which then evolved into Kotelnikov compressor. So instead get the Kotelnikov (which is great!).
  Resident 25.12.2017 2 955
Nice. I appreciate the heads-up on this one, Strike.
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