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VisareTone MIDI Plus Style ORGAN v1.4 M3 x86 VST WiN [FREE] screenshot
x86 VST WiN, 3mb
The MIDI Plus Style ORGAN is a combo Classic Organ and Virtual Keyboard for control another VST Plugin instruments and effects.
You can play with the PC keyboard and mouse on tree manuals.

Part1 MIDI
Dual manual Keys 61.
Setting factory for instruments Style ORGAN.

Four Knobs Adjustable:
Click, Percussion, Delay, Reverb.
Ten Knobs Adjustable:
Harmonic, Attack, Sustain, Pan, Vibrato, Balance1, Balance2, Level1, Level2, Volume.
Four Switches On / Off:
S1, S2, S3, S4.

Switch Slow Fast,
Switch Distortion On/Off,
Switch Rotor On/Off,
Switch External Organ On/Off.

Transpose Octave -2 to +3.
Setting Channel Input MIDI,
Setting Channel Output MIDI.

Part2 Classic Organ
Manual Keys 61.

Nine Standard Drawbars: 16'- 5(1/3)'- 8' - 4' - 2(2/3)' - 2' - 1(3/5)' - 1(1/3)' - 1'.

Envelope ADSR,
Scanner Vibrato,
Original Modulation for Bass and Treble,
Twin Filter - combine Low Pass, Hi Pass and Band Pass, .

LFO - Modulation Twin Filter.

LFO Pan and Wide Pan,
Volume Organ, Switch Organ On/Off.

Transpose Octave -1 to +1.
Setting Channel Input MIDI.

Low CPU and intuitive Interface.

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