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Steinberg Cubase SX v3.1.1.944 INTERNAL-AiR screenshot
Team AiR | June 2010 | 177 MB
Cubase SX3 - The Music Creation and Production System

Designed with the requirements and working methods of professional musicians, composers, audio engineers and producers in mind, Steinberg's flagship Cubase SX3 converges extraordinary sound quality, intuitive handling and a vast range of functions. Cubase SX3 provides creative tools that save you time at every link of the production chain, from the initial musical idea to final mastering.

From AiR's NFO:
Due to massive popular demand we completely reworked our old driver based dongle emulator to work together with our new SynsoEmu, we removed the driver and made it dll-based. All releases have been rebuild, repacked, updated and made compatible to run on modern operating systems like Windows Vista/7.

NOTE from uploader:
This is the last working fully cracked Cubase-release that can be installed on modern OS without hassle, ie Windows 7/8/8.1/10 and at the same time it can open the older Cubase-filetype called ".ALL". ALL-projects was the format used before Steinberg released Cubase SX-series (when it was called Cubase VST32).
I have myself needed this to open very old projects to able to remix them or render stems for other artists. I'm probably not the only one who would like this archived at AudioZ since it is also a real AiR release - a bit of history indeed.

Read AiR's NFO here

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  Member 3.08.2019 124
  Resident 30.12.2017 409
Everytime I see the words "internal" in a release thread title I feel like looking into daddy's forbidden closet when he is not at home lol
  Member 3.04.2019 8
you so far hehe
  Member 14.12.2014 71
oh, the memories....
  Resident 30.01.2010 1 1443
Thought I heard someone snooping around in the Archives the other night ?
Damn it Chaos was that you Bro?
  Member 10.12.2018 4
quote by EpicShowdownEverytime I see the words "internal" in a release thread title I feel like looking into daddy's forbidden closet when he is not at home lol

  Member 3.08.2012 75 16393
the Comment has been Removed
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  Resident 16.10.2018 7 153
Last version I ever used before the Reaper enveloped my soul!
  Resident 15.09.2011 1 2509
Mine, too, bro!

This is good, until it crashes and leaves your project in oblivion.

Then I changed to Reaper. It's been all good since then. ;)

Oh bad old memories. lol
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  Member 4.02.2014 30
why not just go straight to studio one........problems solved
  Member 21.02.2019 8
if any one want i still got Cubase Atari from (1982)
  Resident 28.04.2012 16 1450
This is strange, because Steinberg was founded in 1984 and the first Sequenzer of them was called Steinberg Pro16 and was released also in 1984 but only for Amiga/Comodore. The first appearance of the name Cubase and the first Atari version was in 1989.
"Die Fahrbahn ist ein graues Band, weiße Streifen, grüner Rand"
  Resident 17.02.2009 779
Pro 24 was their first for Atari then another before Cubase, i'll let you figure out what the other was.

I think '
bioscmos303' made a typo on the date
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  Member 21.02.2019 8
Cubase has existed in three main incarnations. Initially Cubase, which featured only MIDI, and which was available on the Atari ST.

back in the 80s Atari was one of the first to have a pc with 8 bit soundcard and a midi plug so it cames with some Demo apps for music creation
  Resident 28.04.2012 16 1450
But as you can see in the version history:

The first Cubase was released in 1989!
"Die Fahrbahn ist ein graues Band, weiße Streifen, grüner Rand"
  Resident 25.01.2016 24 789
Damn! It's got chord detection of the midi. Something that some DAWs are missing now!
  Member 28.01.2018 4 35
Time to undust the secret DXi plugins you hid in the time capsule..
  Member 22.05.2017 35
I think that this is why Cubase is popular. The fact that it is since v5 uncrackable. Personally I did not think it much better than any other DAW apart from perhaps expression maps. Forbidden fruit is all well and good but not if it is from the easier lower branches.
  Resident 27.12.2012 2 81
Unreal...this was my first truly serious DAW after messing around with trackers and GoldWave for a few years
  Member 23.10.2016 1 36

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