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Windows, Mac OSX
IK Multimedia ARC System 2 v2.5.0 Incl Keygen (WIN OSX)-R2R screenshot
Team R2R | 15 Nov 2017 | WIN: 39.6MB | OSX: 25.3MB
ARC System (Advanced Room Correction System) is a combination of a professionally calibrated measurement microphone, a measuring software application and a multi-platform plug-in that can be integrated with any DAW-based studio, capable of correcting the distortion caused by room acoustics and able to improve how a studio will sound forever.

ARC will improve any kind of monitor type in any room, at any level of quality, within any type of mixing environment. Not only will it improve the home studio, but even the most highly treated mixing rooms will benefit from ARC system using Audyssey's MultEQ technology. ARC features Audyssey MultEQ, which corrects for both frequency and phase response, not only for the engineer's 'sweet spot', but also for multiple points in the room. This solves many of the problems that have plagued room correction EQ systems since their inception. Other EQ systems only correct for frequency domain problems, which leaves the time domain to cause phase distortion and smearing. When you experience ARC's Advanced Room Correction System, the perspective of what you are recording, mixing or mastering becomes immediately clear and reliable; so you can finally trust the sound of your studio.

ARC System will correct acoustic problems for any DAW-based studio, dramatically improving the clarity, stereo imaging and frequency response, for faster, more reliable mixing.

ARC your room and the audible results will be:

Low-end alterations, typically added by small rooms, are removed with better low frequency control.
More consistent frequency response across the entire range.
Tonal balance is restored, allowing for more accurate mixes.

ARC your room and the following advantages will be achieved:

Room defects will no longer capture your attention, allowing you to focus solely on the music and reducing ear fatigue.
Work on mixes faster because you're sure of what you're hearing.
Achieve greater consistency on your music productions.
Achieve mixes that translate better to the outside world.

ARC provides a convenient, unique, and easy-to-use mobile correction solution for the traveling professional engineer and musician. You can conveniently bring ARC system with you and quickly measure and correct any studio environment, so you can mix and produce comfortably in any situation. The step-by-step setup measurement wizard will have you up and running in minutes.

ARC System Features:
Easy to use, step-by-step, room measurement software for Mac/PC.
VST, RTAS, AU correction plug-in for Mac/PC most popular DAWs (such as Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic, Sonar, Live, etc.).
Professional measurement microphone:
Type: 1/4" precision measurement condenser microphone.
Polar pattern: omni directional, free field.
Capsule frequency response: 20-16,000 Hz.
Calibrated frequency response when used with ARC: 16-20,000 Hz, +/- 1.5 dB.
Output: transformerless, electronically balanced, 200 ohms output impedance.
Sensitivity: 50 mV/Pa.
Noise Equivalent Level: 22 dB.
Max SPL: 130 dB for 3% THD.

ARC System Measurement Software features:
Automatic multi-point room measurement system, wizard based, based on Audyssey MultEQ technology.
Measurement precision when used with ARC System microphone: +/- 1.5 dB.
Requires 48 kHz operation (only for measurements).
Requires ASIO Audio Hardware on Windows Vista or XP, CoreAudio on Mac OS X.
Saves Measurements sets to be opened on the ARC System Correction Plug-In.

ARC System Correction Plug-In features:
Multi platform high quality Frequency AND Time correction processor based on Audyssey MultEQ technology.
Correction precision when used with ARC System microphone: +/- 1.5 dB.
Correction processor resolution: 32-bits floating point.
Correction processor supported sampling rates: 32 kHz to 96 kHz.
Four target curves.
Graphic Frequency response display.

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  Contributor 15.11.2014 1150 205
IK has announced the new ARC System 2.5 with MEMS microphone is now available and shipping from the IK Online Store and select IK resellers.

ARC 2.5 is an acoustic correction system that combines a highly accurate MEMS measurement microphone, measurement software along with an audio correction plug-in to improve the sound reliability and acoustics of your studio in an elegant, low-cost portable solution.

The new accurate MEMS measurement microphone works together with the room correction software to achieve correction accuracy with a precision of +/- 0.5 dB, (previous ARC microphones will also be supported.) IK manufactures the microphone in Italy with an omnidirectional type capsule that ensures maximum response accuracy and stability over time, in contrast to standard condenser measurement microphones which can exhibit frequency response variations from manufacturing or with age.

ARC System 2.5 with MEMS microphone works by measuring your room using the included MEMS measurement microphone and measurement software and then generates an algorithm to provide a correction of your room's acoustic problems that you can apply to your mix using the included plug-in. You can record and mix with confidence knowing that what you hear from your speakers is a faithful representation of how your music will translate to the outside world.
  Resident 6.10.2011 1 263
I've always wondered how well this would work with a non-arc mic?
  Member 22.02.2015 141
Totally different (and incorrect) results... I've tried it.

This can't be used without the correct mic.
  Resident 20.02.2011 915
This can't be used without the correct mic.

Not correct. Basically you can use nearly any measurement microphone.... even a Behringer ECM8000 with this software.

I know because I have this system incl. original mic legit and have tested it with various other mics.... cheap and expensive ones and you get no noticeable differences with different mics... I can recomment the Behringer ECM8000 for the job because it basically have the same characteristic as the original IK00008 which is produced in China ;-)

Sorry to say this, but claiming you need the original measurement microphone for the job is nonsense - period!
You can't have everything; where would you put it?
  Supplier 5.06.2011 90

I agree on the fact that the two microphones are made in China except that all IK00008 and new MEMS measurement microphone are factory calibrated with the same level curve which is not the case for the ECM8000 .

Of course you can download a general calibration file on the Behringer' website but be aware that none of all ECM8000 have the same curve .

You can have the new IK- MEMS measurement microphone for the same price that the ECM8000.

In an untreated room, with cheaps monitors you will get no noticeable differences with different mics but in a treated room with good monitors this can make a significant difference.

Big Thanks to R2R and all those involved
  Resident 25.09.2013 10 788
You're dead wrong on this dude. You absolutely need the mic they provide. There are about 8 response patterns and the software is designed to detect and correct for INTENTIONAL patterns in the response...

If you use another mic, you WILL get bad sound.
  Member 15.04.2017 140
Should work with any measurement mic if you have the calibration file/data for it, nay?
  Resident 25.09.2013 10 788
Assuming you could get the calibration files for the IK mics (I believe there are 8 different ones, that's why you have to put in a code on the mic into the software during setup), it might be possible. The problem is that you can't get them. So...gotta use the IK mic. No way around it. If it could be easily removed in code, I'd assume these releases would remove it. I always figured they're more for taking measurements for your buddy and giving them the software. But someone IRL has to have the mic (and share).
  Resident 5.08.2014 88
No, you need only the ARC Mic. The Calibration is loaded internally.
You cannot use another mic.
  Member 15.04.2017 140
MEMS ARC mic costs 69 eur on IK site. Would it work with the cracked software or could there be any problems, i wonder if anyone tried that.
  Resident 20.02.2011 915
This is the third mic they´re selling with their software since it was released.
If you like to spend 69 euros on this mic it´s your choice and good luck to you.

Here´s what they tell you about the mic on IK:
1: Ultra-light and durable
2: Stable over time: MEMS is not subject to the typical frequency response changes over time of ordinary condenser mics
3: Much more resistant to humidity and temperature variations
4: Precision crafted in Italy


About measuring measurement microphones:
I lent a IK00008 from a friend of mine (same as mine) and the result was slightly different .... exactly like it was with the Behringer ECM8000.

So.... If you can sell a cheap mic for ten times the price - that´s indeed good business

Quote: "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink".
You can't have everything; where would you put it?
  Member 8.11.2014 7 2601
Quote: "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink".

humanity 21 century brainwash
greetings to the good people & always monster thank you to all release groups and people

and pls :
don't forget to SPAY AND/OR NEUTER YOUR PETS!!!
  Member 29.01.2017 9 43
Yes, I'm interested in this me too. Does it work the original mic with cracked software?
  Resident 26.01.2014 2189
I wouldn't.... just wouldn't work.... I have some friends who swear by this, but I tried it myself (full legit version with mic etc)... meh...
..grateful for HEXWARS, R2R, SYNTHiC4TE & ALL hardworking teams, AZ crew past and present, and friends I have met here who I care for and have been nothing but amazing to me.
  Resident 31.05.2010 1472
Wonder how much better the new mic is vs the old one as i-ve seen people use very cheap elected mics when they messaure the room using other software than this so i guess it want make it any better but they say it will last longer yeah but do you need to remessure the room frequently?
Anyway i saw i used v2 one on ebay for a nice price i think i gonna buy that if it still available dont know if updates are for free?If not i can use this instead
  Resident 7.10.2011 471
I am going into the fortune telling business. I knew before reading the comments that they would revolve around the microphone. I also see trouble for Trump in Washington.
We can't dance, we don't talk much, we just ball and play, then we move like tigers on vaseline
  Resident 20.02.2011 915
the Comment has been Removed
You can't have everything; where would you put it?
  Member 6.10.2015 132
Thank You R2R! And DECiBELLE
  Member 28.08.2014 46
the Comment has been Removed
  Resident 26.01.2014 2189
wtf does kindly providing the IK Arc System 2 have to do with Sonarworks?

There IS a request section mate, I suggest you do it that way.

You have been here awhile, and should know how this works... Don't crapclog threads with REQ's. not cool.
..grateful for HEXWARS, R2R, SYNTHiC4TE & ALL hardworking teams, AZ crew past and present, and friends I have met here who I care for and have been nothing but amazing to me.
  Resident 30.01.2010 1 1427
LoL! Excactly
  Moderator 21.01.2012 971 9009
pinoleone You are not new here, so you should know that no requests are allowed as comment in a post.

You should comment only matters related to the content of each post.

On an other hand, there is a request section where you can create a post with your own requests.

You can access it using the menu at left:
>> submit new post
Once creating your post you'll see a list of categories on the right side, select "Request"
You're done.

I strongly recommend that you read our rules (click) so you can take advantage of this fantastic place.
  Resident 10.09.2012 86
Thanks for uploadin this bro!
  Member 15.04.2017 140
Dayton audio EMM-6 electret measurement mic costs only 66 eur on ebay and comes with a unique downloadable calibration file.
  Resident 29.05.2011 1 326
I too have the EMM-6 and it works great with Sonarworks. I'm guessing it would be fine with ARC as well. The calibration file is very specific to the microphone.
  Resident 5.08.2014 88
No, it won't.
You cannot load calibration file in ARC.
You can only choose one of the 3 models provided.
Of course we are talking for generic calibration. So you will be anyway few db's off
  Resident 5.08.2014 88
Always thanks and respect R2R for this, however is useless without the new mic.
Actually this update is only to support it and nothing more, big let down...
  Member 2.05.2016 71
I strongly disagree with the statement that this release is not useful because of the microphone... It is actually VERY useful for me, thank you very much R2R!
  Resident 5.08.2014 88
Whats the difference with this one if it's not for the new mic?
  Member 8.11.2016 76
Could one assume that the software is calibrated to match the frequency response of the included microphone? Then surely the results could vary significantly if another mic was used. Correct me if I am wrong?
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