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TEAM V.R | Oct 28 2017 | 8.91 MB
Calling Zip a compressor is like calling a Lamborghini a passenger car. It does neither one justice. Zip creates unique effects and solves thorny audio challenges in a flash, leaving traditional compressors in the dust.

Zip can provide both compression and downward expansion, switching between processors with one mouse click. Six Analysis modes—Amplitude, Quietness, Brightness, Darkness, Noisiness and Tonalness—spark compression or expansion depending on the signal level, frequency content or noise feeding Zip’s input. On bass guitar tracks, select Darkness mode to compress headroom-eating low notes while giving higher-pitched notes room to breathe. Using Noisiness mode, you can make Zip’s compressor clamp down only on overdriven electric guitar chords while leaving palm mutes on the same track loud and proud. Solving unusual audio challenges is child’s play for Zip.

Four Envelope Styles—Classic, Goopy, Quick and Extreme—modify Zip’s attack and release curves, tailoring them to your specific needs. Use Extreme’s lightning-fast response on drum room mics to explode the room’s ambience while simultaneously making the kick and snare sound tighter and punchier. On full mixes, Zip’s Classic style and High Pass filtering in the sidechain will make your mix’s bottom end thunder. Or use Goopy style to add vintage glue and density. Zip has many flavors.

For producing creative effects, Zip includes Unfiltered Audio’s flagship automatable modulation system. Eight different internal modulators, as well as a patch to an external ROLI Lightpad, can be used—up to six modulators at once—on most of Zip’s controls, with each modulator routed to as many destinations as you’d like using simple drag-and-drop technique. Using the modulators, you can easily create driving rhythmic effects that pulse in time with your music—without hassling with complicated external sidechain routing. Drag the square wave LFO’s virtual cable to the expander’s Threshold control to transform a static synth pad into a dynamic staccato keyboard part synched to your song’s tempo. Animate a lifeless synth track by patching Zip’s sawtooth LFO to the compressor’s Ratio knob, creating a Big Room EDM-style ducking effect that makes the synth swell in sync with the kick drum. Route the 16th-note Step Sequencer to Zip’s output gain to turn the plugin into a punchy Trance gate. Create a classic tremolo effect by patching the sine wave LFO to Zip’s output gain. The creative possibilities are endless.

For the final touch, Zip’s Color control lets you apply warm saturation, bright phase-modulated distortion, mangling bitcrushing or any of four 2-pole filters at the plugin’s output. Dial in a little bit of the vivid Contrast effect to fatten up female vocals and make drums pop. Two of Zip’s 2-pole filters are modulated by Analysis modes; use them in Noisiness mode on a synth track to make note attacks whipsaw its timbre. Patch Zip’s LFOs to the Color knob to create tempo-synched filter sweeps and pulsating distortion on guitar and keyboard tracks. Zip sculpts both dynamics and tone.

Smashing drums, supersizing vocals, and transforming a boring pad into a Trance anthem—Zip does it all!


•Unique Analysis modes and state-of-the-art modulation system turn Zip’s compressor and expander into tools for creating riveting effects and solving difficult audio challenges
•Six Analysis modes—Amplitude, Quietness, Brightness, Darkness, Noisiness and Tonalness—make Zip’s processors react more to signal level, frequency content or noise
•Four Envelope Styles—Classic, Goopy, Quick and Extreme—modify Zip’s attack and release curves, providing a selection of four differently behaving compressor/expanders in one plugin
•Unfiltered Audio’s flagship automatable modulation system provides eight different internal modulators and a patch to an external ROLI Lightpad, all patchable—up to six modulators at once—to most of Zip’s controls
•Modulators include Sine, Sawtooth/Triangle and Square LFOs; Input Follower; Macro Control; Sample and Hold Noise; Step Sequencer; ROLI Lightpad; and Gain Reduction
•Continuously variable Color control provides post-dynamics processing in seven modes, respectively offering phase-modulated distortion, soft saturation, bitcrushing, and four 2-pole pass filters (two of which feature cutoffs modulated by Zip’s Analysis modes)
•Internal and external sidechains are equipped with High Pass and Low Pass filters and an Audition button for hearing the signal the detector acts on
•Controls for wet/dry mix (for parallel compression), lookahead (affecting both sidechains), switchable peak or RMS detection, and automatic makeup gain
•Informative real-time display graphically depicts the current threshold, ratio and knee, and shows multi-colored traces for sidechain, output and gain reduction levels

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  Contributor 2.11.2014 1686 9214
  Contributor 11.10.2014 592 4378
  Resident 5.12.2012 758 16080
  Member 1.09.2015 438 1542
  Resident 1.10.2013 4690 9356
  Member 27.08.2017 69
  Banned 3.08.2012 75 17887
  Member 4.07.2014 5 40
More PluginAlliance PLEASE!!!
  Resident 9.03.2013 180
Unfiltered Audio are geniuses. Compression, Unfiltered style. Thanks for sharing!
  Resident 3.01.2011 1 3644
It looks like V.R. is the new Team Air for Windows PC users
  Member 27.08.2017 69
They are rapidly improving. And release like VPS Avenger showed everyone that they are a talented group.
  Member 22.12.2015 145
True that and lets cross fingers for amazing surprising Xmas 2017 releases. Never know
  Member 27.08.2017 69
Team V.R ..... Please leave something for R2R to release on christmas...
  Member 20.12.2015 63
quote by Dyson SphereTeam V.R ..... Please leave something for R2R to release on christmas...

Seriously... I was just about to post a comment on TEAM V.R
Team VR you are on fire !! I really like those no keygen/serial installs
  Resident 19.08.2014 3 181
Great! V.R is the best team nowadays. Period.

Oh, and +1 for more PA plugins, specially Brainworks.

Thanks so much!
  Member 2.05.2016 73
What a amazing release!! Thank you VR!!
  Resident 28.08.2016 15 51
Nice product name, seems like a marketing strategy. Wondering if RARLab is preparing something to arrive at the audio software industry ...

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