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Software » Mac OSX
Nomad Factory Magnetic II v2.1.0 AU VST Mac OSX-Xdb screenshot
Mac OSX | Team Xdb | 11.28 MB

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MAGNETIC II - Reel-to-Reel Audio Tape Warmer

Nomad Factory introduces MAGNETIC II, a Reel-to-Reel Audio Tape Warming effect that gives your tracks the elusive vintage tape sound which your ears crave. This effect can inject sterile audio with the warmth and character of classic tube circuitry and analog tape saturation.

The plug-in features pure analog reel-to-reel tape speeds, tape/tube saturation and tape color effects, as well as a dedicated vintage style EQ and a built in Boost mastering section. The result is a creamy, warm sound that can only be achieved by MAGNETIC II.

Never before has such a great sounding plug-in effect been so easy to use! At first touch, the plug-in’s interface is modern, simple, and extremely user-friendly which instantly allows you to dial in usable sounds.

MAGNETIC II can be used in many different musical ways. Try using it on individual tracks to add subtle warmth and tape color to your drums or use it to create a filtered cassette AM-radio effect on a vocal. But that’s not all… when used on the master bus, MAGNETIC II can warm your entire mix and “boost” it up to broadcast level. It’s just like having a 30+ year old reel-to-reel tape machine at your fingertips, without all the maintenance costs.


- We included 9 TAPE MODELS that give you the authentic sound
of the famous vintage tape machines:

* Otari MX-80 2-inch 24-track
* Otari MTR-90 2-inch 24-track
* Ampex MM1200 2-inch 24-track
* Ampex ATR-102 half-inch two-track
* Tascam ATR60-16 1-inch 16-track
* Studer A80 Mk II 2-inch 24-track
* Studer A827 2-inch 24-track
* Studer A820 2-inch 24-track
* MCI JH24 2-inch 24-track

To engage the new Real Tape Model mode, simply turn the Reel Speed knob between 1 and 30 and it will activate the selector buttons on the left.

Wow & Flutter Knob:
Turning the Reel Speed knob between 1 and 30 also activates the Wow & Flutter knob which gives you the irregularities in the playback speed of analog recordings

Magnetic Tape Color:
When the Reel Speed knob is set to DASH, this engages the original Magnetic Tape-Color sound. Any other Reel Speed Knob setting allows you to select between different Tape Model modes, including Magnetic.

RTAS Plug-In added - please test!. PiRAT

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  Resident 10.12.2008 5 711
Ciao Boss Kook,
thanks and good holiday with cassata and cannoli!!! tongue

> Xdb wink
 - ElMoreno plays LogicX on Mac - 
  Resident 12.11.2010 163
Thank You Kook and team Xdb! I will test soon. wink
  Resident 26.04.2012 176
its a little glitchy but its good,,
Dirty Electro is my life & No one can take that a way from me !
  Resident 5.02.2012 749
Senior Kook, como siempre! Fenomenal! wink


  Banned 14.05.2011 806 3879
Senior Kook, como siempre! Fenomenal! wink

Gracias a Xdb! Yo solamente hago los "uploads" y las imagenes con los paquetitos! yes

  Resident 5.02.2012 749
Yo solamente hago los "uploads" y las imagenes con los paquetitos!

Y por eso te dejo las gracias! buen trabajito!

  Banned 14.05.2011 806 3879
Vale lisapower! mates

AlbertoDDLeon Productor – este Senor tienes unos videos muy buenos!
Que los disfrute.
  Resident 5.02.2012 749

Dejo El Logic por el Pro Tools, que pena. Pero buen Tutorial

  Resident 16.12.2010 12 1158
Pero bueno, que esta pasando aqui ? wow

Es que este 'Nomad Factory Magnetic II' es unicamente disponible
en lengua espanola, y por supuesto hace hablar sus usuarios
unicamente en espanol ? dunno
O es el modelo especial 'Flamenco', con aceite de oliva, chorizo
y jamon de pata negra !!!

rofl rofl rofl

P.S: Pero siguen faltando las orejas y el rabo del toro...
al menos que esta vez, sea el mismo el vencedor ! tongue
  Banned 14.05.2011 806 3879
Estaras al dia de todas las novedades del verdadero Audio PRO Internacional!

wow Ojala – Studio 555 tambien de origen hispanica?
Pero que pasa aqui??? Saludos wink
  Member 29.06.2011 537
Thank you!
Thought I would let you know the Rapidshare links are not working Kook. wink
  Resident 22.05.2011 478
Fav among the fabs!
  Resident 29.04.2012 921
THX Kookaboo for sharing phones
  Resident 12.10.2010 132
vst crashes ableton, au works though
  guest -- 0
Buen upload wink
  guest -- 0
THANKS!!!! rofl
  Resident 6.01.2012 242

gracias amigo.

viva espana
  Resident 15.08.2012 1062
xdb you rock, could you guys PLEASSSSSE crack the RTAS, the AU VST have no use for Pro Tools 10 thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Resident 5.08.2011 945
Rapidshare not working and there's no no Thankx anyway Kook and XdB!!
Kiss my big fat umbrella!!
  Resident 16.12.2010 12 1158
@ Smilesdavis,

could you guys PLEASSSSSE crack the RTAS, the AU VST have no use for Pro Tools 10

And what about to try to find a solution in place to always asking for more... particularly when a 'Team' is kind enough to provide us (for FREE !) a version, even if it's not at the full convenience of everyone...

For the solution, simply check the following program. It can certainly solve most of the problems that you have when no 'RTAS' versions are available for you :

FXpansion VST to RTAS Adapter v2.1

Moreover, it's available for both Windows & MAC OSX Operating Systems...

  Banned 14.05.2011 806 3879
RTAS added - please test if working + when necessary report. wink

  guest -- 0
Kok, RTAS crashs on PTHD9.1.3
  Resident 11.01.2012 214
crashes maschine on mac. logic works good though :)
  guest -- 0
I used this installer, but the plugin does not appear to show up in either logic pro or ableton live. I can't find the component file in my plugins directory either. I'm running Leopard 10.5.8. Anyone else have similar issues? Maybe the plugin is installed with a strange name?

Thanks for any help! headbang
  guest -- 0
enjoyed the blue tubes, cheers for this wink
  guest -- 0
Thank you. I just tried it works fine. Be careful. It will be noticed in your mix if you don't use it wisely.
  Resident 14.03.2013 33

hey guys does this plugin work fine with RTAS - Protools - or does this package have RTAS PLUGINS dance

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