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Samples, multi-libraries
CDSoundMaster R2R The Essential Analog Tape Collection for Nebula 3 screenshot
CDSoundMaster R2R The Essential Analog Tape Collection for Nebula 3
R2R contains a virtual living museum of reel to reel analog tape recorders ranging from early tube designs to popular consumer favorites, to some of the finest machines ever made!

- 170 analog tape programs for Nebula.
- Recreated tape machines: Struder A800 MKIII, Otari MTR-10, Struder Revox B77 Pro, Wollensak 1515, Lafayette Radio RK-142, Sony TC-640, Akai 4000DS MKII, - -TEAC W-6004 Dual Cassette.
- Tapes used: Ampex/Quantegy Grand Master 456, Ampex 499, ATR, Scotch 206, Scotch 290, Scotch 111, Sony PR-150, Maxell UD-3590, Maxell UD-XL-3590B, Maxell XLII.
- Various tape speed settings for specific models recorded.

Enjoy R2R..."Reel to REAL!"

Reuploaded. PiRAT

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audioz mirror
http://http://peeplink.in/c5955aabfbc8 Peeplink password: 7WsGsoH|


  Member 12.02.2013 2 44
phones phones phones


  Resident 16.07.2012 277
LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL angry tongue keys phones phones phones damn
wow wow

With nebula releases, a new era has begun in audio warez! thanks horseman
  Resident 11.02.2012 472
Holy Shark Farts!!!
  guest -- 0
youhouhou headbang this one even more many thanx again lets nebulizing hehe
  guest -- 0
I dont see the programs when I load Nebula in my daw.I installed the files in the repository folder.What am I doing wrong?
  guest -- 0
So where can I download a working version of the Nebula VST that can load these?
  Resident 15.04.2012 1 58
Lord Gaga, you clearly don't understand Nebula. You should hit me with a PM, so I can help you figure out how to make it efficient. Once you've figured it out, it's easy-breezy and oh-so-beautiful, better than any "plugin" you could ever wish for.
  Resident 5.02.2012 749

Sorry to ask but, what kind of Nebula Plug-in can i use to get this library to work? i'm on Mac? a hint or a link would be great.

thank you for sharing!
  guest -- 0
My Nebula isnt seeing the files. Am I running the wrong version?
  Resident 16.07.2012 277
It works flawlessly. You have to copy the Programs and Vectors dirs in nebulatemprepository dir, as always.
To find out nebulatemprepository path just open the nebula xml file that is located together with your nebula plugin .dll (in vstplugins or whatever)
  guest -- 0
Thanx Manight..I think you solved it for me
  guest -- 0
which version of Nebula do I need to install on OSX to run this and where is the folder for library files located?
  Resident 16.12.2010 12 1158
@ Lisapower & Zendr,

What kind of Nebula Plug-in can i use to get this library to work? i'm on Mac?
which version of Nebula do I need to install on OSX to run this

Acustica Audio Nebula 3 Pro 1.3.505 VST OSX

will do the task for you... yes

Simply Google it as is : 'Acustica Audio Nebula 3 Pro 1.3.505 VST OSX',
and you'll find some links that I can't to stipulate here...
you know why ! wink
  Resident 5.02.2012 749

I already asked, not one give a answer! dunno
  Resident 16.12.2010 12 1158
@ Lisapower,

I already asked, not one give a answer! dunno

You have it just above your last comment ! wink
(It seems that's a problem of timing ! rofl )
  Resident 11.04.2012 121
This is basically it, taken from their website:

The Acustica Manifest

In these modern days of accessibility, virtually anything can be bought.

If you have money you simply buy something, and this sets you apart because you are able to amass more tools.

But Acustica has a different idea about the future: the true power is knowledge. When it comes to our tools, anyone with a little money can acquire them. Anybody with knowledge can see the value in them. So the difference between the average man and the rich man is minimized in respects to the tools that can be attained. They meet however on the common ground of knowledge. And now, only creativity, ability, and what one does with these tools are the barometer of difference.

We believe true richness is found in possessing knowledge.

Knowledge and hard work equates to wealth.

Here at Acustica, one can easily acquire amazing tools to prove that.

There is bunch of threads on GS, even the guy talks about it, everything comes down to that Nebula is always developing, it's not reliable, they don't want your money, use it and be part of their project or buy something else and move on, simply yes
  guest -- 0
Lord Gaga:
your words here are the best description for all that Nebula crap Ive ever heard so far!!! headbang

if Nebula is only half as good as hw nobody will ever buy hw then,not speaking about all modelling plugins... no
  Resident 19.10.2012 42
if you use nebula for eq'ing you never go back!
  guest -- 0
Wow EPIC release. Thanks funtime!!
  Resident 16.07.2012 277
Some signaltonoize/rhythminmind stuff is amazing smiledavis! I'm sure we'll see some releases here but I'll definitely buy some since they're really cheap too.

@Lord Gaga: have a listen here

ofc it's all shit youtube compressed but I'm confident you'll get an idea of what Nebula can do and how smooth it sounds. Check for other videos in their channel as well
  Resident 11.04.2012 121

+1 wink
  Resident 5.06.2012 54
Lord Gaga, Lisapower....
You are residents and should know how to find things.
Nevertheless, google is your friend in this case; I did too.
Although amazing, here and there, I use nebula very little....
Heads up !

  Resident 24.11.2012 133
IS this better than Kramer tape by waves????
  Resident 5.06.2012 54
Do a bit of research and use it here and there !
You'll see.
The downpart is that you need a huge amount of libs and in some cases, instances of it.
But it can do wonders on some tracks.
There is NO 'better than'...
It all happens between your ears.

And if you like it, buy it ...
I'm not totally convinced yet...
Because of the workability.
And the libs are a bit too huge.
But what I've heard so far on some tracks; it's pretty amazing.

P.S. I was talking about Nebula in general...
  Resident 24.10.2011 1 890
I was starting a long post to convince ppl to really TRY Nebula.
But not...it is your choice and your problem.

You don't have time to loose ?
Me too rofl
  Resident 5.06.2012 54
Thanx Pipotron2000 !!
You've said it all.

Lord Gaga, you are right too... Almost !
I was really impressed, but it is a hassle to use....
And I don't wanna download tons of those libs, same as for Kontakt...

I prefer to record the real deal.
Don't get me wrong; Nebula and kontakt are 2 different things.
Both useful, but to some extent...
  Resident 14.11.2008 7 91
Still nebula is one of the rare vst plugins that are using gpu accelerated calculations...amazing!

The user community is also gigantic as we now all can see!

Their "impulse responses" are in 96khz and above...wowowowowow

And its the only way you can emulate the probably best sounding console of the world:

The Everest C3 console: completely in tube technology without use of any semiconductors in the audio paths ...

the best for the best...doesn matter what other people are saying ...i give a fucking damn shit!

So please, this nebula library would really be worth a post ;)
  Member 31.08.2011 14
Is there a comprehensive manual for nebula somewhere in the net? I did search but only found some small papers (Gearslutz) and the faq at acustica's website... but no explanation for the setting. Especially information about running nebula with cuda would be helpful. I CAN enable some cuda-modes in nebula, but cpu consumption is not going down...
  guest -- 0
just tested and need to say the only feature this Nebula progs has common with real tape is the unbelievable amount of noise it creates...SNR is around -50 db which is actually even worse then with average casette recorder...but-apart from sonicaly neutral tape hiss Nebula creates inharmonic distortions similar to very loud aliasing...what gigabitic crap
  Resident 14.05.2012 92
Lord Gaga
Looks exactly like a Linux advertisement :

The "best" OS.
The cheapest one.
In constant development.
For "connoisseurs" only.
Be a part of our sect (or die).

As a result => 1% of market share.

That said, linux has its purposes yes

Back to topic, Nebula is basically the convolution reverb of virtual analog plugins.
No matter what, you're never gonna get the true guts of the hardware being mimicked.
Might as well use vsts whose algorithms are made from observation of sending test signals through the machine, its the same thing.

True modelling is way better for many reasons, stick with what you got.
Be the spark that will ignite the passion, teach the art of reverse-engineering to this generation.

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