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XLN Audio DS-10 Drum Shaper v1.0.3 MAC screenshot
09.01.2017 | AU/VST 32/64 | 22.22 MB
Transient shaping just for drums
New Natural and Smooth algorithms
MOJO tuned-transient processor

About DS-10 Drum Shaper
DS-10 is a transient shaper designed specifically for use with drums. The clutter-free interface lets you dial in just the right amount of punch in your drum mixes while three amazing algorithms provide great sounding results.

Our powerful MOJO processor lets you shape the transients in specially chosen frequency bands while leaving other bands unaffected, opening up a world of exciting sound design possibilities.

Unlike most other transient shaping products, the DS-10 Drum Shaper is built specifically for use with drums. By choosing to focus only on drums, we have been able to create a powerful plugin with a simple user interface that lets you tame transients and achieve perfectly punchy mixes in seconds.

DS-10 Drum Shaper has three modes of operation: Kick, Snare, and Bus. Each mode is tuned under-the-hood to help you get outstanding drum mixes with minimal fuss. Just select what kind of sounds you are passing through DS-10 and use the Attack and Sustain knobs to dial in sublime, punchy drum mixes.

Say goodbye to grainy and unnatural sounding transients. Our newly developed Natural algorithm provides artifact-free transient shaping, even when pushing your sound into extreme territories. To give you more options, we also include a Smooth algorithm with an extra-long release time giving you parallel compression-like results.

Finally, we include a Classic algorithm featuring the beloved transient shaper from Addictive Drums 2. This algorithm has a more raw sound that can get the popular "pumping" effect in your tracks.

With these three fantastic algorithms, you will have everything you need to make your drums shine.

This unique technology uses tuned transient shaping to achieve EQ and compression-like results in situations where traditional EQs and compressors would have limited benefit. This opens up a world of exciting sound design possibilities ranging from minimal polishing to extreme mangling.

MOJO works by letting you shape transients only in specific frequency bands of your track while leaving other frequencies bands and non-transients unaffected. This lets you control the low-end “tightness” of a kick drum, add or remove midrange “body” from a snare, or tune the high-frequency "presence" of a drum mix.


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Generic license is included to activate all XLN products (only works with patched binaries)

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  Member 17.12.2016 22
wow thanks , wish you all the best
  Member 2.02.2014 4 156
OMFG!! I Love you im gona try this in Logic X OSX 10.9.5 i hope it works #MacUserNeverForgotten

edit : it works perfect thanks i forgot u name but i remember you platensesoul you use to be call something eles in Audioz
  Resident 7.02.2014 13 1631
I am sooo happy "we" get these too!!...

THank so much plate!!!!!
Matt Damon... what a tool.
  Resident 12.03.2012 6 330
Thank you so much!
  Resident 20.11.2010 728
Thank you.
  Resident 6.08.2013 167
Really good plugin. Thanks!!!!!!
AudioZ State Of Mind
  Resident 29.10.2012 128
Super cool algorithms! Way better than most transient designers.. just sayin'
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  Member 2.09.2016 174
Yessssss. This one is same level of spl but much more options. The soft clip is incredible and for me the buss algorimt is a winner

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