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Software » Mac OSX
Digidesign Reel Tape Suite 8.0.3 TDM AS RTAS MAC OSX INTEL screenshot
Mac OSX | 36.25 MB
Avid brings the unmistakable warmth and punch of analog tape into the digital domain with Reel Tape Suiteв. This powerful collection of three plug-ins Reel Tapeв Saturation, Reel Tapeв Delay, and Reel Tapeв Flanger is designed to beef up your mixes and add that elusive magnetic vibe to your live sound, without the hassle of actually owning and operating a reel-to-reel tape machine.

Reel Tape Saturation models the inherent warmth of classic analog tape machines and tape formulations with astounding accuracy, instantly infusing your music with an authoritative old-school feel. Reel Tape Delay and Reel Tape Flanger duplicate electro-mechanical delay and flanging effects without cluttering your control room with large tape machines (or having to keep rewinding your echo tape), and give you real-time control over every nuance of these classic techniques.

These incredibly useful and easy-to-use plug-ins work with Pro Tools|HD Accel, Pro Tools LE, Pro Tools M-Powered, Avid Xpress, Avid Xpress DV, Avid DNA, and VENUE systems, and will become indispensable elements in your audio arsenal, whether you're mixing digital recordings or live sound.


Add the richness of analog tape recordings and tape effects to your digital recordings or live audio easily and realistically with Reel Tape Suiteв, a collection of three plug-ins to warm up digital sound. All of the plug-ins feature streamlined interfaces with intuitive controls that are easy to work with, day in and day out. Whether you're a professional audio mixer, musician, or live sound engineer, Reel Tape Suite brings the vintage sound of analog tape to digital audio while providing all the advantages of today's state-of-the-art digital effects processors.

Reel Tape Saturation

Re-create the classic analog recording experience. Reel Tapeв Saturation emulates the color characteristics, tape compression, and saturation effects of popular analog tape formulations, including the classic Ampex 456* and higher-output Quantegy GP9*. It also features carefully modeled characteristics from renowned tape machines such as the 3M M79* and Studer A800*. Enjoy full control over tape speed, hiss, bias, and calibration levels and forget about cotton swabs, rubbing alcohol, and razor blades!

* Bring the warmth and punch of analog tape color and saturation into the digital domain
* Phase and frequency response characteristics modeled from three types of analog tape machines
* Saturation effects modeled from two popular tape formulations
* Control the tape speed effect from 7.5 to 30 ips (inches per second)
* Noise controls adjust the amount of tape hiss
* Bias controls simulate the effect of under- or over-biasing the tape machine
* Cal Adjust control simulates the effect of three common calibration levels

* Avid Reel Tape plug-ins are not connected with, or approved or endorsed by, the owners of the 3M, Studer, Ampex, or Quantegy trademarks. These names are used solely to identify the products that were modeled to create the Reel Tape plug-ins.

Reel Tape Delay

Psychedelic, Dub, and Electro music styles are hotter than ever, and the warm, ear-pleasing sound of tape-based delay has never been more relevant. Reel Tapeв Delay emulates analog tape echo and delay effects with expertly modeled frequency response, noise, wow and flutter, and distortion characteristics. Reproduce fluctuations in tape speed both small and large. Even get the full effect of adjusting tape speed during the record/playback process. Delays are fully adjustable over a wide range, and because EQ and detailed level control are built into the echo/delay loop, the feedback controls allow you to dial-in a variety of effects, from tastefully subtle to over-the-top.

* Authentically modeled analog tape echo and delay effects
* Reproduce the fluctuations in tape speed
* Adjust delays from 93 ms to 1,486 ms (1-7/8 ips to 30 ips)
* Feedback control adjusts the amount of delayed output fed back into the input
* Wow & Flutter controls adjust tape speed fluctuation
* Bass and Treble controls in the echo/delay feedback loop allow for subtle to extreme feedback and saturation effects

Reel Tape Flanger

The reason why most flanger effects sound unconvincing is because the studio technique that they imitate is dependent on so many real-world factors. Reel Tapeв Flanger thoroughly models the tape flanging process and hardware characteristics, and provides an arsenal of controls for shaping the output in real time. The results are as close as you can get to the real thing and a lot easier to use! The sonic characteristics of frequency response, noise, wow and flutter, and distortion are captured in detail and applied to a variety of tape speed and delay control options. Infamously difficult manual flange and artificial double-tracking (ADT) techniques are simple to re-create. Simply adjust the variable delay manually (or use the LFO and Depth controls) and listen to the captivating frequency sweep and crossover cancellation effects heard on so many classic recordings. You also get easy access to tape speed fluctuation and feedback controls.

* Accurately reproduce analog tape machine flanging
* Adjustable speed control allows for manual flanging and artificial double-tracking effects
* Feedback control adjusts the amount of flanged output fed back into the input
* Wow & Flutter controls adjust tape speed fluctuation
* LFO Rate and Depth settings control the speed and depth of the flanging effect

System Requirements

OSX 10.5.8 and newer
Pro Tools HD 8.0.x
HD Accel rig (for TDM version only)

Crack Notes

Cracked using XVX unpacer tool
ReelTape Saturation version is 8.0.0 (latest available), others are 8.0.3

Installation Notes

Unpack, mount dmg, install
Replace plug-ins in Library/Application Support/Digidesign/Plug-Ins/ with the unpaced ones

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