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Software, Windows
Blue Cat Audio - Blue Cats Connector v1.1 VST2 VST3 x64-Articstorm screenshot
10. May 2022 | Windows | VST2/VST3 x64 | 48MB
Have you ever dreamt to overcome the limitations of your favorite DAW and draw virtual audio and MIDI cables between any places that accept plug-ins?

Have you ever been frustrated not to be able to create feedback loops with plug-ins?

What about connecting multiple applications together, on different computers?

The wait is over! Blue Cat's Connector lets you do all of this, and more! It can stream audio and MIDI data in real time, between any locations that accepts plug-ins: one or several applications, on one or several machines connected to a network.

With precise buffering control, you can achieve the lowest possible latencies: down to 0 samples, when used in a single application.

Its built-in resampling and drift compensation algorithms let you create seamless connections between locations with different sample rates and unsynchronized master clocks: it just works!
V1.1 (2022/05/10)
New MIDI activity meter for send and receive.
Free Windows ASIO slave driver for Connector: install the driver and use it in any ASIO-compatible app. Connect with the Connector plug-in anywhere and stream audio to and from the app directly.
Fixed burst noise that could be heard randomly upon first reception.
Fixed unexpected 1 sample-latency upon reception.
VST3: fixed parameters update issues in some host applications.
V1.0 (2022/01/20)
First version
As usual no patched AAX and x32 plugin versions. Hope R2R can bring untouched AAX!

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Added Changelog. Olymoon

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  Resident 8.07.2021 464
Excellent work, Articstorm, thanks a lot!

(oh, and thanks a million for uploaded!)
I'm alive!!! :D Isn't it astounding??? ;)
  Member 29.12.2017 82
Why can't make a converter that makes AAX usable in a regular daw?
  Member 3.08.2015 143
This little plugin is game changing for real, it makes routing much simpler and intuitive.
  Resident 9.12.2015 4 331
why no patched x32 version?
  Contributor 3.05.2011 595 3964
Because i am lazy and 32bit is outdated. use jbridge.
If you want to supply something, you can. PM is open for that.
  Resident 17.06.2016 1 514

the Demo Fixed VST, VST3, AAX x64

the fix is the same in all format, you can also patch the AAX, even without protools installed to make a check.
this one works with PT 12 Audio Utopia
  Member 24.10.2021 1 33
Hi all. Would I be able to load 32bit Genesis Pro into C12 with this?
  Resident 24.10.2011 1 912
Use jBridge for that
  Member 24.10.2021 1 33
Hee hee. I just installed jBridge. It works fine. Still, I am curious what Connector can be used for. I guess I don't need it, but gosh darn, it's so pretty!
  Resident 26.01.2019 16 1210
All other Blue Cat Audio plugins (apart from boddule's one personal release and the other Artic release!) on AZ are titled otherwise !

This should be titled Blue Cat Audio Blue Cats Connector or will be missing in a search for Blue Cat Audio products !
Admittedly, if someone only searches for Blue Cats Connector they will find it.

Please let's not start another F9 Audio F9 Origins situation.
  Moderator 21.01.2012 1774 14014
Right, title changed. Please, next time report directly to me or to PiRAT
  Contributor 3.05.2011 595 3964
Okay, i didnt think about that, will consider next time.
If you want to supply something, you can. PM is open for that.
  Resident 29.05.2011 1 379
This is a great plugin and I'm sure many will find it useful, however I tried it as a way to offload plugins to a slave computer. While it does work, Audiogridder works much better for this specific application.
  Member 13.11.2020 23
dude what are you an audio gridder promoter? Nothing against audio gridder but i set it up on my mac and it never did work, however i was using a modded out version to get windows plugins to work on mac

so to be fair i am in fact going to install this here little jem and audio gridder and will report my findings on the forum so look for the post in the next couple of days to see my findings as there are the cargo cult, and some other windows only plugs i would love to use and offsetting dsp would be fabulous as I am even on a 1st generation m1 hurting for processing power

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