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Software, Windows, Mac OSX
Denise Audio poltergate v1.0.0 Regged [WIN REPACK MacOSX]-FLARE screenshot
Team FLARE | 13 November 2021 | WiN: 7.38 MB | MacOSX: 10.0 MB

Sound shaping from beyond
poltergate fuses the powers of transient design, gating and de-bleeding into one. Shape live drums, samples or any source you like in a swift, creative and intuitive way. Achieve better noise reduction, instrument separation and de-bleeding in a plugin optimised for power, fast results and creativity.

Creative Looping
Use the poltergate creatively thanks to its extended feature set and go a bit crazy if you want to! For example, use the EQ graph and spike to target whatever instrument you would like to use in a sampled loop. Then set the release to sync the tempo and even automate it to create rhythmic effects, using the curve feature to tweak the feel of it. Then, with the dynamics section, exaggerate the attack or the fat, even going into clipping territory to turn it into something really different.

poltergate your kick
Save time by shaping your kick quickly and in a simple flow. Watch how handy it is to have the side-chain EQ and de-bleeder at hand.

Bleed shall not pass!
We created our own de-bleeding algorithm to achieve the precision we wanted. With just three intuitive knobs, you can keep the bleed out while preserving both the punch and the resonance of the drum. It’s triggered by the same threshold as the gate, so you can save time by adjusting both the gate and the de-bleeder at once rather than separately. Takes care of that cymbal spill and low end rumble on toms like nothing else.

Full control over your dynamics
The dynamics tab combines limiting, clipping & transient shaping. Exaggerate the attack or punch, even going into clipping territory to turn it into something really different.

REPACK Notes: Fixed installer not installing the included presets on Windows.

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Added Windows REPACK. Flare

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  Member 2.04.2018 67
Very powerful tool. Done really well.

Great share... thank you very much.

Worth the purchase... imho
  Member 25.03.2014 7 733
Do you have presets?didnt show here, studio one5 win10....i think that presets are very useful for this one
  Resident 26.01.2019 16 1280
It's a shaper.
Why would, or could, it even have any presets at all? lol
  Member 1.11.2020 30
If you look at the picture below are the presets
h2o - Try before buy ! My all Time Favorite Team !
  Resident 26.01.2019 16 1280
I know now. I'm on macOS, but it had to be repacked for WiN for the presets.
I didn't imagine it would have any presets anyway!
My mistake.
  Member 3.06.2021 1 99
OMG, thanks for Mac version!
  Member 11.01.2021 40
No presents showing in Live 11 Win 10 either
  Member 25.03.2014 7 733
yeap...hope this can be fix
  Resident 26.01.2019 16 1280
quote by Razielyeap...hope this can be fix

Not a bug.
  Member 31.05.2021 18 68
Picture shows a preset in the bottom (Gated Snare) So presets are missing, but it's not a big deal, I'm sure flare will fix it and if not we can still get by without them.
  Member 4.07.2020 22
Hi, it was a bug and it's now been fixed by Flare with an update.
  Member 13.09.2021 53
Clever name I'll give em that.
  Member 6.03.2016 127
muchas gracias amigo!
  Member 13.01.2021 16
do you make gabber with this wan?
  Member 31.05.2021 18 68
Denise is making unbelievable products!
  Member 25.03.2014 7 733
Big thanks to Flare for the presets instaler fix
  Member 5.10.2021 7 106
Windows version works perfect
Mac version asking for registration. No Go.
Big Sur 11.6
FL Studio 20.8.4

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