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Sonica Japanese Taiko Percussion v9.2.32926 for Ableton Live v9.x-DVT screenshot
Team DVT | Feb 19 2016 | 1.31 GB
A collection of Japanese taiko sounds that perfectly captures the epic thunder, majesty, and subtlety of these massive traditional drums.

The rush and impact of Japanese taiko is finally available for Ableton Live.

Taiko, Japan's famous traditional drums, are growing in popularity around the world due to the emergence of taiko groups and their spectacular live performances. Sonica Instruments has packaged the heart-stopping low end, bombastic volumes, dynamic rhythms and unmistakable sound of five taiko percussion instruments in an impeccably recorded and crafted library. Performed by Ikki Hino, famed for his intricate taiko stickwork, and produced by sound creator and composer Tomzuin H, Japanese Taiko Percussion gives the curious musician and sound producer access to a vivid, unexplored world of percussive expressions.

Perfect reproduction of five traditional Japanese instruments — an ohdaiko (large taiko about 108 centimeters in diameter), a chudaiko (mid-sized taiko at about 60 centimeters in diameter), two varieties of shimedaiko (smaller taiko, a mere 40 centimeters round), and a kane (a hand cymbal)
Four-channel recording of each instrument with two direct microphones and an overhead stereo microphone for maximum mixing flexibility
Extensive range of essential taiko articulations in addition to regular hits for virtually endless expressive possibilities
Left and right hits recorded separately at up to 47 velocity layers each (total of 94 velocity layers)
Left and right hits assigned to different keys to give a genuine sense of playing the taiko on a keyboard
Collection of performers' calls and shouts
More than 1,000 original MIDI grooves performed by Ikki Hino

For all musical tastes
Taiko may be traditional but their sound is both contemporary and timeless. There is no other percussive instrument with its passion, pluck and power that can turn heads with a single beat. Japanese Taiko Percussion can add an evocative spice to movie soundtracks, ad scores, rock, hip-hop, house, techno, ambient, experimental or any other musical style.

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