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FXpansion Japanese Taiko Percussion HYBRID HAPPY NEW YEAR-R2R screenshot
R2R | 1.1.2014 | 2.19 GB
Traditional Taiko
Taiko groups have wowed audiences the world over with their visually arresting performances, earth-rumbling bass, pure percussive volume, dynamics, and rhythm. The unmistakable taiko sound has also gained acceptance in many applications far removed from traditional Japanese music. And yet the taiko — the king of Japanese traditional instruments — has been missing from the ranks of professional sound libraries. SONICA Instruments at last brings you the sound of the taiko in a carefully crafted FXpansion BFD2.1 library.

Taiko Performance
Japanese Taiko Percussion is the result of a fruitful collaboration between two creative forces. The taiko were played by Ikki Hino, leader of Wataiko Ikki, a taiko performance group that has toured the globe. Ikki’s unparalleled stick work lends stunning definition and character to every taiko beat.

The sounds of Taiko
The sound library was produced by Tomzuin H, a sound creator and composer who has been responsible for such professional sampling libraries as the FUEL series. Working from a meticulously laid-out plan with a focus on taiko ensemble playing, Tomzuin H painstakingly recorded and produced the Japanese Taiko Percussion expansion pack.
Uncompromising performances, recording, and authoring have led to a sound library that perfectly captures the real energy and quality of taiko.

Reuploaded. PiRAT

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Mr. C
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Then what's a Taikonaut?

  Member 7.01.2014 1
Hi everyone, i need help. I downloaded it, mounted it, installed it and moved what's in the play load folder to the places where it is meant to be (i believe). I scanned my library from BFD2 (official one) and then NO KIT PIECES ARE AVALAIBLE.
Has someone succeeded, and how ? Thank you very much.
  Member 22.01.2014 17
Same here, don't work on mac. I tried the installer but only grooves are installed, no kit pieces.
I added manually but no joy...
Help is appreciated. ;)
  Member 22.01.2014 17
Find a way :)
Open package installer as it shows its contents then go to MacOS and launch the installer which open a terminal. Then the installation window will open and thats it you can install it full.
Hope it helps

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