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FANTASTiC August 10 2016 | 46.2 GB
CineStrings SOLO is a deeply sampled solo strings virtual instrument recorded at the world famous MGM Scoring Stage at Sony Pictures Studios in Los Angeles. The patches contain some of the most realistic True Legato ever created for soloistic string writing.

CineStrings SOLO was recorded at the world famous MGM Scoring Stage at Sony Pictures Studios in Los Angeles. Recorded and mixed by veteran legend Dennis Sands, the CineStrings SOLO Library enhances our essential CORE collection with masterful performances and recordings of some of the greatest LA scoring musicians. This collection will function as an exceptional cinematic voice of its own in your sound palette. An expressly composer-friendly solo string library, CineStrings SOLO is intuitive, versatile and complements its predecessors beautifully in both usability and sound.

As with all CineSymphony libraries, the CineStrings SOLO library does not require you to purchase any additional sample playback software, and is licensed to work with the Native Instrument’s free Kontakt Player. All you need is a sequencer like Logic, Cubase, Digital Performer, LIVE, Pro Tools, Cakewalk, or even Apple GarageBand and you’ll be up and running. You can also use CineStrings SOLO with your favorite notation software such as Sibelius or Finale.


Cinestrings SOLO, as with our other “Cine” series libraries, has a very intuitive and easy to use graphic interface with quickly selectable presets that can help you write, program and mix. You can tailor these settings to your specific practices. The Mapping page can quickly set you up for velocity, key-switching or MIDI continuous controller (CC) articulation switching. Our Mixer page allows you to quickly access our Full mix or the three other microphone positions. The Settings page allows for advanced control over each of these patches for sound design, programming and other useful features.


CineStrings SOLO features deeply sampled solo patches for:

  • Violin 1
  • Violin 2
  • Viola
  • Cello
  • Bass

    Articulations include:

  • Standard and Espressivo sustains with smooth dynamics
  • Standard and Espressivo seamless legatos
  • Spiccato @ 5-6xRR @ p through f
  • Staccato @ 2-4xRR @ p through f
  • Marcato @ 2-3xRR
  • Pizzicato @ 5xRR @ p through f

    Extra Articulations include:

  • Violin 1, Violin 2, Viola - Short Spiccato @ 5xRR
  • Violin 2, Viola, Bass - Bartok Pizzicato @ 3xRR
  • Violin 1, Violin 2, Viola - Tremolos @ p to f

    Cinesamples CineStrings Solo KONTAKT screenshot


    Our basic Articulations Patches by default include Spiccato, Staccato, Marcato, Legato (Standard and Espressivo), and Sustains. Some instruments also include Short Spiccato.

    What is True Legato? We sampled all of the intervalic leaps throughout the ranges, upwards and downwards, for each instrument. When you play a True Legato patch, it instantly analyzes the intervals you play, then plays the appropriate transitional leap between the notes. The result is a smooth and realistic legato performance.

    Some instruments include additional articulations such as Tremolo and Bartok Pizzicato (the string is snapped back onto the fingerboard), and Vibrato Crossfade.

    The Vibrato Crossfade (CC2) patches also function similarly to the True Legato patches, with the additional functionality of being able crossfade between the standard (STD) sustain and the espressivo (ESP) (more vibrato) sustain styles at any point using MIDI parameter CC#2. This added flexibility allows you to mix and match a STD legato transition with an ESP sustain, or an ESP legato transition with a STD sustain, all in realtime while playing.

    We have included every articulation as separate patches. They are derived from the master articulation patches and allow you to save memory space, for example, if you only need a Spiccato and a Sustain patch. While this may increase your track count, many composers choose to have several patches loaded and switch via track instead of keyswitch or velocity.

    Main Patches

  • 01 Violin 1 Articulations
  • 02 Violin 1 True Legato
  • 03 Violin 1 Pizzicato
  • 04 Violin 2 Articulations
  • 05 Violin 2 True Legato
  • 06 Violin 2 Pizzicato
  • 07 Viola Articulations
  • 08 Viola True Legato
  • 09 Viola Pizzicato
  • 10 Cello Articulations
  • 11 Cello True Legato
  • 12 Cello Pizzicato
  • 13 Bass Articulations
  • 14 Bass True Legato
  • 15 Bass Pizzicato

    Extra Patches

  • 16 Chamber Ensemble Articulations
  • 17 Chamber Ensemble Sustains
  • 18 Chamber Ensemble Pizzicato
  • 19 Chamber Ensemble Legato (Small)
  • 20 Chamber Ensemble Legato (Large)
  • 21 Violin 2 Bartok Pizzicato
  • 22 Viola Bartok Pizzicato
  • 23 Bass Bartok Pizzicato
  • 24 Violin 1 Tremolo
  • 25 Violin 2 Tremolo
  • 26 Viola Tremolo
  • 27 Violin 1 Vibrato Crossfade (CC2)
  • 28 Viola Vibrato Crossfade (CC2)
  • 29 Cello Vibrato Crossfade (CC2)
  • 30 Bass Vibrato Crossfade (CC2)



    CineStrings SOLO's True Legato patches feature a brand new adaptive legato engine, built from the ground up. This new engine features extra interface controls, allowing you to tailor the legato response to your own playing style. The legato script in CineStrings SOLO is designed to respond musically to your performance. The engine detects your playing speed and intelligently adjusts the interval speed to match. This means you can play slow, expressive lines and fast runs in a single performance, without touching the speed dial. Additionally, the intensity parameter responds to velocity.

    What is "True Legato"? True Legato means that we sampled all of the intervalic leaps throughout the ranges, both upwards and downwards, for each instrument. When you play a True Legato patch, it instantly analyses the intervals you play, then plays the appropriate transitional leap between the notes. The result is a smooth and realistic legato performance.


    CineStrings SOLO also includes very versatile 'Chamber Ensemble' patches (Articulations and Legato). These patches map the instruments across a single keyboard, the ranges of which can be adjusted on the SETTINGS tab of the user interface.


    CineStrings Solo includes a brand new mapping area that allows for greater flexibility in customizing composer workflows.

    The new mapping system allows for articulations to be blended together, using polyphonic keyswitching or overlapping velocity/CC ranges. This allows for even more flexibility for tailoring CineStrings SOLO to your individual needs. For example, you could combine a Marcato articulation with a Spiccato for a harsh attack. You may add articulations using the + Add Articulation + button and subtract articulations using the X on the right. The Accent Overlay control layers an additional articulation (Marcato, Staccato, Spiccato) over the attack of sustains. Turning on ACCENTED LEGATO adds this layer to the legato transitions.


    After much experimentation, we've determined that a smoothly connected bow-change style of legato yields the best results when implemented into our system of creating realistic legato instruments. We auditioned many transitions and this is the best sounding. While there are other approaches to legato, the results of those did not meet our standards. Our goal is to create something easy to use and playable right out of the box. We found a balance between flexibility and realism, which may not encompass every type of transition. The bow change legato is the most realistic sounding for our method of recording.

  • Kontakt Player 5.3.1 or higher
  • Kontakt (Player) 5.3.1 supports: Stand-alone, VST®, Audio Units, RTAS®
  • AAX® (Pro Tools® 11 and higher), ASIO, Core Audio®, WASAPI
  • Native 64-bit support for stand-alone and plug-in versions on both Mac & PC
  • CineStrings SOLO is compatible with all major DAWs and with other music notation software.

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      Member 7.12.2015 24
    the Comment has been Removed
      Resident 10.09.2012 8 1319
    Great stuff...

    I was producing a gangsta rap. I will use this for creating outro melody line for my gangsta rap song....
      guest -- 0
    You're Brazilian Aren't you?
      Member 12.03.2012 168
    FANTASTIC !!!!!! you are FANTASTIC !
      Resident 16.03.2014 3 119
    FANTASTIC !!!!! !!!!! !!!!! You made my day!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Brilliant Library
      Member 26.04.2013 22
    Damn, these demo tracks sound amazing. Thanks!
      Member 5.06.2016 70
    I am just wondering, Cinesamples is not watermarking their products or is it?
      Resident 15.09.2011 1 2781
    I can't hear any water sounds in there.
    "The real hopeless victims of mental illness are to be found among those who appear to be most normal." - Aldous Huxley, Brave New World Revisited
      Resident 21.04.2014 1458
    Solo instruments from any type are always welcome, this year we have had many stringed ones, like wonderful violins and cellos:
    ARIA Sound - London Solo Cello, Fluffy Audio Trio Broz Solo Cello and Chris Hein Solo Violin.
      Member 31.07.2014 76
    I would not consider most of Aria sounds professional or even usable. I'm deciding to buy this or Berlin, hopefully we see solo berlin strings up here soon so I can properly choose
      guest -- 0
    Thank you!!!!

    Happy "Yama no hi" (As it started?)
    You gotta FUCKIN love this place!
      Member 6.06.2016 5
      Resident 14.08.2012 2 316
    wow wow wow and big wow
      Resident 23.08.2011 1 236
    Really sounds awesome!
    FANTASTiC is my hero!
      Member 17.10.2013 372
    Filefactory? :( Why not this time?
      Resident 21.06.2013 567
    Minimal Specs:
    PC: Windows 7® (32/64 Bit), Intel® Core Duo 2 GHZ or AMD Athlon 64, 6GB RAM
    Mac: OS X 10.7 or higher, Intel® Core Duo 2 GHz, 6 GB RAM
    Minimum of 50 GB Hard Drive Space on 7200rpm drive. During the installation process, you'll need an additional 50 GB of space.

    Recommended Specs:
    PC: Windows 7®/8® (64 Bit) Intel® i7 (4th Generation) 3+ Ghz or AMD FX93xx 8- Core, 24 GB RAM
    Mac: OS X 10.7+, Intel® i7 (4th Generation) 3+ Ghz (or 2010 Mac Pro 12-Core) 24+ GB RAM
    8 GB RAM is recommended for the Full-mix sample sets
    We highly recommend having SSDs run these samples. You will need 50 GB of free space. During the installation process, you'll need an additional 50 GB of space.
      Member 4.08.2015 40 511
    YES! I was waiting for this one!
      Resident 26.12.2012 183
    graet library great sounding.but sound very classical and cant use inteaad mid-east string like persian or arabic.but it steel sound very good. tanks
    buy good stuff to support good devlopers!
      Member 18.07.2016 26
    Before trying this out I'd like to know if the R2R keygen has already profiled this library... Or we have to use earlier UNLOCKED versions to run this? Thanks
      Member 17.10.2013 372
    I know right?
    I hate that R2R is not only cracking Kontakt on a library by library basis. Why change things now? It's been working fine. I just use the fully unlocked one like before. Not worth headaches with new libraries.
      Member 28.10.2015 277
    Como me mola encontrar los regalos que le hacen a este tipo en forma de lo último en sonido, que prohiba mirrors para llevárselo todo él y después descargarlo todo gratis en otro sitio. Sigue así chavalote.
      Moderator 21.01.2012 1302 12139
    A quien te refieres?
      Resident 20.02.2011 1034

    A real pain to be frankly .... same as usual: script sucks and hard to do anything really serious with! Must have cost CS a lot of money recording this one and I really can´t understand why they´re doing so little with scripting!

    Down the drain
    You can't have everything; where would you put it?
      Resident 26.04.2015 1 494
    the Comment has been Removed
      Resident 20.02.2011 1034
    Strange when you consider how well small developers like Embertone can make so much more out of their effords script wise..... only Kontakt orch devs I consider worther than CS is Sonokinetic!

    Dont know much about Voxos 2 of obvious reasons
    You can't have everything; where would you put it?
      Member 31.07.2014 76
    Spitfire? 8dio (sometimes) :)
      Member 12.05.2015 297
    Thank you so much Fantastic!!!
      Member 9.12.2014 157
    Loads of data - and really convincing sounds, but - too bad - no dynamics except for the pizzicato samples, most of the samples sound too long after key release. Conclusion: usability is very limited … too bad … thank you anyway!
      Resident 20.11.2013 141
    Amazing, thank you. I'm looking forward to trying this out.

    Forgive me if this is the wrong place to ask this question. Can't seem to open lib. I added via Kontakt (5.5.1 Unlocked on MAC) yet keep getting the "Your new library needs to be added....." error. This despite the fact I'm looking at the TAB in Kontakt and I can see all the instruments. Tried uninstalling and deleting plist from "preferences" folder and reinstalling but nothing works.

    If anyone has any ideas what could be my next step I'd appreciate it.
    We're all Grammy winners.....on the internet.
      Resident 29.06.2010 64
    Sorry I have problem when exract ... file part.01 CRC wrong what the application use with mac fort he extract many thanks

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