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Samples, MIDI, SF, Akai
Loopmasters Bass Master WAV SFZ screenshot
WAV SFZ | AudioZ Exclusive | 56.23 MB
Our member, who wishes to remain anonymous, converted original library to SFZ. This is what he wrote:
I Recently downloaded the demo of LoopMasters - Bass Master and after having fun playing with it for a few hours i thought to convert all the sounds in SFZ+WAV format so i can use them with my preferred Sampler, took me like 2 days to edit and loop perfectly every sound. The Bass Master engine is nothing more than a very simple Rompler-(Sampler) so with those SFZ files everyone can have this instrument for free, just load the SFZ or WAV files in your preferred sampler like Kontakt, Zampler. TX16Wx, (i personally use TX16Wx free) and have fun.

I have to mention that those are the core sounds from the engine and not the final presets the instrument offers, users need to layer (Combine) those sounds in there preferred Sampler and come up with there own creations, everything is nicely organized in categories, so it's very easy to come up with a unique and nice sounding Bass.

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  Resident 22.08.2013 121
I don't use sfz but came here to thank the anonymous for the effort.
Great job...
Thanks PiRAT too
Peace, Love, Unity & Havin' Fun
  Resident 25.09.2010 145
Thank you for thinking of the community!
  Member 15.10.2015 285
These may be useful for general sound design.

Much thanks to the anonymous person who provided this soundset.
  Resident 28.10.2013 21
+1, this is great to use with Avenger or Synthmaster for Sound design, they both support SFZ import!!!
  Resident 25.12.2017 1 517
miklan and bluerover beat me to it, but, even though I don't have any use for this, it's cool to see people contributing to the community. Well-played, anonymous donor.
"Rap is a gimmick, but I'm for the Hip Hop, The Culture." - Method Man -
  Member 15.12.2017 11 31
The anonymous person deserves a beer thank you who ever you are
I find that something like Beatskillz Drop x is good to load the samples and layer them
  Member 29.03.2014 40
Top Marks for Team Effort for the anon. member...good form!
  Member 2.08.2017 95
Yes, looking out for d community....that's beatifull, but I'm still waiting for d VST version to show up in this place...
So, CE-V.R, R2R, anybody? PLS, hear my prayer...give an old man this toy (haha)

Tenk you, com egen
- Music As My True Religion -
  Member 18.10.2014 27
Have had a quick look at some of the suggested SFZ players. Is there one that handles multi layers well and make them each selectable with a browser?
  Resident 28.10.2013 21
Just use the WAV samples instead of the SFZ files with any sampler of your choice, since there are not multisamples mapped on those SFZ files (most of them seem to be single files).I suggest you to use Kontakt, Wusik Station or TX16Wx , they all can load SFZ or WAV and they support layering.
  Resident 20.03.2018 145
  Resident 20.03.2018 145
Ffs Pirat! Im so Tired I think I klicked the Minus instead of the plus sign =/ Clumsy im so sorry.... My only braincell is at a spa in Jukkasjärvi also so don´t judge me to hard.
  Member 15.10.2015 285
These would probably make great Serum wavetables.

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