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A unique generative MIDI device, Pulse Engine is designed by Ableton Certified Trainer Noah Pred to easily produce melodic ornamentation and rhythmic augmentation of existing material — or complex musical expressions all its own.

At its most basic, you can think of it as not unlike Live’s Beat Repeat device, but for MIDI. Incoming notes can probabilistically be triggered to repeat at randomized intervals within a variety of constraints. Triggered groups of note repetitions are referred to as Pulse clusters.

The pitch of these notes can be transposed manually or via incoming MIDI and optionally randomized to produce diatonic ornamental flourishes, with all notes filtered through the specified outgoing scale and key. Additive per-repeat transposition offers cascading note runs. The base generated MIDI note pitch can also be guided along a contour by the built-in LFO.

That same LFO can be used to control outgoing velocity, with an adjustable Phase to desynchronize it from note pitch LFO control. Velocity can also be randomized, within constraints, while an optional decay fades repetitions out until a new repetition is triggered.

A variety of playback modes allow Pulse Engine to be used in parallel with incoming MIDI, in conjunction with external MIDI, or simply on its own as powerful MIDI production tool.

Version: 1.0
Requires: Ableton Live 10.1.x or higher running Max for Live 8.1.x on Mac or PC.
Includes: Pulse Engine device, 16 presets, Global Hub utility, user guide.

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