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Inspired by this unique lifeform, Octopulse is designed by Ableton Certified Trainer Noah Pred to combine eight individually adjustable pulse generators with global controls that manipulate them in unison — while retaining distinct characteristics, directions, and behaviours.

Each activated pulse “arm” is driven by its own clock, defined by a base musical rate and multiplier, along with controllable length, at a specified MIDI note. Trigger, octave, and velocity can all be randomized to add a wealth of variation. Note values, base rates, and rate multipliers for all arms can be randomized globally, within set ranges; click the global dice to instantly produce a unique starting point. Velocity, duration, and multiplier can be controlled for all steps simultaneously, as well as trigger, octave, hold, and velocity randomization.

Outgoing MIDI can be transposed via incoming MIDI clips or real-time input for uniquely interactive musical results — all of which conforms to a selected scale and key. An optional cycle reset interval constrains otherwise endlessly sprawling polymetric structures to more predictable bar-length patterns, while a base offset and multiplier can stagger the entire pattern offbeat. Four playback modes allow it to interact with other MIDI elements in a project — or be deployed as an unconventional, retriggering arpeggiator. Optimized for Push with full Info View annotations and bundled Global Hub integration, Octopulse provides a fresh approach to probabilistic polyrhythms. Whether generating unique drum patterns or expansive melodic patterns, Octopulse is applied biomimicry in action.

Version: 1.0
Requires: Ableton Live 10.1.x or higher running Max for Live 8.1.x on Mac or PC.
Includes: Octopulse device, 16 presets, Global Hub utility, user guide.

Global Hub comes bundled with all paid Max for Live MIDI Effects.
Global Hub takes your workflow with other Manifest Audio devices to the next level. Easily set or randomize scale and key for all instantiated Manifest Audio Max for Live MIDI effects throughout a project – and performatively transpose all devices in semitones or octaves within your selected scale and key. If you don’t want a device to receive this control from Global Hub, simply click their Global toggle to pin them in Local mode and ignore information from Global Hub. Otherwise, all newly instantiated pitch-processing or -generating devices will automatically adopt the scale and key as soon as you drag them into your set. You can also unlock Global Hub’s timing controls to randomize your BPM, device swing amount, and even time signature to easily generate a fresh starting point for any new project, or simply control those parameters globally from there without randomization. Optimized for Push, it’s easy to learn and use. Just place a single instance in your set, probably on your master channel. Consider saving it in your default template, have fun – and open the Info View as needed for further details.

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