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REQ: SoundFxWizard King of Strings screenshot
King of Strings is the first Octobass sample library for Ni Kontakt.

Featuring the sampling of the unique custom made “Bohr-Moneta” Octobass.

There are only 4 octobasses in the world, this instrument is the perfect way to add the power of a rare bass instrument to your music compositions, giving an organic flavor without sacrificing the natural rough sound of a string instrument.

The octobass is the larger and one of the most rare bowed string instrument.

Because of the extreme fingerboard length and string thickness, the musician plays it using a system of levers and pedals.

According to Berlioz, the three open strings were tuned C1, G1, and C2. This tuning gave it a low range one octave below the cello and equal to the modern double bass with low C extension. However, at the time when the octobass was invented, the double bass lacked this extension and could descend only to E1 or G1. The mechanism enabled each string to chromatically cover the range of a perfect fifth and gave the instrument a high range to G2.The fundamental frequencies of the lowest notes in this tuning lie below 20 Hz

It was first built around 1850 and in 1994 Pierre Bohr, Milan-based luthier build the actual Octobass owned by M° Nicola Moneta.

Thans to its solid low end the “King” is the perfect bass extension for all orchestral instruments giving a sense of deepness and power.

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