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Breathtaking Beauty.

“Neumann” is a premium skin for U-he Zebra².
Pocketful of Features
New Mod System

Ring-and-box based new modulation system. Further information is below.
Effects in a Rack

Multiple effects are displayed, just like generators and modulators.
FS Sequencer

You can edit the sequencer in fullscreen, with piano roll!
FS OSC Editor

Dedicated OSC editor with X-Y axis labeling.
Per-Type Icon

Noise,VCF,Dist have icons to show its type.
Icon Based M.Matrix

Mod Matrix is based on icons. Once get accustomed to it, it’s quite comfortable.
Interactive Display

Some modules have parameter displays that reflects important parameters.
Hide Inactives

Ineffective parameters are automatically hidden so that you may not be distracted.
New Modulation System

Neumann has the new modulation system like NI Massive synth, inheriting from our previous product, “Massive Modular” skin.

There are “modulation source box” and you can do these:

Left click : Set the mod source
Drag the text area : Control mod depth
Right click: Change the mod source
Mod amount is shown as a ring.

Just have a try and you’ll see. It’s really simple and fit to your hand!
Delay Designer

The delay section is radically re-designed! Graphical feedbacks let you play with it intuitively.

The 3-1-2-4 alignment at first may seem strange but you’ll soon find it comfortable, since in most presets the tap 1&3 are panned left, while 2&4 right.

Hide Inactives
Hide tap 3&4 when inactive
Direct Selection
Click the timeline to set delay time to 2/4D/4/8D/8/16/32 (Others you can set from the dropdown list).

The Panner
Panning is now superintuitive!
The Filter
You can drag the frequency section to adjust filter cutoff.

download from Usenet - 14 days free access +300GB Plugmon Neumann skin for U-he Zebra 2
download from any file hoster with just one LinkSnappy account
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  Resident 12.12.2011 560
this guy keeps pumping up his prices of every new skin, he is on LSD lol, hell no i wont buy that for that price, and if i did i would share it

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