registered members don't get popups... just sayin

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Hi there!

The 32 bit version of this well known plugin is free -I guess you all already know it-, but I have just realized that now it is also available in 64 bit. You can see it in the page I share down below.

In order to get it, you have to sign up the page and download the zip file through the Download menu. Well, I have already done it and such zip file is the 32 bit version too. I can't find the 64 bit version and it is driving me mad

Does anybody have the x64 version? In that case, I would be so greatful if you shared it

Thanks in advance!

download from Usenet - 14 days free access +300GB TT Dynamic Range Meter (Now available in 64 bit)
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  Resident 4.10.2012 39
AFAIK they only ported the offline application to 64 bit, while the plugin is still 32 bit.
  Resident 18.09.2013 3 65
i think psychonaut is right, i tried to get the 64-bit version too, but the site gives me the impression that u have to sign up and donate to get it.

i just use jbridge instead.
  Resident 2.02.2014 1 1621
Bx meter
I compared them, they are the same, 1 to 1, just gui are different and probably bx meter has a bit more metering options, or maybe the same.
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  Resident 7.11.2014 11 406
Yes i agree, just the gui is different, no 64bit version, this is strange because: Registered users will find a new zip archive with a 64-bit version of the Dynamic Range Meter in the download menu.
Download menu is just visible for registered users...
So no 64bit version in the download menu!
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  Resident 4.10.2012 39
Actually you have to be an active paying member to be able to download the TT-DR, not just a registered user.
And no, TT and Bx-meter aren't the same thing; the ballistics and the readings are very different.
  Resident 12.12.2011 513
if their goal is to mantain a great dynamic range of musics in general, why do they not let enerybody download it ....without registration ...
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  Member 19.11.2016 4 45
It seems to me it's just a trick to make you sign up. I have just downloaded the Plugin Alliance bundle with the TT's twin included, so the problem is solved to me.

I will let this post here anyway, maybe such 64 version is real and someone share it!

Thanks for your comments

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