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Arturia FX Collection 5 v5.0.0-R2R screenshot
Team R2R | 13 Jun 2024 | 3.87GB
Reference effects for music makers
A selection of 34 studio mixing tools and creative production effects, from authentic analog emulations to innovative modern plugins - engineered to help you discover your unique sound and make it impactful.

Enhance, reshape, create
From vintage sound coloring to innovative sonic textures, FX Collection 5 offers an unparalleled range of expertly modeled outboard gear and modern effects to enhance your sound, place it in a mix and transform it into something entirely new.

From classic to contemporary audio processing
Essential, iconic, and inspiring effects fit for every musical style, from the most sought-after studio classics to transformative audio shaping - distilled into a single collection that covers all production bases and mixing needs.

From studio mixing to creative production
Equal parts precision mixing toolbox and transformative sound processing suite: FX Collection 5 comprises a multifaceted array of audio tools that lets you go from advanced audio enhancement to finding your unique sound.

Intuitively designed with modern enhancements
An artful balance between ease of use, visual appeal and deep effect customization: FX Collection 5 lets you achieve instantaneous results or create and save your own patches with a seamless user experience for both beginner and advanced users.

Built-upon advanced modeling technologies
Combining state-of-the-art digital signal processing with decades of experience recreating the warmth and character of analog equipment in the digital domain - FX Collection 5 delivers unparalleled sonic precision across the range.

A witch says,

You need the installation of TEAM R2R ASCEMU2.

Enjoy the full licenser emulation. (Except for the hardcoded SHA512 part!)


In our release,

- Un/Installer does not kill presets.
- Compatible with other legit Arturia installers.
- Legit ASC installation will not be affected, and does not affect to R2R Arturia releases.

Keep your computer clean ;)

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  Contributor 3.05.2011 680 4765
R2R back in full swing!

thanks for the Arturia FX pack!
If you want to supply something, you can. PM is open for that.
  Resident 3.01.2016 2 859
R2R are the Plug-in Royal Family.
  Member 3.06.2015 91
Yeah The Kings of Crack!!!! Respectfully
  Resident 3.01.2016 2 859
Are Arturia Analog offerings as goods as threebodytech deep vintage? Tone projects Michael Angelo or Acustica Audio Sunglow and Lime 2, Softube has anybody tested these out?
  Member 22.03.2023 1 55
There lexicon beats the uad version. I have not tried acoustica audio but I believe with uad and Softube they can be compared
  Resident 14.05.2023 3 134
I had the chance to use Michael Angelo from Tone, it really does live up to it's name. Arturia also does have wonderful alternatives. Can't say much about the others you mentioned.
  Resident 15.02.2019 302
Michael Angelo?? what planet are you guys from anyway ...
  Resident 25.12.2017 6 1954
I think they meant "Michelangelo" by Hendyamps/Tone Projects.
Are you thinking Michael Angelo Batio, or are you just expressing disbelief that Arturia would ever be compared to Tone Projects?
Either way, I'm with you.
"Rap is a gimmick, but I'm for the Hip Hop, The Culture." ~ Method Man ~
  Member 2.10.2021 201
Well , i have a little trick for those who still doesnt know it. With last ASCEMU from R2R for arturia, there is a workaround for official demo's in arturia's website.

1. Install ASCEMU 1.1.0 from R2R
2. Get the demo for the plugin you want from arturia's website
3. Get this:
4. Just drag and drop the .vst3 (this is the only extension i use, but i assume it works for the rest) in the ArturiaPatch.exe, which will patch the vst3
5. Done, now there is no more "demo" version with the official installer

(Works with every effect i tried till now, included the last 2, and it worked with instruments aswell, im using Augmented YANGTZE)

R2R are the kings of kings. It's possible only for them.
  Member 4.05.2021 354
that sounds so cool! thanks for sharing!

should it work with analab and all the synthesizers as well?
  Member 2.10.2021 201
Not sure with analab, but it works with intruments, im using Augmented YANGTZE
  Member 4.05.2021 354
it shold be the same 99%

if R2R dont release updates in a few days I will test your trick, thanks

PS. usually when R2R dont release updates regularly it means that we can update from the developer site.
  Member 20.05.2024 5
I must be suffering from H.U.A.... I can't seem to get it to work
  Member 2.10.2021 201
Just drag the vst3 over the ArturiaPatch.exe and it should work
  Member 22.09.2022 20
Nice one man.. maxy_10 I totally missed this upload and i'm on here every day
  Member 2.10.2021 201
I missed it till the last year. When i found out i was like WTF. Not sure who is the programmer of this little patcher, but he is a very good human being
  Member 11.11.2020 5 71
Man, just a thousand thanks, there is only some synth from Arturia that interests me, you saved me a lot of trouble, however I have another question during the installation with the official exe of 'arturia, it also installs the arturia soft center, is there a risk that it is next to ASCEMU in the same folder?

Should I delete it once the patch is done?

Would you recommend blocking arturia from hosts?
  Member 2.10.2021 201
You can delete arturia soft center. That's what ASCEMU means, A=arturia S=Software C=center EMU=emulator. Now all plugins check with the ASCEMU R2R. That's why R2R are the best hehehe. Always use your DAW with firewall block or just go offline
  Member 15.06.2020 21
I'm running into issues running patcher to try this trick out, was hoping in this chain would be able to help out

Every time I try running the patcher exe, a cmd terminal opens up for a split second(can't read anything on it, disappears too quickly) and closes immediately. Can't find anything related in event viewer or windows defender logs.

I then proceeded to setup a clean vm running W11 just to see if that makes a difference. the patcher initially spat an error window saying VCRUNTIME140.dll was missing. Installed Visual C++ Redistributable 2015 and now back to the same problem where it shows up for a split second and closes, with no traces in defender/event viewer logs again. Any clue what might be going wrong? Any input is appreciated!
  Member 25.06.2021 1 429
It stopped working here long ago for whatever reason.
be kind :)
  Resident 26.07.2016 406
Thank you for this. Does it work with Pigments? My idea is to download it from Arturia's web page and use ASCEMU to run it. Pigments is always giving me trouble.

If there's one thing you can say about mankind,
there's nothing kind about man.
  Member 10.09.2016 118
Thank you R2R. You are the greatest. I am going to age myself here as I posit that R2R are even better than H20 and AiR!
  Member 12.08.2022 123
I agree! I remember the days when r2r were the scrappy newcomers and now they are a cut above all else at this point. lol.
  Resident 30.10.2012 52 857
Keep your computer clean ;)

This right here!!! Thank you R2R!!!!
  Member 12.12.2022 33
the Comment has been Removed
  Member 17.11.2014 398
I'm not spitting in the soup, but when I reinstalled my PC, I only installed r2r and problems appeared, the same as those why I did the reinstallation, severe slowdown problems in the explorer and others (windows 11, amd 7, 64 go ram), magic doesn't exist and Santa Claus either I imagine. ^^
  Banned 12.11.2022 1043 2128
hey buddy thanks for the kind message you randomly sent me
Here to provide, enjoy the shares, contribute where you can! PM me to provide supplies and do your part.
  Member 6.02.2017 98
What do they mean by keep your computer clean?
  Member 8.11.2023 37
How it's patch or crack, with VR if you update you have to uninstall everything if I remember well, and still some arturia file need a manual clean too some time.

But perso I use VR cos they get symlink so I can install data on other partition and get the presets bank that I don't have with r2r
And only use pigment (easy to install uninstall and update only if I get big issue now it's stable so can jump some) can do most of the others hardware emulation can do, over 20000 presets for pigments is enough (don't always update too cos it's already a lot). For piano prefer kontakt lib same for Rhodes. And FX lot data PNG file for few algo data

But good to have choice and both are ok and clean so use the one you like. Like for kontakt maschine I prefer bobdule vers, but thank to r2r too
Thank to VR AND r2r
  Resident 18.11.2017 1 524
Cannot turn off "Hello! Thank you for installing this Arturia plugin." on some plugins. Even if I says NO it comes back next time I open plugin. Example: Delay Eternity
Anybody know how to turn it off?

Edit: fixed it with a reinstall and deleting all files in programdata and program files related to this release.

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