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Samples » loops
Julez Jadon Saucey Vocals Vol.1 WAV screenshot
WAV | 92 MB
We proudly present you our all new vocal sample pack Saucey Vocals: Vol. I. It comes with 90 vocal samples which are all chopped, edited and processed accurately. Various types of sounds like one shots, phrases and loops let you either start an idea from scratch or complete your production. Don’t sleep on this one!
Samples » loops
Julez Jadon Saucey Loops Vol.3 WAV screenshot
WAV | 225 MB
Saucey Loops Vol. III has arrived! After receiving numerous requests to drop another pack we present you the 3rd installment of our sample library series. This pack features 20 custom samples that will stop any beat block you may be experiencing. Take the samples and chop ‘em up, reverse, pitch, etc. and get your creative juices flowing! Get that sauce! Exclusively at
Samples » loops
Julez Jadon Saucey Loops Vol.2 WAV screenshot
WAV | 245 MB
“We’re really proud of this project. After the huge success of Saucey Loops Vol. I we just had to come up with the sequel.” - Julez Jadon

We present you the all new custom sample library Saucey Loops Vol. II! This pack features 47 melody loops which allow you to start a beat immediately and it will stop any beat block you may be experiencing. You can take the samples and chop ‘em up, reverse, pitch, etc. or use as is. Get that sauce!
Software » Mac OSX
Swinsian 2.3.5 macOS TNT screenshot
Team: TNT | May 2021 | 15 MB
Swinsian - The Advanced Music Player for Mac. Swinsian is a sophisticated music player for Mac OS X with wide format support, folder watching and advanced tag editing and designed to be responsive even with the largest libraries.
Samples » loops
Julez Jadon Saucey Loops Vol.1 WAV screenshot
WAV | 153 MB
Motivated by the enormous feedback based on the Prescription Pack/Travel Essentials custom samples we decided to create a whole new sample library series. We present you the all new custom sample library Saucey Loops Vol. I! Starting beats never was that easy! This pack features 45 melody loops which allow you to start a beat immediately. You can take the samples and chop ‘em up, reverse, pitch, etc. or use as is. Get that sauce!
Samples, loops, presets, patches, impulses
Bogren Digital Kristian Kohle Signature IR Pack Rainbows and Chainsaws WAV-DECiBEL screenshot
Team DECiBEL | 18 May 2021 | 5.3MB
13 studio IRs perfect for modern metal
15 filthy IRs to take you where you've never gone before
Huge tonal pallet: 14 different speakers in 4 cabs
From Modern Metal, through filthy Black Metal to warm and vintage Doom
Mic'd and mixed to fit a dense mix
Works with all software and hardware IR loaders


Samples, loops
SampleScience Total Harmonic Distortion WAV [FREE] screenshot
FREE | 18 May 2021 | 1.57 GB
Total Harmonic Distortion is a tempo-based sample library of synthetic loops created and processed using a modular synthesizer. There are nearly 3 GB of samples in 10 tempo groups (72bpm-144bpm) ranging from distorted, abstract, ethereal, pulsing to ambient, soothing.
Education » Literary
Ukulele Soloing Secrets Book For Beginners: Uke Like The Pros screenshot
English | 2021 | ISBN: B0949PJQQ8 | 48 pages | PDF | 7 MB
Welcome to the Ukulele Soloing Secrets Book For Beginners by Uke Like The Pros and written by Terry Carter. View the links inside the book for the free included backing tracks. Learning how to solo is one of the biggest mysteries that ukulele players face. It is also the top requested topic that I get at Uke Like The Pros. I wrote this book for you and to answer the question of how to solo on the ukulele. All the lessons for this book are written for ukuleles tuned G-C-E-A and will only use strings 1-3, so it doesn’t matter if you have High G or Low G ukulele. For this book we are going to start at the very beginning.
Pakotec Samples Closed Hi-Hats Vol 1 WAV-DISCOVER screenshot
DISCOVER | 09.09.2012 | 1.77 MB
'Closed Hi-Hats Vol 1' from Pakotec Samples is designed for the modern electronic music producer. This pack contains 100 high resolution, ultra-clean, modern-sounding closed Hi-Hats for any genre in the electronic music field.

These hi-hat samples are designed to add a professional edge to your Samples and are extremely easy to place in the mix.
Education » Literary
Great Church Sound: a guide for the volunteer screenshot
English | 2019 | ASIN : B07SWZ9M2P | EPUB | 4 MB
This practical guide is the BEST PLACE TO START for anyone needing to gain a better understanding of the church sound system and how to get a great sounding mix.

Church sound techs from all backgrounds and experience levels will benefit from the clear explanations, plain instruction, and focus on the fundamentals that matter most.
Education » Literary
Edm Production Secrets (2 in 1 Value Pack): The Ultimate Melody Guide and EDM Mixing Guide (How to Make Awesome Melodies Without Knowing Music Theory and How to Mix Like a Pro With 12 EDM Mixing Secrets) screenshot
English | September 28, 2018 | ISBN: 172402017X | 170 pages | EPUB/PDF | 1 MB

Do you want to find out how to make awesome melodies for your EDM songs, even if you don’t know anything about music theory? Do you also want to discover how to mix your EDM songs like a pro to get these superior quality tracks?
Samples, loops, MIDI, SF, Akai
Cymatics Destiny Beta Pack WAV MiDi [FREE] screenshot
FREE | 15 May 2021 | 2.39 GB
Destiny: a new wave of Cymatics melodies
Destiny is completely focused around melodies for making hit songs. No fluff or filler loops - every sample has been carefully curated by the Cymatics team.

You’ll find tons of inspiring melodies and unique vibes inside Destiny, with 250+ loops including their tracked-out stems and MIDI.
Software, Windows, Mac OSX, Linux
Inphonik PCM2612 Retro Decimator Unit v1.0.1 x64 VST AU AAX WiN MAC LiNUX [FREE] screenshot
FREE | 14 May 2021 | 158 MB
The sound of the machine
Meet the PCM2612 Retro Decimator Unit, a bitcrusher effect plug-in with a distinctive legacy. Based on the work we made on the RYM2612 Iconic FM Synthesizer, our tribute emulation of the Sega Genesis sound chip, the 8-bit decimation is inherited from the FM synth’s PCM playback feature, packed in a simple and compact effect unit. Bonus: it's free!
Software, Windows, Mac OSX
Master Tones British Kolorizer v1.0.0 x64 VST AU WiN MAC [FREE for Limited Time] screenshot
FREE | 14 May 2021 | 6.69 MB
From vintage to vavoom, the British Kolorizer, or the “BK” for short, takes sound to a whole new level. The opulent sound of tomorrow, comes to you today. The BK delivers the sharp ultra-modern advantage of AI.

AI makes it possible to interpret between the various forms of sound and science to analyze the system and perfect your music creation. The BK is endowed with the characteristics of human intellectual processes that can discover threads and learn, making repetition a thing of the past. The feeling is cozy and intimate, just like that of an exquisite sunset.

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