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Samples » loops
AngelicVibes Female Vox Vol. 1 WAV screenshot
FANTASTiC | 05 May 2018 | 27 MB
We worked with a real vocalist to bring you guys an exclusive royalty-free female vocal pack that you can use in all your beats. These vocal effects are perfect for producers who want to add unique female elements to their mix. Inside this pack, you’ll find over 80 female chants, hums, breaths and more. All vocals are 1-5 seconds long saved in 24 bit Wav quality. Chop up the vocals, lower the pitch of the vocals, or add effects to the vocals such as delay, reverb and auto-tune to get the most out of them. These vocals can be used in a variety of genres ranging from Trap and Hip Hop to House and EDM. This is version one of our “Female Vox” pack with many more powerful versions to come in the future. Use these exclusive female chants and hums in your beats to make them stand out from the rest. Get real unique female chants and hums you can’t find anywhere else.
presets, patches, impulses, MIDI, SF, Akai
Vandalism Shocking Future Bounce 2 For XFER RECORDS SERUM-DISCOVER screenshot
DISCOVER | May/06Th/2018 | 44.2MB
'Shocking Future Bounce For Serum 2' is covering the most original, up-to-date and expected sounds for Serum. It brings you perfect fusion of Future House and Bounce style. 'Shocking Future Bounce For Serum 2' 71 x Presets is the continuation of this innovative Soundbank that provides you Sick & Hard Leads, Strong & Deep Basses, Catchy Synths and Extraordinary Plucks that for sure will take your production to a new level.
loops, presets, patches, impulses, MIDI, SF, Akai
King Loops Afro Trap And Vocals Volume 1 WAV MiDi XFER RECORDS SERUM-DISCOVER screenshot
DISCOVER | May/06Th/2018 | 416MB
'Afro Trap & Vocals Vol 1' by King Loops kicks off a smash hit series, bringing you nothing but the best of Afro Trap, Tropical House, Pop, Hip Hop and RnB Loops, Sound Presets, MIDI Files and even One-Shots. Coming with Five Key Labelled Radio Anthems, inspired by artists such as Camila Cabello, Bebe Rexha, Major Lazer, Swae Lee and many more, you will create the next summer hits in no time. Ethnic custom Percussions, Radio-Ready Vocals and Melody Patterns, Pumping Kicks, Crisp Snares and Claps, Ground-Shaking 808s Synth and Sub Basses, tailor made FX Sounds, custom Processed Plucks and Synths Sounds, as well as a variety of vocal shouts, are just a few features of this impressive sample pack.
Samples, loops, MIDI, SF, Akai
AngelicVibes AV Chords V4 WAV MiDi screenshot
FANTASTiC | 05 May 2018 | 46 MB
We are proud to present volume 4 of our AV Chords series – another outstanding chord progressions sample pack comprising 30 rich and inspiring chord progressions. These loops can be used in all genres from Hip Hop and Rnb to Pop, EDM and Chillout music and are perfect for producers who want to create the chill and smooth type of music that is hot right now. Included in this chord progressions pack are both the Wav & Midi files for each chord progression. You can use the Wav files as a regular sample or change the instrumentation and progression entirely by using the Midi files. In this pack are the lush, warm, catchy and unique type of chords that are designed to spark new beat ideas and release hidden creativity. If you’re struggling for melodic inspiration just load up these chord progressions and feel the creativity flow through you. Why not take advantage of this opportunity?
Samples, loops, MIDI, SF, Akai
AngelicVibes AV Chords V3 WAV MiDi screenshot
FANTASTiC | 05 May 2018 | 97 MB
Give your mind a fresh dose of inspiration with our new sample pack “AV Chords (v3)” full of those deep chords and piano samples you need to build your tracks around. Unlike the previous versions, this pack has more Pop and Rnb style chord progressions but can still be used for multiple genres like Hip Hop, Trap, Soul, EDM, Chillout, House & more. AV Chords (v3) gives you a wide selection of lucrative Progressions ranging from Minor chords and Major 7th chords to Augmented and Diminished 7th chord progressions. All piano samples come in both their Wav and Midi files giving you flexibility over each sample. If you’re looking to feature that deep and emotional sound in your tracks, get AV Chords (v3) today. Don’t miss out on this!
Samples, loops, MIDI, SF, Akai
AngelicVibes AV Chords V2 WAV MiDi screenshot
FANTASTiC | 05 May 2018 | 64 MB
AV Chords v2 is the perfect way to get your beats started. Inspired by the sounds of Drake and The Weeknd, this pack features 25 chilled out trap and hip hop chord guaranteed to bring out some hidden creativity within yourself. Each progression comes with a ready-to-go WAV file and the corresponding MIDI files so you can edit the chords, melodies and change up the tempo or instrumentation. Get this pack today and start your beats off with no problem!
Windows, Mac OSX
AngelicVibes Uphoria (AU VST) [WIN OSX]-DECiBEL screenshot
Team DECiBEL | 06 May 2018 | MacOSX: 7.36GB | WiN x64/x86: 3.67GB
Uphoria is one of the hottest romplers for Trap, Hip Hop and R&B producers. It was created by AngelicVibes to bring you a whole new world of sound. It is committed to helping you create some of your best music yet. With its expert sound design and stunning user interface, Uphoria outshines many VSTs out there for the modern producer. Take this opportunity and let Uphoria breathe life into your music!
Samples, loops, MIDI, SF, Akai
AngelicVibes AV Chords V1 WAV MiDi screenshot
FANTASTiC | 05 May 2018 | 87 MB
AV Chords (v1) is a fantastic collection of beautifully played piano samples designed to give you the smooth and emotional progressions you need to build a track around. With both midi and wav files for each progression, this pack will save you hours and inspire you at the same time. The AV Chords (V1) has all types of chord progressions ranging from Jazz, Rnb, and Hip-Hop chord progressions. If you’re looking to feature that deep sound to add in your tracks, or you want to add more emotion and feeling to your mix, look no further. This pack is an instant source of inspiration and will help expand your creativity. Do not miss out!
Samples, loops, MIDI, SF, Akai
AngelicVibes 808 Pill WAV MiDi screenshot
FANTASTiC | 05 May 2018 | 80 MB
Introducing “808 Pill” – a powerful collection of hard hitting 808 drum samples for producers of all genres! If you want an 808 kit with high-quality sounds – the 808 Pill was designed for you. These aren’t your ordinary sounds… In this 808 sample pack, you’ll find 25 distorted, grungy, punchy, and unique 808 samples all of which have been tuned to the key of C – allowing you to easily incorporate them into your mix without the hassle of re-tuning or pitch correcting. Each 808 has been designed from the ground up so you won’t hear these anywhere else. Not only do you get exclusively designed 808s, you also get 30 royalty-free wav and midi loops to go along with those 808s. This 808 sample pack is all about quality, not quantity – every single sound has been carefully and uniquely designed from scratch for maximum originality and creativity. The 808 Pill will be a great addition to your studio.


sound effects, loops
Ben Burnes Basement Audio Sample Pack WAV [FREE] screenshot
07.05.2018 | WAV | 13 MB
The Basement Audio Sample Pack contains 85 original audio samples recorded from various parts of my basement.

This pack includes plastic crinkles, metallic clangs, paper, mechanisms, and the sounds of a NES. None of these samples have compression or EQ on them, they are the raw WAV recording.

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