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I've spent my life trying to make things simpler. Because I find ultimately that complicated doesn't reach the heart. (c) Hans Zimmer


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WinRAR v5.40 FinalSonic Academy A.N.A. ( ANA ) Preset Superpack Vol 1,2,3,6,7,8Credland Audio Stereo Savage v1.2.0 Incl Patch and Keygen (WiN and OSX)iZotope Ozone 7 Advanced v7.01 MAC2nd Sense Audio Wiggle v1.1.6 Incl Keygen (WiN and OSX)Cymatics Outbreak for XFER Serum Presets and Wavetables With BonusesCockos REAPER v5.23 Incl Patch and Keygen



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Rock, Metal - 663 (12.66%)
Rap, Hip Hop - 883 (16.86%)
Jazz, Classical - 188 (3.59%)
World, New Age - 60 (1.15%)
Avant-Garde - 60 (1.15%)
Folk, Country - 50 (0.95%)
Ska - 9 (0.17%)
Electronic (general) - 1153 (22.02%)
- Ambient, Lounge - 122 (2.33%)
- Club, Dance - 194 (3.71%)
- D&B - 209 (3.99%)
- House - 570 (10.89%)
- Trance - 305 (5.83%)
- Industrial - 92 (1.76%)

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Samples, multi-libraries, Kontakt, presets, patches, impulses, MIDI, SF, Akai
Loopmasters Axel Boy Twisted Breaks House MULTiFORMAT screenshot
Loopmasters proudly present Axel Boy Twisted Breaks House, a storming collection of Breaks and House primed and ready with over 500 royalty free samples to drop into your hybrid productions.

Featuring over 1.3Gb of content themed around some of the freshest emerging genres of 2016, Axel Boy brings you the best of Nu Breaks and Breaks House for your music. Giving you best of both worlds, you?ll find snappy drums, intense bass-lines and epic transition FX designed to raise the bar in the studio and the heat on the dancefloor.
Software » OSX
Rogue Amoeba Loopback 1.0.3 MacOSX screenshot
Rogue Amoeba Loopback 1.0.3 | MacOSX | 12 MB

Suddenly, it's easy to pass audio between applications on your Mac. Create virtual audio devices to take the sound from applications and audio input devices, then send it to audio processing applications. Loopback gives you the power of a high-end studio mixing board, right inside your computer!
Samples » multi-libraries
WaaSoundLab US Pop Vol 1 MULTiFORMAT screenshot
FANTASTiC August 19 2016 | 497 MB
US Pop Vol 1 from WaaSoundLab has been influenced by some of the biggest US pop stars. Thanks to this complete pack of 24-Bit samples and loops, the sound of Pink, Britney Spears, Katy Perry, Chris Brown or Lady Gaga is just a clic away… Download now!
Samples » Kontakt
Global Audio Tools Trunk Thump KONTAKT screenshot
FANTASTiC August 19 2016 | 902 MB
Global Audio Tools is proud to present you guys with a all new kontakt library “Trunk Thump” for all of us producers across the globe! Designed with shaking walls, gritty bass, and eardrum rattling this Kontakt library is designed with the lower end frequencies in mind, to get our beats dropping and thumping! With 30 unique bass lines to 61 808’S & Kicks combined with the user interface that contains onboard controls.
sound effects, loops
Industrial Strength Wobble House WAV screenshot
FANTASTiC August 19 2016 | 309 MB
Wobble House: Drums, Bass & FX' lets you get ready to work your way into the futuristic grooves of Wobble House music. Industrial Strength Samples assaults your next production with another amazing sample collection for modern electronic music production.
presets, patches, impulses, MIDI, SF, Akai
Freshly Squeezed Samples Spire Deep House Essentials Volume 3 MiDi REVEAL SOUND SPiRE screenshot
FANTASTiC August 19 2016 | 11 MB
Produced in collaboration with talented Dutch sound designer Jan Hinke, we are proud to present Spire Deep House Essentials Volume 3.

With 128 quality made presets, Spire Deep House Essentials Volume 3 is the perfect addition to your production library. Featuring a collection of dirty UK-inspired bass sounds, mellow pads, and iconic plucks in addition to many other sounds, you’ll have everything you need to create a jackin’ peak time hit, or chilled after hours track with atmospheric vibes.
Education » Video Tutorials
FaderPro Sound Design with James Egbert TUTORiAL-DECiBEL screenshot
Team DECiBEL | 19 Aug 2016 | 1.52GB
Within the ever-evolving genre we know as “EDM", there are few producers with as deep flexibility, knowledge, and understanding of songwriting and electronic sound design as James Egbert. It requires a special talent to produce a pop album debuting at #1 on Billboard’s electronic chart and immediately follow it up with a multi-genre dance album conquering the Beatport charts at #1, but James has been the man behind the machine on multiple occasions of his own and other artists' success.
Samples » loops
HitMaker Audio Trap Snare Rolls WAV screenshot
FANTASTiC August 19 2016 | 26 MB
Creating snare rolls and drops is a time consuming task. It involves many precise cuts, properly pitching each note, and a lot of volume and panning automation. Trap Snare Rolls takes care of that by giving you 80 HQ loops of snare roll patterns that will inject your track with energy and movement, whether you make Trap, EDM, RnB, or Club. Professionally edited, pitched, and mixed!
loops, MIDI, SF, Akai
Sample Magic MIDI Elements: Melodic Deep House WAV MiDi REX AiFF screenshot
FANTASTiC August 19 2016 | 856 MB
Give your mainroom deep house productions a melodic injection with 101 essential MIDI basslines, piano riffs and synth leads inspired by the finest in contemporary deep house.

Spanning retro piano house to deep soulful house through to deep tech house, this varied collection serves up killer key-labeled melodics in fully customisable MIDI format to give you the maximum in melodic creativity and freedom. MIDI gives you the ability to change the key of the loop, edit the tempo, notation, note velocities, length and much, much more.
sound effects, loops
Julez Jadon Trapped In Love: The R&B Trap Drum Kit Vol. III WAV screenshot
FANTASTiC August 18 2016 | 178 MB
Kit is dope! I fuck with it” – Cardiak (Platinum Grammy Award Winning Producer for Dr. Dre, Kendrick Lamar, Eminem, Drake, Kanye West)

By popular demand me and SVRN teamed up again to release Trapped In Love: The R&B Trap Drum Kit Vol. III. The third instalment of the Trapped In Love series contains new & aspiring drum one shots & loops, 808’s, percussion, vox and FX from some of our finest productions over the last few months. Pretty much everything you’ve come to expect from the Trapped In Love drum kit series. You definitely wanna bump these demos!
Education » Video Tutorials
Lick Library - Sam Bells Pentatonic Workout - Parts 1 & 2 (2016) screenshot
MP4+MP3+PDF | AVC 1501kbps | English | 1920x1080 | 25fps | 2 hours | AAC stereo 128kbps | 1.81 GB
It’s time to hit the gym in this exciting new offering from LickLibrary tech shredder Sam Bell. Aimed at the intermediate player looking to take their creativity and dexterity to the next level, Sam presents a series of sequences found in the 5 shapes of the A minor pentatonic scale which he then applies in a workout form over the included backing track, covering the entirety of the neck. Beginning with the 5 basic positions, you’ll cover 4 5 6 and 7 note sequences that will push your finger skills to the limits.
Software » OSX
Rogue Amoeba Piezo v1.5.1 MacOSX screenshot
P2P | August 19 2016 | 8 MB
Piezo makes it a snap to record audio on your Mac. In seconds, you'll be recording audio from any application or from audio inputs like microphones.

Piezo requires almost no configuration, and it's a blast to use. Simple and inexpensive - that's a winning combination.


Education » Literary
Good Vibrations: The Physics of Music by Barry Parker screenshot
English | Publisher: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2009 | 285 Pages | PDF | 5 MB
Why does a harpsichord sound different from a piano? For that matter, why does middle C on a piano differ from middle C on a tuning fork, a trombone, or a flute? Good Vibrations explains in clear, friendly language the out-of-sight physics responsible not only for these differences but also for the whole range of noises we call music.
Education » Literary
Digital Audio Broadcasting: Principles and Applications of Digital Radio, 2nd Edition screenshot
English | Publisher: Wiley, 2003 | 361 Pages | PDF | 4 MB
Now the standardisation work of DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) system is finished many broadcast organisations, network providers and receiver manufacturers in European countries and outside of Europe (for example Canada and the Far East) will be installing DAB broadcast services as pilot projects or public services. In addition some value added services (data and video services) are under development or have already started as pilot projects.
Education » Literary
Dialogue Editing for Motion Pictures - A Guide to the Invisible Art by John Purcell screenshot
English | Publisher: Focal Press, 2007 | 381 Pages | PDF | 13 MB
Dialogue editing is a crucial yet invisible part of filmmaking. Do it right, and no one notices. Do it wrong, and your film or video sounds messy, distracting, and unrealistic. This is a book for people who need to edit production sound for film, TV, or video but were never taught how to do it. It goes step by step through the process and covers all the workflows you are likely to encounter. Efficient working practices are emphasized throughout, so you learn to save time and avoid needless repetition.
Education » Literary
The Audio Mastering Handbook: The Mastering Engineer's Handbook 2nd Edition by Bobby Owsinski screenshot
English | Publisher: Thomson Course Technology, 2008 | 288 Pages | PDF | 5,7 MB
This completely updated edition of the bestselling Mastering Engineer’s Handbook provides a thorough exploration of the mastering process for virtually any kind of audio program, utilizing insights from the world’s top mastering engineers. The book is a treasure-trove of knowledge, with an overview of the history, tools, and philosophy behind mastering as well as complete reference information for all audio delivery formats in use today.
Education » Literary
Audio Engineering - Know it all screenshot
English | Publisher: Newnes, 2009 | 925 Pages | PDF | 7 MB
The Newnes Know It All Series takes the best of what our authors have written to create hard-working desk references that will be an engineer's first port of call for key information, design techniques and rules of thumb. Guaranteed not to gather dust on a shelf!
Education » Literary
Applications of Digital Signal Processing to Audio and Acoustics screenshot
English | 2002 | 570 Pages | PDF | 4 MB
Karlheinz Brandenburg and Mark Kahrs With the advent of multimedia, digital signal processing (DSP) of sound has emerged from the shadow of bandwidth limited speech processing. Today, the main applications of audio DSP are high quality audio coding and the digital generation and manipulation of music signals. They share common research topics including perceptual measurement techniques and analysis/synthesis methods.
Software » Windows
Saltline Lisc-step v1.0.3 VST [FREE] screenshot
Saltline | x32 | x64 "jBridge" | 2014 | 3,18 MB
We all love filters, and we all love modulating them. Lisc-step has been designed with simplicity in mind to get results fast. Capable of adding dynamic movement to pads, beats, basslines, vocals or whatever you wish to run through it lisc-step offers great flexibilty quickly and efficiently.
Education » Literary
Fleetwood Mac on Fleetwood Mac - Interviews and Encounters screenshot
English | Publisher: Chicago Review Press (July 1, 2016) | ISBN: 978-1-61373-237-3 | 448 Pages | epub+pdf | 5 MB
Fleetwood Mac was a triumph from the beginning—their first album was the UK’s bestselling album of 1968. After some low points—when founder Peter Green left, some fans felt that the band continuing was sacrilege—Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks joined, and their 1977 album, Rumours, became one of history’s immortals, a true classic that remained on the charts for years and in the public's affection forever.
Education » Literary
High Performance Loudspeakers 6th Edition by Martin Colloms screenshot
English | Publisher: Wiley, 2005 | 545 Pages | PDF | 12 MB
High Performance Loudspeakers, Sixth Edition is a fully revised and updated version of the highly successful guide to the design and specifications of high quality loudspeakers and loudspeaker systems. Each chapter has been substantially revised reflecting the many changes in the technology of loudspeakers. These revisions take the form of much new research and accompanying illustrations, with a radically new theoretical section, allied to in-depth coverage of the most important advances in the art of loudspeaker design. By clearly and practically analysing these many developments the authors have produced an authoritative loudspeaker designer's bible.
Software » Windows
Virtuasonic Didjtizer VST v1.0 Incl.Keygen-ASSiGN screenshot
Team ASSiGN | 13 JANUARY 2010 | 9.35 MB
Didj'tizer is a VST effect plug-in that can emulate the sound of a didjeridoo (or didgeridu), the traditional wind instrument of the Australian Aborigines of northern Australia, that is sometimes described as a natural wooden trumpet or "drone pipe".
Software » Windows
Virtuasonic COMBSCAPE VST v1.2 Incl.Keygen-ASSiGN screenshot
Team ASSiGN | 13 JANUARY 2010 | 9.34 MB
COMBSCAPE is a VST effect plug-in based on a comb filter that works on five frequencies in a very special way to create otherwordly soundscapes. Every single frequency can be adjusted in pitch, resonance and filtered with a Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass or Band Reject filter.

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