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Melodyne Essential Training screenshot
iNKiSO | 01/06/2012 | 536MB
In this course, author Skye Lewin explores how to harness the power of the leading pitch correction software, Melodyne. The course begins with the installation and setup process, and includes recommendations on choosing the best workflow and preference settings for your project. The lessons also demonstrate how to get audio into Melodyne, whether importing existing files or recording new tracks; how to arrange a new session; and how to edit the audio and export the corrected tracks.

Topics include:
Understanding the Melodyne variants: Editor, Assistant, Essential, and Studio
Creating, moving, and deleting tracks
Setting the tone scale, meter, and tempo in a session
Working with multiple tracks (in Melodyne Studio)
Working with Direct Note Access to edit polyphonic audio (in Melodyne Editor)
Using the various editing tools in Melodyne
Correcting pitch and time automatically
Adjusting pitch and time manually with the Melodyne tools
Setting hardware, plug-in, and MIDI preferences
Editing audio with MIDI
The Mixer in Melodyne
Using Melodyne plug-in, Melodyne Bridge and ReWire
Exporting with Spot to Pro Tools

Author: Skye Lewin
Subject: Audio, DAW, Music Production, Plug-Ins
Software: Melodyne 2
Level: Beginner
Duration: 3h 10m
Released: May 14, 2012


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  guest -- 0
is this one based on melodyne 2 ??
  Releaser 4.11.2010 6710 1437
is this one based on melodyne 2 ??


Greetz..ASSiGN, AudioP2P, ST3REO, 0TH3Rside, CHAOS, R2R.
  Contributor 29.06.2010 1091 1364
@ kaktizaebal:
check Info!
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This should come in handy, thanks GonBi no
  Resident 4.06.2011 381
wink thanxs a lot wink
  Banned 24.10.2011 3 1070
integration inside Studio One is better if you really want to work fast with Melodyne ;)

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  guest -- 0
thx...and thx to others too who made mirrors...
  Member 29.04.2021 36
Can Someone please reup Uploaded ?? Thanks

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