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Udemy Play Two Octave C Scale on Piano with Both Hands at 200 bpm TUTORiAL screenshot
P2P | 07 April 2021 | 1.47 GB
Are you having trouble coordinating your two hands when playing scales up and down two octaves on the piano or keyboard? This method will fix that for you once and for all.

In this course you will learn a simple pattern that coordinates both hands at the same time so that playing with two hands becomes as easy as playing with one hand.

Before you even touch the keys, you learn the "Airplane Pattern"
Then, you apply this pattern to the C Major scale using the white keys only
Practice that with a metronome until you feel very comfortable with the pattern
Finally, apply the same exact pattern to the G, D, A, and E Major Scales.
Amaze your friends with how quickly you learned these 5 scales and how fast you can play them!

What you'll learn

•A simple system for playing a two octave scale on piano with both hands simultaneously
•The essential pattern that makes it easy to play with both hands at the same time
•Build two octave/two hand C scale quickly to 200 bpm
•Apply this same pattern to play G, D, A, and E Major 2 octave scales with 2 hands
•Gain confidence, speed, and accuracy

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Playing scales with both hands on piano at 200 bpm and "amaze your friends" ? Half notes ? quarter notes ? Eight notes ? sixteenth notes ? Sixteens notes triplets ? at 200 bpm ? Scales in octaves with both hands ? In thirds (10ths) ?
Nothing to be amazed by any how...
Important : this is not a complain, and thanks to the uploader anyway .
  Resident 26.01.2019 7 381
quote by george123Half notes ? quarter notes ? Eight notes ? sixteenth notes ? Sixteens notes triplets ? at 200 bpm ? Scales in octaves with both hands ? In thirds (10ths) ?

And this video will help them on their way to get there.
You know that!

As a mature keyboard player I highly recommend this vid and wish I had this sort of thing when I was learning as a kid.

<ahem> SINGS: "Udemy are everything, the sweetest song that I can sing, oh baby!"
  Member 5.05.2020 3
faster! FASTER!

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