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Groove3 - U Produce Post Malone screenshot
ilfsn | 1.5 Hours + Project Files | 684MB
Super producer Paul Ortiz pulls back the curtain on the style of Post Malone in this in-depth U Produce™ series! See how to make an authentic track in the style of Post Malone step by step from scratch. Shot in Reason 10, the ideas and techniques will work with any DAW, and the Reason 10 session is also included!

Paul starts off by welcoming you and talks about what you’ll learn in the series. He then jumps right in, creating the iconic Post Malone chord and drone bass sounds.

Next, Paul shows you how to design some cool mellow melody sounds and parts using Reason 10’s Grain synth, followed by a tutorial on layering snare sounds to create that classic Hip Hop / Trap snare sound.

Kick, Hats and Sub Bass design are next, and Paul uses Reason 10’s new Europa synth, taking advantage of its unique waveshaping and modulation envelopes to create custom boom patches.

Next, taking inspiration from the song "Rockstar”, Paul shows you how to design a simple, quirky synth patch to create a counter melody for the chorus section.

Paul then goes deeper and starts developing the arrangement and transitions, shows how to do some interesting Sidechaining techniques, add dynamic vocal sound effects, and then ends with a video on final tweaks, quick mastering and a play through of the finished track.

See the individual tutorial descriptions for detailed info. If you’re into that Post Malone sound and vibe, learn how to create it from scratch and then use that info to build your own tracks that bring the heat… Watch U Produce™ - Post Malone” today!

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  Resident 17.02.2009 922
Designed for Reason 10 but the ideas and techniques will work with any DAW
Touch The Wires : I Dare You
  Resident 22.11.2016 134
The techniques are there, but sounds bad overall
  Resident 5.08.2011 1006
"Super producer"? Nonsense. One who has made some sample libraries, but not much else. Certainly nothing like Post Malone's style, anyway. Still, in fairness his techniques and explanations are good in general, for many styles... but as mentioned the end result is not a true comparison to Post Malone. It seems Groove3 got a bit too overexcited in their press release and marketing for this one.
RIP Olymoon

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