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FANTASTiC | Nov 12 2017 | 2.09 GB
Singomakers are very proud to present this ultimate 2 GB of knowledge – Complete Digital Music Production Tutorial! Over 5 Hours of Secrets and Tips for Mixing, Mastering, Sound Design Tips, Creation of a Track From Scratch, Ideas for Inspiration and many more!

Here you will discover many tricks how to make your sound Fat and Dynamic, Present and Powerful but Super-wide in same time, Loud, Clear, Diverse and Professional!

Suitable for a huge range of Electronic music genres from House, Progressive to Techno, Diablo House, EDM, Trap and many more.

In these videos Singomakers are using plugins from Fabfilter, Waves, Logic Pro plugins, iZotope Ozone, but all this settings and tricks can be applied in any DAW to any other plugins.

In detail expect to find 1,89 GB, 59 Episodes – over 5 hours of video tutorials in total, including chapters:


•01 Creating A Drum Loop From Scratch
•02 Creating Harmony
•03 Creating Base Groove
•04 Creating Main Theme Melody
•05 Creating Reverb Synth Reverb
•06 Creating Bass
•07 Creating Voice
•08 Making Arrangement Livelier
•09 Creating Mutual Side Chain
•10 Creating Breakdown
•11 Creating A Snare Roll
•12 Creating A Build Up
•13 Creating An Impressive Drop Start
•14 Creating Diversity In The Drop
•15 Drums Arranging Example
•16 Melody Arranging Example


•01 Mixing Kick & Bass
•02 Mixing Drums
•03 Mixing Piano
•04 Mixing Main Lead
•05 Mixing Vox Lead
•06 Mixing Transients
•07 Mixing Reverb Send
•08 Mixing Chorus And Big Sound Tips
•09 Mixing Cool Reverb Tip
•10 Mixing Saturation
•11 Mixing Equalisation
•12 Mixing Kick Compression
•13 Mixing Final Tweaks


•01 Mastering Kick & Bass
•02 Mastering Drums
•03 Mastering Piano
•04 Mastering Main Lead
•05 Mastering Vox Lead
•06 Mastering Transients
•07 Mastering Reverb Send
•08 Mastering Chorus And Big Sound Tips
•09 Mastering Cool Reverb Tip
•10 Mastering Saturation
•11 MasteringEqualisation
•12 Mastering Kick Compression
•13 Mastering Final Tweaks

Sound Design

•Chopped Vocal Sound Design In Key
•Chopped Vocal Sound Design Processing
•Chopped Vocal Sound Design Tips
•Kick Sound Design Tips
•Kick Sound Design
•Chopped Vocal Sound Design
•Big Pryda Snare Sound Design
•Bigroom Lead Sound Design
•Bigroom Lead Sound Layering
•Bigroom Lead Sound Processing
•Clap Sound Design Tips
•Clap Sound Design
•Percussion Sound Design Fattening Tip
•Percussion Sound Design
•Pluck Sound Design Layering Tip
•Pluck Sound Design
•Reversed Reverb Design
•Simple Bass - Sound Design Tips

Ideas & Inspiration

•01 Inspiration From The Groove
•02 Inspiration From The Harmony

All chapters are available to purchase in Full and ready to stream instantly directly from your Loopmasters Account 24/7!

Don’t miss this ultimate chance to improve your Electronic music production skills and step to the NEXT LEVEL!

•Over 5 Hours of Online Music Production Tutorials

60 Episodes covering:

•Sound Design
•Ideas & Inspiration

Module 27 Mixing - Equalisation
Module 39 Mastering - Low End EQ Trick
Module 51 Sound Design - Bigroom Lead Sound Layering

You can download only missing Modules

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Module 27 Mixing - Equalisation
Module 39 Mastering - Low End EQ Trick
Module 51 Sound Design - Bigroom Lead Sound Layering

You can download only missing Modules
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Thanks Fantastic!!!!!
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