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Lick Library Mastering The Blues Part Two By Levi Clay (2017) screenshot
P2P | April 21 2017 | 2.82 GB
Continuing on with his Mastering the Blues series, in this installment Levi Clay takes you beyond the realm of playing a scale over the blues, and instead focuses on adding a little jazz influence by outlining the chord changes more closely. Using a mixture of pentatonics, blues scales, arpeggios and various other scale ideas, you’ll learn to apply music theory to a whole host of blues progressions and play more interesting blues solos.

Lessons include:

• Minor Pentatonic Scale
• Dominant 7th Arpeggios
• Mixolydian Scale Analysis
• Balancing Vocabulary
• Negotiating Minor Chords
• The Minor Blues

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  Member 25.10.2014 10 177
Yikes, any access to part 1? Thanks for this one.
  Member 21.02.2014 11 45
Would like to see part 1 too if available
Anyway, thx !!

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