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The BreakBeat Bible The Fundamentals of Breakbeat Drumming by Mike Adamo 2010 PDF + WAV screenshot
193 pages | pdf | 41.1MB | WAV | 681MB
The Breakbeat Bible, by Mike Adamo, focuses on the fundamentals of breakbeat drumming as applied to hip-hop. It takes the elements of classic funk and breakbeat drumming and presents them in a systematic way for practice. When mastered, these elements will give the drummer the ability to integrate a complete language of incredibly funky concepts into his or her playing.

SPECIAL THANKS to chumbolito and wowbagger for putting together the entire sound pack

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  Resident 23.04.2017 2 426
This is really awesome to learn how to program realistic drums! Reading drum patterns is as simple as guitar tablature so it's no problem at all (I'm not a drummer).

There are 278 audio files in total. By going HERE you can download up to 75 for free by using their 14 day trial (you can give a bogus email but you need to give a credit card number. After downloading 75 files you can of course instantly cancel your free subscriptions and you won't be charged).

I've download 74 (oddly not 75?), so I suggest at least 3 other members do the same and we can then complete the audio!

The way the files are ordered on the site is really weird and I only noticed when almost finished (for ex after files 1-15, it jumps to 100!? The other files are further down)
So I just went through from top to bottom and got to 158 (which is a total of 74 files, as explained above).
So the next person should start and 159 and just go down the list then post here that it's done and let the next user where to start.

Added bonus, the files are perfect loops so you can also use them as such and they are good too

Hopefully we can get at least 3 others to join in?
  Resident 10.05.2018 11 239
Hi, Thank you for your interest in the book and the detailed instructions for downloading audio files.
I am the next in the queue. I will download the following 74 files.

PS. I have found out that I am already registered there :)
So, have you downloaded the first 74 files listed there?
The numbering has got some logic but it is really odd way.
  Resident 10.05.2018 11 239
I have downloaded files 159-88. There are 75 wav files using the download button.

I have managed to download them all as well but as mp4 files and named randomly what looks bloody messy :( unless I find a pattern in it.

PS. I downloaded 75 wav files named properly as @chumbolito suggested. They are around 2.5MB each.

And I downloaded also all Preview files as mp4. They are 250KB each. They are named just from 1-278 as they are listed on the website. I can upload them as they are or after changing the names but it will take a few days for me.
  Member 16.06.2020 17
If you consider sharing the audio files I will be grateful. I am not a drummer but I want to give them to a friend learning drums and have no clue how to get those kind of material. Thank you
  Resident 10.05.2018 11 239
Here you are. They are the preview files downloaded as mp4.
The numbering on the website is very odd. There are skipped and doubled numbers. I downloaded 1-161, then not numbered ()87), and then single drum sounds (30). None of the files is skipped. I numbered them according to the order on the website.
  Member 16.06.2020 17
Thank you for sharing. I find the content of the book quite valuable. I don't want to sign in to one more site but I might join you to complete the files in wav format if it will be more useful than mp4 files. Please let me know if you want me to download next 75 files
  Resident 10.05.2018 11 239
Oh, yes, please. As chumbolito described, you can cancel your free trial just after downloading the files as I did.
  Member 16.06.2020 17
So I download the 75 files after the number 88, correct?
  Resident 10.05.2018 11 239
Yes. That’s correct!

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