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Introduction to Digital Music with Python Programming: Learning Music with Code screenshot
English | 2022 | ISBN: ‎ 0367470837 | 279 pages | True PDF | 9 MB
Introduction to Digital Music with Python Programming provides a foundation in music and code for the beginner. It shows how coding empowers new forms of creative expression while simplifying and automating many of the tedious aspects of production and composition.

With the help of online, interactive examples, this book covers the fundamentals of rhythm, chord structure, and melodic composition alongside the basics of digital production. Each new concept is anchored in a real-world musical example that will have you making beats in a matter of minutes.

Music is also a great way to learn core programming concepts such as loops, variables, lists, and functions, Introduction to Digital Music with Python Programming is designed for beginners of all backgrounds, including high school students, undergraduates, and aspiring professionals, and requires no previous experience with music or code.

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Thank you Sunny for those two books promising to be very interesting readings.
Happy New Year and the best to you, friend.
  Member 3.09.2020 44
wondering, is python recommended for audio programming over c++? i know nothing about programming, but have been looking into it more recently, and quickly came to the conclusion that c++ is that is mostly used. either with JUCE or c++ without it. python barely crossed my radar. does anybody know?
does it not matter?
is c++ better for audio, but python easier to learn, or vice versa?
  Member 31.08.2019 2
When you call "tedious aspects of music composition and production" is that really you don't like Composition/production.
When a book states that, automatically lost my interest
  Member 3.09.2021 12
It's really badly worded. I agree with the way you interpreted it. Having looked at the book they mean something different. One of the authors talks about practicing the viola via rote note reading and physical movement, and not gleaning music theory from this, playing the same songs over and over. They explain that music (theory) and code can work together to be better understood and let creativity flourish.

The book is aimed at people that aren't familiar with music production or programming. So it's introducing both concepts simultaneously. It's aimed at contemporary pop music; it starts with programmatically creating a trap beat and later gets into FFTs and modular synthesis. It covers a lot of fundamental music production concepts. The programming isn't particularly deep, it's loops at most. Basically give the book to a kid and see if it sparks interest in further study.
  Resident 23.04.2017 2 429
Thanks! Any music + coding related material is greatly appreciated!

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